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Ellinwood netter wins Kiowa County title
Daphne Doll

Ellinwood singles player places first

GREENSBURG — Ellinwood’s No. 1 singles Daphne Doll (4-1) captured the Kiowa County Tennis Invitational by winning four of five matches. Doll won two tiebreaker matches to capture first place in a thrilling fashion. 

Ellinwood’s No. 2 singles Kiley Troyer (3-1) finished in a three-way tie and placed runner-up with a 19-13 game record. 

No. 2 doubles Madisyn Schloctermeier and Grace Hoskins (2-3) finished third in a tiebreaker with a 14-13 game record.

No.1 doubles Wittney Hammeke and Monica Hammeke (2-2) placed fourth.

Kip Wilson, Jefferson Elementary principal, come by our practice for a motivational talk the day before the meet.  

“Kip used to be a member of the community, coach and athletic director for the district,” said Ellinwood coach Tyson revell. “It was a pretty cool moment for all of us.”

Ellinwood and Central Plains will compete Thursday at Great Bend.


NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Daphne Doll, Ellinwood (4-1); 2—Abby Osborne, Cimarron (3-2, 24-18); 3—Harley Wilson, Ashland (3-2, 28-22); 4—Clare Pollock, South Barber (3-2, 26-22); 5—Liberty Gilkey, Kiowa County (2-3); 6—Natalie Dale, South Central (0-5) 

Osborne, Cimarron def. Doll, 6-2; Doll def. Dale, SC, 6-1; Doll def. Gilkey, KC, 6-4; Doll def. Pollock, SB, 6-5 (7-5); Doll def Wilson, Ashland 6-5 (7-3) 

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Nayely Urrutia, Cimarron, 3-1 (22-9); 2—Kiley Troyer, Ellinwood, 3-1 (19-13); 3—Raylee Johnson, Ashland, 3-1 (23-16); 5—Rosie Libby, Kiowa County, 0-4; 4—Kylie Land, South Central, 1-3

Troyer def. Libby, KC, 6-1; Urrutia, Cimarron def. Troyer, 6-3; Troyer def Land, SC, 6-1; Troyer def. Johnson, Ashland, 6-5 (7-2)

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Jackie Amaya/Victoria Milburn, Ashland, 4-0; 2—Emily Acton/Taryn Jantz, Cimarron, 2-2 (18-13); 3—Wittney Hammeke/Monica Hammeke, Ellinwood, 2-2 (14-13); 4—Elizabeth Sneed/Kaiden Brunkow, Kiowa County, 2-2 (15-17); 5—Emma Koelsch/Angel Johnson, St. John, 0-4 

Amaya/Milburn, Ashland def. Hammeke/Hammeke, 6-0; Acton/Jantz, Cimarron def. Hammeke/Hammeke, 6-0; Sneed/Brunkow KC def. Hammeke/Hammeke, 6-0; Hammeke/Hammeke def. Koelsch/Johnson, SJ, 6-0; Amaya/Milburn, Ashland def. Koelsch/Johnson, 6-0; Acton/Jantz, Cimarron def. Koelsch/Johnson, SJ, 6-0; Sneed/Brunkow, KC def. Koelsch/Johnson, SJ, 6-1 

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Melody Carter/Dani Kugler, Cimarron, 5-0; 2—Tanith Elliot/Alida Elliot, Ashland, 4-1; 3—Madisyn Schlochtermier/Grace Hoskins, Ellinwood, 2-3; 4—Blayr Doggett/Kyla Rodarmel, St. John, 2-3; 5—Tabitha Pauly/Sarah Hardy, South Central, 1-4; 6—Avery Grieve/Lynzee Wilbur, South Barber, 1-4

Carter/Kugler, Cimarron def. Schlochtermier/Hoskins, 6-1; Elliot/Alida Elliot, Ashland def. Schlochtermier/Hoskins, 6-2; Pauly/Hardy, SC def. Schlochtermier/Hoskins, 6-4; Schlochtermier/Hoskins def. Grieve/Wilbur, SB, 6-4; Schlochtermier/Hoskins def. Doggett/Rodarmel, 6-2; Carter/Kugler, Cimarron def. Doggett/Rodarmel, 6-0; Elliot/Alida Elliot, Ashland def. Doggett/Rodarmel, 6-2; Doggett/Rodarmel def. Pauly/Hardy, SC, 6-2; Doggett/Rodarmel def. Grieve/Wilbur, SB, 6-3