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Time to rise above the past
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A Barack Obama impersonator, apparently without meaning to, has set what ought to be the tone of the coming presidential election campaign.
It was at the Republican Leadership Conference where the impersonator was cracking up the audience, and that’s not all that unusual. From the time of David Frye, impersonating the standing president has been the stock and trade of a growing group of comedians, and the “humor” has gotten meaner and less funny as the years have gone by.
In this instance, the event made news when the impersonator mocked the president’s racial background, made off color comments about recent incidents involving Anthony Weiner and added that Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty wasn’t on hand because he was “having his foot surgically removed from his mouth.”
As of now, it appears that’s a medical procedure that it would be wise for the GOP officials to consider, too.
Somewhere along the line, someone in our culture needs to take a stand for decorum again, for a standard that is greater than what we have seen so often in the recent past, especially in the most recent presidential election.
We live in a nation that is facing incredible challenges and unbelievable odds, and mocking those who are supposed to face these times is simply in poor taste.
Now is the time for Americans to demand that we begin to take these issues seriously and with respect.
— Chuck Smith