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Ellinwood runner, Eagles sweep CPL titles
ellinwood girls

NESS CITY — Ellinwood's Erin Hammeke (19:46.9) stayed unbeaten and defended her Central Prairie League cross country championship to lead Ellinwood's girls to the CPL girls championship. Ellinwood (17) edged Macksville (21) for first place after the Mustangs won the 2019 CPL title.

Hammeke was followed by third-place Ashtin Klepper, 22:00.5; 10th Allison Ricker, 25:32; 11th Hannah Wingert, 26:14.9; 12th Brooklin Morgan, 26:45.7; and 13th Gracie Schlessiger, 27:09.1.

"Erin Hammeke continues to run at a high level heading to regionals next week," said Ellinwood coach Andrew Cherry. "It's gratifying to see the girls ran well and did a nice job."

Macksville's Madison Butler (22:06.2) continues to shine with a runner-up medalist finish followed by seventh Abigail Ibarra (24:31.4); ninth Joselin Garcia (25:31.4) and 14th Melanie Vargas (27:35.9). Macksville's fourth runner Karen Hall is sidelined with an injury.

"We ran into a good Ellinwood team that ran a little better and it showed at the end," said Macksville coach Mike Hullman. "Our girls team came out and competed very hard, but came up a little short. We were able to do what we wanted in our top half. Overall, the girls ran some of their better times.  

LaCrosse medalist Blake Pierce (17:34.6) led the Leopards to first place (24) ahead of runner-up St. John (42). St. John's dual-sport athlete Uriel Calleros (18:36.2) placed fifth and Nick Huston (19:11.1) placed eighth to lead the Tigers. 

Ellinwood's Asher Miller (18:24.8) placed runner-up. Central Plains Oiler Peyton Ryan (18:53.8) placed sixth.

Macksville's James Lee (19:47.2) placed 11th to lead the Mustangs.

"The boys ran as well as they could," Hullman said. "We ran into some great competition with two of the teams ahead of them ranked. They were close to their best times. It's good to be running well right now because now is when it really counts." 



1—ELLINWOOD (17)—1—Erin Hammeke, 19:46.9; 3—Ashtin Klepper, 22:00.5; 10—Allison Ricker, 25:32.8; 11—Hannah Wingert, 26:14.9; 12—Brooklin Morgan, 26:45.7; 13--Gracie Schlessiger, 27:09.1

2—MACKSVILLE (21)— 2—Madison Butler,  21:31.0; 7—Abigail Ibarra, 24:31.4; 9—Joselin Garcia, 25:31.3; 14—Melanie Vargas, 27:35.9; 15—Anna Suiter, 28:50.0

LACROSSE—5—Kadence Kendall, 23:17.7; 6—Anni Anderson, 23:36.7; 13—Danielle Wagner, 29:17.5

CENTRAL PLAINS—4—Hannah Redetzke, 22:10.4

OTIS-BISON—16—Amanda Sizemore, 31:51.0

NESS CITY—9—Gwen Copeland, 24:50.8

JV GIRLS—1—Joanna Donecker, Central Plains, 25:18.8; 2—Sarah Housley, Victoria, 26:06.7


1—LACROSSE (24)—1—Blake Pierce, 17:34.6; 4—Will Bues, 18:32.9; 7—Chase Schmidt, 18:59.4; 16—Rylin Anderson, 19:56.2; 23—Triston Nelson, 21:41.9

2—ST. JOHN (42)—5—Uriel Calleros, 18:36.2; 8—Nick Huston, 19:11.1; 10—Dylan Reed, 19:32.4; 25—Elijah Delp, 22:54.1

3—ELLINWOOD (45)—2—Asher Miller, 18:24.8; 14—Chase Gibson, 19:55.2; :18—Cole Ringwald, 20:30.1; 19—Alex Cowing, 20—Kaden Baird, 20:31.8; 21—Sam Brauer, 20:37.9; 24—Logan Sturtz, 22:53.6

4—NESS CITY (47)—3—Seth Flax, 18:31.9; 12—Jadon Copeland, 19:48.9; 13—Bill Childers, 19:53.2; 26—Victor Nava, 23:23.3

5—MACKSVILLE (66)—11—James Lee, 19:47.2; 17—Jesse Nava, 20:18; 22—Kyler Evans, 20:01.3; 27—Thoran Cross, 23:28.8

CENTRAL PLAINS—6—Peyton Ryan, 18:53.8; 15—Hunter Green, 19:55.9; 28—Brian Whiterock, 23:43.0 

OTIS-BISON—9—Jayce Kohls, 19:13.2; 29—Ike Bahr, 26:02.1

JV BOYS—1—Colton Maneth, LaCrosse, 19:14.0; 2—Ben Housely, Victoria, 22:23.7; 3—Presten McCord, Ellinwood, 23:30.5; 4—Austin Kuhn, St. John, 24:48.6; 5—Karim Herrera, St. John, 26:31.9