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At the Mike
Now that was dictionary term of instant classic
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Special to the Tribune

The media made a big deal of it all weekend. It was the Big 12’s time to shine. No. 2 Oklahoma at No. 1 Kansas. For once, a hyped game lived up to the billing – and then some. It was an instant classic indeed.

I sat mostly reserved watching the game from my couch. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing Monday in Lawrence. More than once I said to no one in particular – no way, wow, unreal. 

Now I don’t go back to the Wilt Chamberlain days at Kansas and the 1957 NCAA title game but my memories of Kansas basketball do date back to the 70’s. This had to be one of the best KU games I had ever watched. Especially at Allen Fieldhouse. The 1988 title game against Oklahoma and 2008 title game against Memphis are in their own categories.

The only thing I could think of off the top of my thinning-haired head was a few years back when Missouri played at The Phog for the final time. The hated Tigers took a 19-point lead and KU came roaring back to win in overtime. I remember that gave very well. This one ranks right up there.

Prep thoughts

The grind begins. January is here for prep sports. The grind of games in underway. For basketball teams it is almost every Tuesday and Friday with that exception of tournament week or weeks if the boys and girls teams split up.

For those covering the sports as writers or broadcasters, parents, grandparents and other family, as well as coaches and players this time can be grueling. It also tends to go by fast. You get caught up in what’s going on and before you know it’s late February and the post season is here. 

For wrestlers it seems like the ride goes even faster. Matches during the week, tournaments on weekends and by late February it’s over. Swimming tends to drive all over the state to compete.

So remember to take a breath every once in a while and enjoy it.

Former athlete/coach update

Congratulations Skip. I mentioned Mike Warren last week in At the Mike, but due to a mix-up it only ran online and didn’t make print. So he makes a repeat appearance this week.

When my phone rang the other day I was happy to see it was Coach Warren on the other end. I hadn’t chatted with him for a while and was happy to have the opportunity. 

Then, in typically Coach Warren fashion, he thanked me for all I had done for him. He told me had been selected to be inducted into the Kansas Baseball Hall of Fame and was thanking those that got him there. What an honor! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. Skip, as he is known, did more than coached he nurtured kids into men. 

He cares for each of them to this day. Well, I should probably say most of them. When you run 900-some players through your system a few might get under our skin.

So way to go, Skip! You’ve earned it.

And finally

I think I’m pretty social media savvy. Perhaps for my demographic I am. But as I watch the younger generation I understand I am not.

I do the Facebook thing to an extent. I have watch ESPN on my phone. I, well, that’s about it I guess. At least for the things that seems to work for me. 

I have a Pinterest account. Not sure what to do with it or really how to make it work but I have one. My 10-year old niece Caroline was helping me with it this past weekend. 

I have Snapchat but I always have to ask for help with it. I think I have three people I can send stuff to. Friends or followers. Not sure what they are called. I also can’t seem to send it without some help from my daughter Katelyn. When I get snaps (I think that is what they are called) they seem disappear before I really see them. Then they are gone forever I guess. Huh? I can’t see it again?

What are hashtags. I thought that was a pound sign. Tumblr, Instagram, Vine, not exactly sure what they do. 

Then there is the Facebook like question. If the news someone puts out of Facebook isn’t necessarily good news why do you like it? Why should I like something that isn’t good? 

Anyway, I will continue to trudge forward in my social media skills. Perhaps someday I can do some of them on my own.