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They don't follow the rules
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Here’s a hint:
You’re in a security area at a major airport.
There are signs all over the place about how to take seriously the need for security rules.
So, how about following the rules until you get outside?
That shouldn’t seem like such a challenge, but apparently it was this week when, according to the Associated Press, “a sheriff’s deputy shocked an airline passenger with a stun gun three times after the man refused to complete a Sacramento airport’s screening process and ran into a secure area, authorities said Tuesday.
“Edwin Barton, 26, arrived at Sacramento International Airport on an inbound flight earlier in the day, but told security officials he needed to go back inside the airport’s secure area to get some belongings.
“When Transportation Security Administration officials told Barton he would have to be screened again, he became argumentative and picked up his bag and ran, said Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Ramos.
“A sheriff’s deputy chased after him with a Taser gun and stunned him once, but Barton tried to pull out the barbs so the deputy stunned him two more times, Ramos said.
“After he was subdued, Barton was handcuffed by another deputy and taken to a hospital to be evaluated.”
Gee, there’s a great idea.
Any chance they’ll find this guy is a bubble off plumb?
You can’t walk through an airport without seeing the signs that warn you, not to mess with security.
But people still think they are above the rules.
They believe this when they are kids in school and figure the rules that pertain to Johnny and Sally aren’t there for them.
They keep believing that when they come out on the streets and can’t understand why the police don’t like them.
As they enter the work place, they figure the rules about showing up to work on time are for everyone else.
And we are surprised when they don’t obey the rules at an airport?
These folks have shown us from the time they learned to walk they would not obey rules they found inconvenient. We have created a system that puts up with it, from the schools to the courts, so why should we be surprised when they can’t follow the rules in an airport?
The Taser is probably the only thing that will get their attention by that point.
Maybe we need to start using it a little earlier in life.
— Chuck Smith