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GBMS girls win Garden City wrestling championship
GBMS wrestlers
The Great Bend Middle School girl wrestlers captured the Garden City team trophy with five first-place finishers in the varsity division and one junior varsity champion.

GBHS wrestlers earn team trophy

GARDEN CITY – Great Bend Middle School featured five champions and a trio of second-place finishers for a first-place finish at the Garden City Middle School wrestling tournament.

Earning gold medals were Camdyn Post (100), Kiera Leyva (105), Micah Ellegood (110), Rylee Schnoebelen (148) and Tejia Thomas (165).

Placing runner-up were Panther wrestlers Baylie Kelly (120), Kynli Shull and Hayley Suchy.

In the junior varsity division, Panther Riata Stryker (148) captured first place.


80—Carlisle, Hays def. Isabella Long, GB, injury; Carlisle def. Long, injury

85—Garcia, DC Comanche def. Trinaty Aumiller, GB, 12-0; Aumiller pinned Aguilera, Holcomb, 2:56

90—Sosa, GC Ken Henderson def. Sophia Bauer, GB, 4-2; Bauer def. Morales, DC Comanche, 10-6; Bauer pinned Cervantes, Holcomb, 3:16;  3RD—Bauer def. Saenz, DC, 10-1

95—Mora, Liberal Eisenhower pinned Brooklyn Cooley, GB, 1:42; Tenoco, DC pinned Cooley, 3:58
100—Camdyn Post, GB pinned Lombrawna, DC, 2:58; Post pinned Sims, Colby; 1ST—Post def. Vehige, Hays, 6-2

105—Kiera Leyva, GB pinned Smith, DC Comanche, 1:51; Leyva pinned Helget, Hays; 1ST—Leyva pinned Vizcarra, Liberal Seymour Rogers

110—Micah Ellegood, GB def. Dluanez, DC, 6-0; Ellegood pinned Gonzales, GC Ken Henderson; 1ST—Ellegood def. Rupp, Hays, 6-0

115—Loera, GC Horace Good pinned Brooklyn  Kelly, GB. 1:27; Kelly pinned Ontiberos, Dodge City Comanche; Kelly def. Eddie, Kepley, forfeit; 3RD—Kelly pinned Loera, GC Horace Good

120—Baylie Kelly, GB pinned Bartlett, Colby, 1:35; Kelly def. Ford, GC Ken Henderson, 3-2; 1ST—Madison Polson, Hays pinned Kelly

127—Delarosa, Dodge City Comanche pinned Aly Feil, GB; Connally, Hays pinned Feil

134—Kynli Shull, GB pinned McCarty, Colby; Shull pinned Guzman, DC; Shull def. Adame, DC Comanche; 1ST—Santiago, Liberal Eisenhower pinned Shull, 4:00
141—Kaydence Demel, GB pinned Espino, Kepley; Garza, GC Horace Good pinned Demel, 2:47; Demel pinned Lizarraga, Liberal Eisenhower, 1:08;
3RD—Demel def. Condo, GC Ken Henderson

148—Rylee Schnoebelen, GB pinned Juarez, GC Horace Good; Schnoebelen pinned Harmon, Hays, 0:54; 1ST—Schnoebelen pinned Arroyo, DC Comanche

155—Ella Nokes, GB pinned Tarbet, GC Horace Good; Jaquez, DC pinned  Nokes; Nokes pinned Quinones, Kepley, 2:19; 3RD—Nokes def. Murguia, Holcomb, 11-7

165—Tejia Thomas, GB pinned Gonzales, GC Horace Good; Thomas pinned Smitherman, Holcomb; Thomas pinned Beers, DC; Thomas pinned Ultreras, Liberal Seymour Rogers, forfeit

180—Hayley Suchy, GB pinned Walters, Hays; Suchy pinned Salva, GC Horace Good, 2:17; 1ST—Sandoval, DC Comanche def. Suchy, 10-4

265—Redden, Holcomb pinned Makinzie Beneke, GB; Beneke pinned Torres, Liberal Seymour, 1:15


JV 90—Rivera, Dodge City Comanche pinned Trinity  Eldridge, GB; Rivera pinned Eldridge

JV 95—Bohm, GC Horace Good pinned Raelynn Rowe, GB; Rivera, GC Horace Good pinned Rowe

JV 105—Macias-Rivera, GC Horace Good pinned Camryn Moos, GB; Moos def. Kemp, Hays, 7-6; Contreras, GC Horace Good def. Moos, 16-1

JV 115 A—Gross, Hays pinned Karys Leu, GB; Diazdeleon, Liberal Seymour Rogers def. Leu, 10-8
JV 115 B—Roe, Hays pinned Ketch; Ketch pinned Carillo-Herrera, Holcomb, 1:34; Ketch pinned Sanchez, GC Horace Good; 3RD—Barr, GC Horace Good pinned Ketch, 1:06

JV 127 B—Tapia, DC Comanche pinned Alexis  Brown, GB, 3:48; Figueroa, DC Comanche def. Brown, 6-4

JV 127 A—Angel Neighbors, GB pinned Vargas, DC Comanche, 3:29; Wilkie, Hays pinned Neighbors; Patino, DC pinned Neighbors

JV 141—Ramirez, DC Comanche pinned Shatarah Newton, GB,  Newton def. Benedick, Holcomb, 6-0; 3RD—Newton pinned Salinas, GC Horace Good
JV 148—Riata Stryker GB pinned Rivera, GC Horace Good; Stryker pinned Cates, Colby, 0:22; Stryker pinned Myah Wise, GB; 1ST—Stryker pinned Callie Umphres, GB; Umphres pinned Wise; Cates def. Umphres, 6-4; Umphres def. Rivera, forfeit; 3RD—Rivera pinned Wise, 3:31; Wise def. Cates, 7-1

JV 215—Bangs, Liberal Eisenhower pinned Carley Jimenez, GB; Gonzalez, Liberal Eisenhower pinned Jimenez