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At the Mike
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Jayhawks look to join Alice in Wonderland
For those of you who read this column much at all probably have figured out I like the Kansas Jayhawks. With that has come some fun moments in the NCAA tournament. And some not-so-fun moments. Both create lasting memories.
I like to think positive about the Jayhawk every year when the NCAA tournament starts. Always looking for their path to the NCAA title.
This year’s path may have started back at the World Games this past summer. That is when the Jayhawk represented USA and won gold. In the process they scored a 1-point win over Russia and a double overtime win over Germany in the gold medal game.
That team simply would not lose. Not close games coming down the stretch. Frank Mason wouldn’t let them.
If you look at the Kansas season in college this year they have followed pretty much that same pattern. The only game the Jayhawks lost that was close was in November to Michigan State. The other three losses were blowouts when they had the basketball flu back in January.
Other than Michigan State, Kansas has closed out every close game with a win. Some took some key plays late. Others meant turning up the heat around six minute mark or so. One was a triple overtime win over Oklahoma.
These Jayhawks have a mental toughness to them. That, more than anything, will be the reason they would make a deep run – hopefully into April.
Prep thoughts
Undefeated state champion. Even I know that is pretty darn cool. I’m sure Christopher Ball knows that as well. He just completed a 41-0 season by winning the 3-2-1A state title at 152 pounds.
He won the title with a 6-5 win over Isaiah Luellen of Rossville in the championship match. Last season he lost in the championship match. Hoisington finished 18th as a team.
Way to go Christopher.
Great Bend took 13th as the 5A championships as Keaton Sander took 4th and Cody Liles 5th.
Former Athlete/Coach update
Let’s check back in with Steve Forbes and his East Tennessee State Buccaneers. His club finished the Southern Conference season 14-4 and one game out of first place. The conference tournament starts this weekend.
By finishing in the top two, the Bucs (21-10) get a first round bye in the tournament. First action for ETSU will be Saturday at 6 p.m. The quarterfinals and semifinals can be found on ESPN3’s streaming video. If Forbes’ team can reach the title game, it would be at 8 p.m. Monday night on ESPN2.
Around campus
The end of this week will mark the midway point of the spring semester. It’s been pretty steady since the start of the semester in January but things are about to break up some. We are a little more than one week away from Spring Break. The following week is the long weekend for Easter which includes Good Friday and Monday off.
That sets up an April that has only an advisement day off as the students head full steam to the second week of May and Finals. As the weather turns more to springs, these days seem to go even faster.
And Finally
Despite my love for sports, I do have a theatrical side. Okay, that is stretching it a little but it’s election season and embellishing a bit is in the air.
I was in two class plays in high school. If you noticed the word class you may think everyone in the class was in the play. That was true since my graduating class had just 19 people. Surprisingly, I played the role of a guy named Jocko in one them. And yes, he was a ‘jock’. I don’t even know if that term is used anymore. Oh well.
This weekend Great Bend High School will have its spring play – Alice in Wonderland. And let me tell you, I am really liking this play.
You see practice goes pretty much from after school until about 10 at night during this final week of preparation. Also understand that Katelyn and Donovan are both in the play. So I haven’t seen much of them this week. In addition, Crystal is helping with the painting of the sets.
Let’s recap. My daughter and her friend are in the play. My wife is painting sets and is there every night as well. That equals Mike at home on the couch with the dogs watching college basketball and Super Tuesday in peace. All week.
I told you I was liking this play.
I did add some painting help Sunday. My painting talents are limited to ‘paint that board black.’ Crystal, meanwhile, is painting bricks and things on props. Andy Negaard spends hours upon hours building the sets. Crystal has done likewise painting them. They have done great work.
If you want to come see the fruits of labor for many, many people both in the scenes and behind them, the play is this weekend at the high school. Shows are at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Saturday as well as 2 p.m. Sunday.