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We are facing a terrorist threat
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Our grasp of the English language is faltering by the day.
This week, a terror-for-profit organization raised yet another threat against our national security, and Americans seem to be ashamed to call a spade a spade.
According to the Associated Press report: “The British government says it has been briefed by the United States about an expected release of American diplomatic files by the WikiLeaks website.
“Prime Minister David Cameron’s spokesman, Steve Field, says the government has been told of ‘the likely content of these leaks’ by U.S. Ambassador Louis Susman. Field declined to say Friday what Britain had been warned to expect.
“The Obama administration said earlier this week that it has alerted Congress and begun notifying foreign governments that the whistle-blowing website is preparing to release the diplomatic cables, which could damage U.S. relations with friends and allies around the world.”
This is NOT a “whistle-blowing website.”
It is an attempt to further terrorism in a world that is extremely dangerous as it is.
It would be wonderful if the Obama administration would have been able to address this issue without seeming to pander to its proponents, but even this administration ought to be able to see that those who publicize these leaks are doing so as enemies to our nation and those who are facilitating these leaks are active traitors.
They all should be treated accordingly — and perhaps will be, if anyone with backbone gets a chance to act.
— Chuck Smith