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Cardinal wrestling sweeps Cardinal Classic
HHS wrestling


HOISINGTON – The Hoisington Cardinal Wrestlers were on their "A"  game in running away with The Cardinal Classic Wrestling tournament.

The Cardinals crowned champions in No. 1 ranked Josiah Ball (113), Deryk Yott (132), Quentin Boxberger (145), No. 2 ranked Cole Steinert (170), No. 1 ranked Joshua Ball (182) and Elliott Copp (220B).

“I was surprised with our dominance with both our girls and boys squads,” said Hoisington coach Dan Schmidt. “The performance was a bit bittersweet as it was senior night. 

“The Cardinals said good-bye to outstanding seniors. What a way to say goodbye as both the girls and boys bought home the first place team plaques.  The boys pinned their way to 207 points to beat their closest competitor Beloit which scored 148.5. 

Closing out their high school home careers were Nick Rubio, two-ime state qualifier Quinten Boxberger, two-time state qualifier Hunter Morris, three-time state qualifier Cole Steinert, and Joshua Ball. 

CARDINAL GIRLS – Emily Lovett (120/126) and Tally Wikum (138/143) earned gold medals.

The KWCA awarded three-time state champion Wyatt Pedigo with the Outstanding 1-3A Wrestler of the Year award.

Fort Hays State wrestler Brandon Ball, a four-time state champion, was honored as the outstanding Kansas College Wrestler. Maize Eagle coach Ball earned the school’s highest winning percentage while  earning All American Honors.

Past Hoisington assistant coach Rex Kern, longtime Hoisington Kids Federation coach, was named the outstanding Kids Federation Coach of the Year.

“Many of Hoisington's past state champions, state placers, and state Qualifiers were part of Rex Kern's great dedication,”: Schmidt said. “These three recipients are very deserving. Hoisington has been very blessed. They are better as people than they have been as wrestlers and coaches.”


TEAM TOTALS—1—Hoisington 207; 2—Beloit 148.5; 3—Douglass 94; 4—Hillsboro 82; 5—Marion 70; 6—Ellsworth 52.5


106—Mason Alderdice, H, 4-8; Neilson Beloit pinned Alderdice, 2:59; Nienke Ellsworth def. Alderdice, 16-4

113—Josiah Ball, H, 16-2, 1st; Ball Hoisington pinned Blue, Beloit, 0:33; Ball pinned Loomis Beloit, 2:22; Ball pinned Fickes, Hillsboro, 1:45

120—Eastin Redetzke, H, 16-10, 1st; Redetzke def. Cosand Beloit, 7-6; Redetzke pinned Major Hillsboro, 1:33; Redetzke pinned Doan, HHS, 1:16; Redetzke def. Slater Marion, 16-3; Redetzke pinned Regier Marion, 0:56; Grant Doan, H, 1-17, 6th; Regier, Marion pinned Doan, 3:22; Slater, Marion pinned Doan, 1:29; Cosand, Beloit pinned Doan, 3:03; Major, Hillsboro pinned Doan, 0:21

132—Deryk Yott, H, 14-7,1st;Yott pinned Darrow, Marion, 1:29; Yott pinned Croslin, HHS, 0:29; Yott pinned Ruddick, Stafford, 0:46; Yott def. Thompson, Beloit, 7-4; Richard Croslin, H, 2-2, 3rd; Croslin pinned Darrow, 5:36; Thompson, Beloit pinned Croslin, 3:36; Croslin pinned Ruddick, Stafford, 0:49

132B—Nicolas Rubio, H, 9-9, 2nd; Fuller, Beloit pinned Rubio, 0:34; Rubio def. Shults Marion, 11-1

138—Evan Foltz, H, 19-6, 2nd; Foltz pinned Helmer, Hillsboro 22-6   5:08; Foltz pinned Patton, Hillsboro, 1:00; Reynolds, Douglass pinned Foltz, 1:42; Foltz pinned Elam, Beloit, 2:33

138B—Micheal Hipp, H, 1-2, 3rd; Fickes, Hillsboro pinned Hipp, 5:42; Hipp pinned Llanas, Stafford, 1:36; Barry, Beloit def. Hipp, 17-3

145—Quentin Boxberger, H, 16-7, 1st; Boxberger def. Andalon, Ellsworth, 9-0; Boxberger pinned Hays, Ellsworth, 1:29; Boxberger pinned Parker, Douglass, 1:41; Boxberger def. Norstrom, Hillsboro, 3-2; Boxberger pinned Schafer, Hillsboro, 1:49

152—Ian Smith, H, 14-8, 2nd; Smith pinned Sevilla, Beloit, 0:34; Smith pinned Lattin, Beloit, 1:09; Smith pinned West, Ellsworth, 3:06; Smith pinned Lanning, Marion, 5:21; 1st—Rathbone, Hillsboro def. Smith, forfeit

160—Hunter Morris, H, 18-9, 2nd; Morris def. Vopat, Ellsworth, 2-0; Morris pinned Metzger, Stafford, 5:08; Morris pinned Whorton Hillsboro, 0:09; 1st—Dalton Hilyard, Douglass def. Morris, 2-0, OT

170—Cole Steinert, H, 20-4, 1st; Steinert pinned Pearson, Douglass, 4:00; Steinert pinned Martin, Douglass, 2:29; Steinert def. Hunter Prochaska, Beloit, 6-4

182—Joshua Ball, H, 24-0, 1st; Ball pinned Caleb Birzer, H, 0:25; Ball pinned Rogers, Hillsboro, 2:18; Ball def. High, Douglass, 13-2; Ball def. Brennan Walker, Beloit, 3-1; Rogers, Hillsboro pinned Birzer, 0;57; High, Douglass pinned Birzer, 1:28; Walker, Beloit pinned Birzer, 0:22

220—Logan Philbern, H, 14-5, 5th; Konkel, Beloit pinned Philbern, 3:36; Philbern pinned Weeks, Hillsboro, 0:37; Martin, Douglass pinned Philbern, 2:37; Philbern pinned Schafers, Marion, 3:54

220B—Elliott Copp, H, 4-0 , 1st; Copp pinned Steven Keener, H, 1:08; Copp pinned Jacob Umphrey, H, 3:27; Copp def. Adolph, Beloit,, 3-0; Copp pinned Morales, Douglass, 2:34; Umphrey, 3rd; Umphrey pinned Keener, 1:30; Umphrey pinned Morales, Douglass, 4:57; Adolph, Beloit pinned Umphrey, 2:30; Adolph, Beloit pinned Keener, 2:58;; Morales, Douglass pinned Keener, 0:23

285—Noah Deines, H, 7-9, 3rd; Deines pinned Ortiz, Stafford, 3:05; Alexander, Douglass def. Deines, 10-5; MacCrory, Beloit pinned  Deines, 3:14


120/126—Emily Lovett, H, 8-3, 1st; Lovett def. McBee, Marion, 12-1; Lovett pinned McBee, 3:35

138/143—Tally Wikum, H, 12-1, 1st; Wikum pinned Lyrica Orosco, 0:40; Wikum pinned Whitt, Douglass, 1:15; Orosco pinned Whitt, Douglass, 3:32


132—Gatlin Ruddick, S, 1-14; Thompson, Beloit pinned Ruddick, 1:25; Darrow, Marion pinned Ruddick, 1:20; Yott, H pinned Ruddick, 0:46; Croslin, H pinned Ruddick, 0:48

138B—Abe Llanas, S, 2-15; Barry, Beloit def. Llanas, 18-2; Hipp, H pinned Llanas, 1:36; Fickes, Hillsboro def. Llanas, 16-1

160—Dylan Metzger, S 4-19; Dylan Metzger, 5-17, 4th; Metzger pinned Whorton, Hillsboro, 1:11; Morris, H pinned Metzger, 5:08; Hilyard Douglass pinned Metzger, 1:15; Vopat Ellsworth pinned Metzger, 1:05

195—Caden McCandless, S 10-7, 5th; Rempel, Hillsboro def. McCandless, 5-1;Burks, Beloit pinned McCandless, 5:33; Palic, Marion pinned McCandless, 5:39; Romero, Ellsworth pinned McCandless, 5:34

285—Axel Ortiz, S 1-10; Deines, H pinned Ortiz, 3:05; MacCrory, Beloit pinned Ortiz, 1:11; Alexander, Douglass pinned Ortiz, 1:10

155—Morgan Gunter, 4-12, 1st; Gunter pinned Strouth, Douglass; Strouth pinned Gunter, 2:55; Gunter pinned Strouth,, 0:57

191-235—Cassidy Kennedy; Sholander, Douglass pinned Kennedy, 0:12; Sholander pinned Kennedy,0;12