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Cardinals' Crutcher places third at Ellsworth
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ELLSWORTH – Hoisington’s No. 2 singles Claire Crutcher won three of four matches and defeated Smoky Valley’s Madelyn Mauk 8-1 for third place at the Ellsworth Tennis Tournament. The Cardinals (29) placed fifth.

Hoisington’s No. 1 singles Reese Merlau placed fourth with an 8-1 loss to Ellsworth's Karli Haase. No. 2 doubles Carly Delzeit/Piper Jacobs finished sixth with a 8-0 loss to Ellsworth's Emma Salyers/Bekah Vague. No. 1 doubles Lauren Higgins/Hailey Petersilie defeated Victoria's Piper Nowlin/Jameson Toon 8-3 for seventh place. 


TEAM TOTALS—1—Ellsworth 60; 2—Sterling 53; 3—Chapman 52; 4—Smoky Valley 42; 5—Hoisington 29; 6—Wabaunsee 25; 7—Phillipsburg 9; 8—Victoria 4

NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Chapman def. Chelsie Brown, S, 8-4; 3—Karli Haase, E def. Reese Merlau, 8-1; 5—Ava Huske, W def. Jill Hett, SV, 8-4; 7—Gabby Poels, P, def. Audra Nowlin, V, 8-6; Brown def. Merlau, 8-1; Merlau def. Poels, 8-6; Merlau def. Hett, 8-3; 

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Meredith Kuntz, C def. Felis De La Cruz, E, 8-1; 3—Claire Crutcher, H def. Madelyn Mauk, SV, 8-1; 5—Danika Bingle/Zimmerman, S def. Hailey Gier, V, 8-2; 7—Talen Orton, W def. Hayley Dougherty, P, 8-3; Crutcher def. Mauk, SV, 8-5; De La Cruz def. Crutcher, 8-0; Crutcher def. Gier, 8-4

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Reygan Coonrod/Inarie Rippert, E def. Lily Heline/Kayla Norberg, SV, 8-6; 3—Cylie LaTourell/Emily McGaughey, S def. Meredith Denton/Baylie Tharman, W, 8-0; 5—Avery Baer/Tanith Elliott, C def. Cyrise Brown/Valorie Solida, P, 8-0; 7—Lauren Higgins/Hailey Petersilie def. Piper Nowlin/Jameson Toon, V, 8-3; Heline/Norberg def. Higgins/Petersilie, 8-0; Brown/Solida def. Higgins/Petersilie, 8-5;

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Jaiden Jaeger/Emily Wellman, S def. Elena Jundt/Hannah Vague, E, 8-7 (7-4); 3—Kelsee Adam/Kaitlyn Leis, SV def. Clara Gfeller/Zoey Saum, Chapman, 8-6;  5—Emma Salyers/Bekah Vague, Ellsworth def. Carly Delzeit/Piper, Jacobs, H, 8-0; 7—Ava Meinhardt/Emily Meyer, W def. Kathy Eakin/Ryann Moffatt, P, 8-4; Adam/Leis def. Delzeit/Jacobs, 8-0; Delzeit/Jacobs def. Eakin/Moffatt, 8-4; Gfeller/Saum def. Delzeit/Jacobs, 8-4;