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We all deserve better than this
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Georgia State Patrol Trooper First Class Chadwick LeCroy was 38. He was married and was the father of two sons.
Monday night, he was doing his job.
He’d pulled over a driver who did the wrong thing and ran.
When he did so, he was shot in the face, twice. He died on the way to the hospital.
According to the news report, he “tried to stop a car, but it fled and crashed after a short chase.
“LeCroy and the driver of the car then fought, and the trooper was shot.
“The release says the suspect drove away in the trooper’s car but was arrested soon after.”
It is so easy for it to happen.
We try to believe that, statistically, our cops aren’t really in all that much danger. But something very similar happened to a Ness City police officer several years ago. He wasn’t killed, but he was severely injured by a juvenile trying to steal gas.
It is a dangerous profession, made more dangerous in a society where young people are taught that they are boobs if they respect authority, taught that by derelict parents, taught that by irresponsible entertainers, taught that by greedy, profiteering “musicians.”
Chad LeCroy deserved to get off his shift and go home to his wife and kids, Monday.
His family deserved to enjoy many more Christmases without this tragedy over-shadowing the day for the rest of their lives.
American citizens deserved to expect that their duly appointed lawmen would be obeyed.
And the only one whose rights will be guaranteed from this point on is the individual who didn’t care what anyone else deserved, who threw our laws and our civil relationship out the window as he tried to get away with a criminal act.
This is wrong, and it needs to change.
America cannot afford to tolerate crime and criminals.
— Chuck Smith