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Try raising them right
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Oh for Pete’s sake!
It was a fund raiser, for crying out loud!
Isn’t there anything that someone won’t get offended at today?
We have become a society of whimperers, just looking for something that has hurt our poor little feelings.
Case in point, take a recent Associated Press report from California:
“A Northern California school police officers union has angered a town after it sold t-shirts with a picture of a child behind bars and the slogan: ‘U raise ‘em, we cage ‘em.’
“Town leaders said the fund raising shirts are highly offensive and fuel mistrust of the Twin Rivers Police Department in North Highlands.
“‘Unfortunately, this shirt seems to confirm that this is who Twin Rivers Police are and how they think, or at least some of them,’ Derrell Roberts said. ‘This doesn’t speak highly of the culture of this department.’
“The Twin Rivers Police Officers Association officials said they came up with the t-shirt idea in 2009 to raise money for fallen officers. “Less than 30 shirts were ordered and most were sold for $12 to union members.”
“Twin Rivers Unified Superintendent Frank Porter, who oversees the police department, said officials are meeting to decide whether to take disciplinary action. ‘I am deeply disappointed that any of our employees would produce anything like that, even in their off time,’ Porter said.”
In a time when disciplinary issues involving juveniles keep climbing, this is how we address the issue?
We jump all over cops for a t-shirt?
Maybe if the citizens did a better job of raising ‘em, the cops wouldn’t have to cage ‘em!
Maybe it’s the parents who figure once the kids are off the bottle they are on their own who should be on the t-shirt.
The police have learned their lesson. They have taken their lumps. They have dropped the shirts.
Amazingly, the problem with juvenile offenders is still rampant in our culture.
Imagine that.
— Chuck Smith