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Volunteer thanked for shoveling sidewalks
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Dear editor,

I would like to thank Mike Boys, one of our former city councilmen, for going above and beyond this week. Mike took it upon himself to shovel the walks for almost 70 homes. The residents were all Meals On Wheels recipients whom Mike also takes the time to deliver to on a as needed basis.

Many of these recipients have a difficult enough time getting in and out to doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping or to the pharmacy in good weather much less snowy and sub-zero weather.

Thank you Mike from all of the Meals On Wheels clients and those people who deliver meals to those doors. 

Also a big thank you to the RSVP volunteers who braved the weather these last weeks to make sure the Meals On Wheels recipients are doing okay and getting a hot meal. You are all awesome in our books!

Linn Hogg

RSVP of Central Kansas and Meals on Wheels Director