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Zombies make good business
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You’d think that no one in their right mind would be excited about a community being over run by zombies, but they are actually being invited in to a southeast Kansas town — and the rest of the state needs to get in line.
Not with zombies, it has to be admitted.
The zombies themselves are a losing proposition, what with the diminished mobility, disease spread and very real detriment to economic development,
But stories about the zombies, especially when told through the motion picture medium, can be a winner, as is the case in the Parsons area where the independent film, “Zompocalypso” is going to be produced.
According to the Associated Press report, “Zombies will be invading southeast Kansas this spring and summer.
“They’ll be in the Riverton area for a low-budget zombie apocalypse movie called ‘Zompocalypso.’
“Eric B. Anderson and his wife, Amelia Dellos, who own Chicago-based Corn Bred Films, are making the movie.
“Anderson, a native of Parsons, says he wants to highlight locations and actors in the Midwest. He says he hopes to use the family homestead outside of Riverton for the movie.”
“Zompocalypso” tells the story of a pair of brothers. “One is a free spirit and the other believes that zombies will cause the end of the world supposedly predicted by the Mayan calendar.”
Yeah, that whole zombies ending the world scenario pretty much dumps on free spirits.
Whether the story line appeals to most Kansans or not, it’s hoped that we see the importance of working with such operations and encouraging them in our state.
So far, Kansas has mainly been able to key in on smaller independent productions, but every time we work well with such films, we take another step towards hitting the big time.
There are some incredible vistas in Kansas that deserve to make the big screen, and we need to keep working with film makers to bring our state to film.
— Chuck Smith