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Charlie's Inside Corner: August 18
Total eclipse
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Monday, August 21, there will be a total eclipse of the sun by the moon in the United States. Truly, it’s been going on for some time. The eclipse of reason, the eclipse of sanity, the eclipse of moral authority.
A small example of this would be the brouhaha started by Colin Kaepernick of not standing for the Star Spangled Banner. That “stunt” has spread somewhat to others, including Marshawn Lynch in the NFL and some high school athletes in the United States.
They say they are protesting “injustice” in the United States. If any American had the right to protest “injustice” in the United States it would be our President, Donald Trump, as the news media and other Liberal groups seek to undermine him and overthrow the results of his election. Even at that, what in the world does the playing of the National anthem before a ball game have to do with some perceived “injustice” that happened somewhere else, that had NOTHING to do with that sporting event?
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the rudderless leader of professional football, has provided no leadership in this area. He DOES strongly advocate punishing players that “celebrate” too strongly in the end zone after scoring a touchdown but he HAS NOT taken a stand in the arena of his players refusing to recognize a symbol of our country, our military and our hoped for mission as a country. Pretty phony stuff!
That warm , fuzzy, cuddly bear, Mike Ditka, former gruff leader of the Chicago Bears says he has an answer, “Any player that refuses to stand for the National Anthem would never play again for me.”
What would change Goodell’s stance? Only one thing: MONEY! At least the lack of it and that, my friends, is beginning to happen. Fewer people watched NFL games during the 2016-17 season than in previous years. The NFL , and some in the media, tried to convince us that the reason was because of the 2016 presidential election. Not so. A survey by the J.D. Power organization found that the No. 1 reason for the decline in viewership was because of the players’ national anthem protests.
Most of America is patriotic, at least when it comes to recognizing our flag and the sacrifices that have been made for it. The players in the NFL and its’ leadership would be well served in remembering that. If they don’t they might be setting themselves up for a TOTAL ECLIPSE!

— Three Cheers for the University of Nebraska. They’ve told the Big Ten NO FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAMES! The Big Ten is encroaching on high school football by adding many Friday night games. The Huskers say no corn!

— The Royals continue on their roll of playing about .500 baseball. Can they break out of that mold and make a run to at least a wild card spot? It’s all about pitching!

— Can Hoisington, Great Bend and Central Plains continue their run as one of the top football programs in west central Kansas? All three lost key contributors to graduation BUT retain enough firepower to be key figures once again

— High school football officials will have an even tougher job this year as the KSHSAA has made a “blindside block” illegal. It is going to be tough for the officials to decide if the guy being blocked could see it coming. This is a sure problem causer for fans and coaches alike!.

— And all of this makes me remember that even a fish wouldn’t get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut!

Buddy Tabler is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune and his views don’t necessarily reflect those of the paper. He can be reached at