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Cardinal wrestlers win Ellsworth Tournament
Hoisington's Wyatt Pedigo vs. Josh Kramer.jpg
Hoisington's state champion Wyatt Pedigo (195) starts a match with Larned's Josh Kramer. No. 1 state-ranked Pedigo pinned Kramer in 3:20.

Cardinals win Ellsworth Tournament

ELLSWORTH – The Hoisington Cardinals won the 49th Ellsworth Wresting Tournament with 176.5 points.

Cardinals Quenein Boxberger (7-0, 106); Cole Steinert (10-0, 132); Joshua Ball (11-1, 182) and returning state champion Wyatt Pedigo (15-0, 195) captured first-place medals.

Boxberger pinned Ellsworth’s Teagan Nienke in 1:10. Ball defeated SE of Saline’s Sterling Harp, 3-1 in overtime.

Runner-up finishes were posted by Nicolas Rubio (6-2, 113); Dante Urban (7-2, 152); and Riley Philbern (14-4, 285).

Russell’s Caden Pfeifer defeated Urban, 8-4. Ellsworth’s Tyler Walford pinned Philbern, in 2:41.

“I’m very pleased with how we wrestled at Ellsworth,” said Hoisington coach Dan Schmidt. “Our wrestlers have worked hard and it’s paying off. Every team member was a contributor to our success. They all mean a lot to our coaches. Our parents and fans should be pleased to have this team representing our community. We have work ahead of us if we want to accomplish the goal.”

Hoisington will sponsor a duals tournament at the Activity Center at 3 p.m. Thursday.


TEAM TOTALS—1—Hoisington 176.5; 2—Hill City 143; 3—Ellsworth 104; 4—Russell99.5;5—Garden Plain 89; 6—Cheney 86; 7—Hesston 83; 8—Ell-Saline 73; 8—SE Saline 73; 10—Lincoln 47; 11—Lyons 36; 12—Osborne 7


106—Quentin Boxberger, HHS 7-0, 1st; Boxberger def. Knoll, Ell-Saline, 1:15; Boxberger def. Hoeme, Cheney, 2:26; Boxberger def. Underhill, Hill City, 1:05; 1st Place—Boxberger def. Teagan Nienke Ellsworth, 1:10

113—Nicolas Rubio, HHS 6-2, 2nd; Rubio def. Schneider ES, 9-1; Baldwin, Russell def. Rubio, 1:41; Rubio def. Young, Lyons, injury; Rubio def. Bell, Cheney, 0:59; Rubio def. Young, Lincoln, 10-0

120—Ian Doss, HHS 11-12; Davis, Lyons  def. Doss 11-12 0:56; Hockman, Hill City def. Doss, 0:44

126—Evan Foltz, HHS 10-8, 5th; Slater, Hesston def. Foltz, 1:01; Segarra, Hill City def. Foltz, 3:09; Foltz def. Jones, GP, 0:36; 5th Place-- Foltz def. Monday, SE, 1:36

132—Cole Steinert, HHS 10-0, 1st; Steinert def. Harrington, ES, 2:29; Steinert def. Pflughoeft Ellsworth, 15-3; Steinert def. Windholz, Russell, 15-0; Steinert def. Teagen Daerr GP, 0:27; Steinert def. Hecht, Hesston, 10-2

152—Dante Urban, HHS 7-2, 2nd; Urban def. Vopat, Ellsworth, 17-0; Urban def. Keith, Hill City, 7-3;Urban def. Holmes Hesston, 8-5; Urban def. Helten, Cheney, 10-5; 1st Place—Caden Pfeifer, Russell def.  Urban, 8-4

160—Blake Deines, HHS 7-11, 4th; Deines def. Whitmer, Russell, 1:20; Rodriguez, SE def. Deines, 1:52; Doshier Cheney 10-1 def. Deines, 2:56; 3rd Place—Daerr, GP def. Deines, 1:09

170—Kameron Schneweis, HHS 12-10, 4th; Hamel, Hill City def. Schneweis, 1:53; Schneweis def.  Kaser, Osborne, 12-7; Schneweis def. Keesling Lyons, 15-0; Robinson, Cheney def. Schneweis, 1:54; Hopkins, ES def. Schneweis, 1:56

182—Joshua Ball, HHS 11-1, 1st; Ball def. O`Halloran, Hesston, 1:04; Ball def. Quintero, GP, 2:25; Ball def. Black, Cheney 8-3 1:01; 1st Place--Ball def. Sterling Harp, SE, 3-1, OT

195—Wyatt Pedigo, HHS 15-0, 1st; Pedigo def. Soliz, Russell, 0:18; Pedigo def. Vague, Ellsworth, 1:48; Pedigo def. Presley, Hill City, 0:59; Pedigo def. Beer, SE Saline, 4:41

220—Cade Boxberger, HHS 8-7, 5th; Penrod, Hill City def. Boxberger, 12-3; Davenport, ES def. Boxberger, 1:54; Boxberger def. Ayres, Cheney, 4:18; Boxberger def. Sanders, SE, 1:18; 5th Place—Boxberger def. Ayres, Cheney, 0:31

285—Riley Philbern, HHS 14-4, 2nd; Philbern def. Walt, Hill City, 1:43; Philbern def. Self, Russell, 0:54; Philbern def.  Moore SE, 2:45; Philbern def. Koehn, Hesston, 2:34; 1st Place—Tyler Walford, Ellsworth def. Philbern, 2:41