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Five Great Bend girls win wrestling titles
Great Bend Bre Ridgeway2
Great Bend’s Breanna Ridgeway puts a hold on Altamont’s Abbie Jones Friday. Ridgeway pinned Jones in a battle of Kansas girls wrestling state champions. - photo by Jim Misunas, Great Bend Tribune

Five Panther girls win wrestling titles

MCPHERSON – The inaugural McPherson girls tournament finished with five Great Bend champions – Breckyn Ellitt (101); Ali Pierce (109); Ashlyn Weber (116); defending state champion Breanna Ridgeway (130) and Lexi Deines (130B).

Runner-up medals were earned by Abby White (116), Katie Kuhlman (123B) and Jazmin Castellanos (123).



101—Breckyn Elliott , 1st;  Breckyn Elliott  over Diana Hatch Newton  0:22  – Breckyn Elliott  over Riley Baker McPherson  0:19  – Breckyn Elliott  over Lainie Burkhart Goddard-Eisenhower  2:27

101B— Karley Stukey, 3rd;  Karley Stukey  over Sonia Vazquez Hutchinson Dec 5-4  – Natalie Hedlund McPherson over Karley Stukey   2:41  – Elia Berquist Newton over Karley Stukey   1:28

109—Ali Pierce, GB, 1st; Ali Pierce  over Emily Torres Newton  0:27  – Ali Pierce  over Aubree Martens McPherson  3:59  – Ali Pierce  over Natasha Reyes   2:21  – Ali Pierce  over Caitlyn White   0:40

109—Natasha Reyes, GB, 4th;  Natasha Reyes  over Caitlyn White   0:33  – Ali Pierce  over Natasha Reyes   2:21  – Aubree Martens McPherson over Natasha Reyes   0:58  – Emily Torres Newton over Natasha Reyes  Dec 7-0

109—Caitlyn White, GB, 5th;  Natasha Reyes  over Caitlyn White   0:33  – Emily Torres Newton over Caitlyn White   1:45  – Ali Pierce  over Caitlyn White   0:40  – Aubree Martens McPherson over Caitlyn White   0:26

116—Ashlyn Weber, 1st;  Ashlyn Weber  over Jaye Skinner Newton Dec 9-6  – Ashlyn Weber  over Abby White   1:23

116—Abby White, 2nd; Abby White  over Jaye Skinner Newton Dec 6-0  – Ashlyn Weber  over Abby White   1:23

123—Jazmin Castellanos, GB, 2nd  – Jazmin Castellanos  over Braelynn Patterson McPherson  0:36  – Jazmin Castellanos  over Miriya Scott  M. For.  – Jazmin Castellanos  over Allison Carder Nickerson  0:39  – Maritza Jimenez Hutchinson over Jazmin Castellanos  Dec 4-1

123—Miriya Scott, GB, 4th; Maritza Jimenez Hutchinson over Miriya Scott   0:32  – Miriya Scott  over Allison Carder Nickerson  3:22  – Jazmin Castellanos  over Miriya Scott  M. For.  – Braelynn Patterson McPherson over Miriya Scott  M. For.

123 B—Katie Kuhlman, 2nd  – Amethyst Hale McPherson over Katie Kuhlman   1:28  – Katie Kuhlman  over Jessika Chapman WaKeeney-Trego Community  0:35  – Katie Kuhlman  over Hannah Reddick Fredonia Dec 5-1

123 C—Jaydon Davis, 3rd;  Jayden Rosenhoover Fredonia over Jaydon Davis   1:29  – Jaydon Davis  over Destiny Murrow McPherson  1:39  – Zahirah Tanaka Junction City over Jaydon Davis   3:45

130—Breanna Ridgeway, 1st; Breanna Ridgeway  over Kaleigh Marbut McPherson  0:50  – Breanna Ridgeway  over Catalina Palacios McPherson  0:37  – Breanna Ridgeway  over Lauren Lemon Goddard-Eisenhower  1:24

130B— Lexi Deines, 1st; Lexi Deines  over MaKenzie Fors McPherson  2:26  – Lexi Deines  over Arriana Gross McPherson  2:53  – Lexi Deines  over Cheyenne Carder Nickerson  0:36

136—Teresa Garcia, 4th; Jessica Kelling McPherson over Teresa Garcia  Dec 7-5  – Dakota Ely Canton-Galva over Teresa Garcia   1:05  – Savannah Green Junction City over Teresa Garcia   0:55

136B—Rosa Campos, 3rd  – Lyah Duenas Junction City over Rosa Campos   2:39  – Rosa Campos  over Cara Hubenet McPherson  1:40  – Alexis Ellis Newton over Rosa Campos   3:46

143—Marissa Hanrahan, GB, 3rd  – Marissa Hanrahan  over Maylee Edwardsq Newton  1:18  – Marissa Hanrahan  over Briana Perez   0:34  – Marissa Hanrahan  over Brooke Swango Junction City  1:35  – Haley Schafer McPherson over Marissa Hanrahan   2:39  – Sydney Boyle WaKeeney-Trego Community over Marissa Hanrahan   3:46

143—Briana Perez, GB, 5th  – Briana Perez  over Brooke Swango Junction City Dec 9-7  – Marissa Hanrahan  over Briana Perez   0:34  – Haley Schafer McPherson over Briana Perez   0:35  – Sydney Boyle WaKeeney-Trego Community over Briana Perez  M. For.  – Maylee Edwardsq Newton over Briana Perez  M. For.

155—Destiny Lewis, 3rd Semifinals – Holli Giddings McPherson over Destiny Lewis   2:30 Cons. Semis – Destiny Lewis  over Jaymie Murry Newton  0:18 3rd Place Match – Destiny Lewis  over Kaley Logue WaKeeney-Trego Community  0:43

191—Dakota Baldwin, 5th  – Emilie Schweizer Buhler over Dakota Baldwin   0:11  – Elisa Robinson Junction City over Dakota Baldwin  MD 14-6  – Kyeal Mogbo  over Dakota Baldwin   0:26  – Maria Valdovinos  over Dakota Baldwin   2:38

191—Kyeal Mogbo, 3rd Kyeal Mogbo  over Maria Valdovinos   0:33  – Kyeal Mogbo  over Dakota Baldwin   0:26  – Elisa Robinson Junction City over Kyeal Mogbo   2:10  – Emilie Schweizer Buhler over Kyeal Mogbo   0:45

191—Maria Valdovinos, 4th  – Kyeal Mogbo  over Maria Valdovinos   0:33  – Emilie Schweizer Buhler over Maria Valdovinos   0:40  – Maria Valdovinos  over Dakota Baldwin   2:38  – Elisa Robinson Junction City over Maria Valdovinos  TF 17-2 3:20