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Cardinal wrestlers sweep three titles
hhs wrestling

HOISINGTON – The Hoisington Cardinal wrestlers are off to a very good start in 2020.

The Cardinal boys swept first place at Larned Jan. 9 Ellsworth and the Hoisington Round Robin Jan. 16.

The Cardinal girls team finished with four first-place finishes at the Hoisinton Round Robin.

First-place finishers at Ellsworth were Cole Steinert (152) and two-time state champion Wyatt Pedigo (195).

Runner-up finishes were earned by Karter Wolf (126), Evan Foltz (132), Dayne Yott (145), Joshua Ball (182), Cole Gilliland (220), Cade Boxberger (285).

"This past week gives our staff confidence going 

forward, but the proof will be how well we perform next week at the Bob Kuhn Classic, said Hoisington coach Schmidt. “This past week allows us to get going in the new year. We’re better than what we showed before Christmas and trust we will prove that.”


TEAM TOTALS—1—Hoisington, 188.5; 2—Hill City, 151.5; 3—Hesston, 91; 4—Cheney, 81; 4—Ellsworth, 81; 6—Russell, 67.5; 7—Ell-Saline, 44; 8—Lincoln, 39.5; 9—Osborne, 39; 10—Garden Plain, 38; 11—Lyons, 35; 12—SE Saline, 11


106—Eastin Redetzke, HHS (13-9), 3rd; Nienke, Ellsworth def. Redetzke, 9-8; Redetzke pinned Hook, Lyons, 3:01; Redetzke pinned Vincent, Lyons, 0:15; Underhill, HC pinned Redetzke 0:40

113—Quentin Boxberger, HHS (6-8), 3rd; Boxberger pinned Nowak, GP, 0:58; Hoeme, Cheney pinned Boxberger, 2:29; Atkins, HC def. Boxberger, 4-0

3rd Place—Boxberger pinned Danner, Lyons, 1:15

120—Deryk Yott, HHS (15-7), 3rd; Baldwin, Russell def. Yott, 4-2; Yott pinned Bell, Cheney, 2:44; Yott def. Holman, Lincoln, 16-0; Hockman, HC pinned Yott, 2:4;

Yott pinned  McCombs, Ell-Saline, 1:16

126—Karter Wolf, HHS (5-3), 2nd;.Wolf pinned Ney, Russell, 5:46; Swingle, Cheney pinned Wolf, 3:15; Wolf pinned Fortune, GP, 1:50

132— Evan Foltz, HHS (12-2), 2nd; Foltz pinned Stalnaker, Ellsworth, 2:33; Windholz, Russell pinned Foltz, 2:56

145—Dayne Yott, HHS (9-8), 2nd; Yott  pinned Slater, Hesston, 3:01; Yott pinned Stuhlsatz, GP, 3:39; Yott def. Sutter, HC, forfeit; Yott pinned Chambers, SE Saline, 1:10; 1st Place—Schreiner, Cheney def. Yott, 7-0

152—Cole Steinert, HHS (14-3), 1st; Steinert pinned Keith, HC, 3:55; Steinert def. Holmes, Hesston, 4-0; Steinert pinned Nowak, GP, 4:44

160—Hunter Morris, HHS (6-6), 3rd; Delaney, Osborne  pinned Morris, 5:14; Morris pinned Keller, Russell, 1:33; Morris pinned Reyes, Lyons, 2:49; Segarra, HC def. Morris, 3-1; Morris pinned Taylor, Hesston, 1:43

170—Blake Deines, HHS (3-4), 4th; Nickelson, HC pinned Deines, 2:54; Deines pinned Walker, ES, 0:23;

Daerr, GP pinned Deines, 4:52; Heise, Osborne pinned Deines, 3:03

182—Joshua Ball, HHS (8-1) 2nd; Ball def. McGuffey, Cheney, forfeit; Ball pinned Hopkins, ES, 3:16; Ball pinned Clopton, Hesston, 4:40; 1st Place—Hamel, HC def. Ball, 13-4

195—Wyatt Pedigo, HHS (17-0), 1st; Pedigo pinned Pando, Lyons, 0:21; Pedigo pinned Romero, Ellsworth, 0:49; Pedigo pinned O`Halloran, Hesston. 1:16; Pedigo pinned Black, Cheney, 0:32; 1st Place—Pedigo  pinned O`Halloran, Hesston,, 0:24

220—Cole Gilliland, HHS (10-1), 2nd;.Gilliland pinned Myers Lincoln, 0:44; Gilliland pinned Moreno, Lyons, 0:21; Gilliland pinned Calzada-Villa, ES, 1:46; 1st Place—Tripp, Ellsworth pinned Gilliland, 2:37

285—Cade Boxberger, HHS (12-4), 2nd; Boxberger pinned Self, Russell, 2:00; Boxberger pinned Jackson, SE Saline, 1:27; Boxberger def. Hopkins, ES, 5-2

Boxberger pinned Ethan Parrott, Hesston, 4:41; 1st Place –Barrienties, Lincoln pinned Cade Boxberger, 1:17