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Ellinwood, Great Bend tennis competes
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Ellinwood’s No. 1 doubles Evan Ringwald-Gabby Jacobs (3-0) and Great Bend’s No. 3 singles Ava Gregg (3-0) earned first-place finishes at the Great Bend Middle School A/B tennis meet.

Great Bend’s No. 1 doubles Bradley Hopkins-Brendyn Schroeder (2-1) finished runner-up. Finising runner-up were Ellinwood’s No. 1 singles Mason Moore (2-1), No. 3 singles Kiley Stevenson (2-1) and No. 2 doubles Devin Johnson-Daegan Johnson (2-1). 

NO. 1 SINGLES— 1—Lena Rauchholz,  SV, 3-0; 2—Mason Moore, Ellinwood, 2-1; 3—Shelby Johnston, Lyons, 1-2; 4—Mya Ward, GB, 0-3

Rauchholz, SV def. Moore, E, 5-0; Rauchholz, SV def. Johnston, L, 5-0; Rauchholz, SV def. Ward, GB, 5-0; Moore, E  def. Johnston, L, 5-1; Moore, E def. Ward, GB, 5-1; Johnston, L def. Ward, GB, 5-0

NO. 2 SINGLES— 1—Maliyah Koster, SV, 3-0; 2—Michael Hawk, SVB, 1-2 (9-11); 3—Braylen Moore, GB, 1-2 (9-13), 4—Cole Ringwald, Ellinwood, 1-2 (7-14)

Koster, SV def. Hawk, SVB, 5-1; Koster, SV def. Ringwald, E, 5-1; Koster, SV def. Moore, GB, 5-0; Hawk SVB def. Ringwald, E, 5-1; Moore, GB def. Hawk, SVB, 5-3; Ringwald, E def. Moore, GB, 5-4

NO. 3 SINGLES—1—Ava Gregg, GB, 3-0; 2—Kiley Stevenson, Ellinwood, 2-1; 3—Chantz Watkins, SV, 1-2; 4—Marley Harris, GBB, 0-3

Gregg, GB def. Stevenson, E, 5-3; Gregg, GB def. Watkins, SV, 5-0; Gregg, GB def. Harris, GBB, 5-2; Stevenson, E def. Watkins, SV, 5-1; Stevenson def. Harris, GBB, 5-2; Watkins, SV def. Harris, GBB< 5-0

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Evan Ringwald-Gabby Jacobs, Ellinwood, 3-0; 2—Bradley Hopkins-Brendyn Schroeder, GB, 2-1; 3—Matthew Adams-Colby Keesling, Lyons, 1-2; 4–Adrian Hazelwood-Ava Broxterman, SV, 0-3

Ringwald-Jacobs,  E, def. Hazelwood-Broxterman, 5-0; Ringwald-Jacobs, E def. Adams-Keesling, L, 5-0; Ringwald-Jacobs, E def. Hopkins-Schroeder, GB, 5-0; Adams-Keesling, L def. Hopkins-Schroeder, GB, 5-4; Hopkins-Schroeder, GB def. Hazelwood-Broxterman, SV, 5-3

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Jarrett Smith-Stone Starbuck, Lyons, 3-0; 2—Devin Johnson-Daegen Johnson, Ellinwood, 2-1; 3—Barrett Orchard-Dario Perez. SV, 1-2; 4—Kaylin Wahlmeir-Halle Post, GB, 0-3

Smith-Starbuck, L, def. Johnson-Johnson, E, 5-4; Smith-Starbuck, L def. Orchard-Perez, SV, 5-4; Smith-Starbuck, L def. Wahlmeir-Post, GB, 5-0; Johnson-Johnson, E def. Orchard, Perez-SV, 5-3; Johnson-Johnson, E def. Wahlmeier-Post, GB, 5-1; Orchard-Perez, SV def. Wahlmeir-Post, GB, 5-2

NO. 3 DOUBLES—1—Jenny Alvarez-Anilec Rios, Lyons, 3-0; 2—Alyssa Holt-Tinley Scott, SV, 2-1; 3—Sahara Rziha-Madison Smith, GB, 1-2; 4—Grant Klepper-Daniel Hammeke, Ellinwood, 0-3 

Alvarez-Rios, L def. Holt, Scott, SV, 5-4;  Alvarez-Rios, L def. Rhiza-Smith, GB, 5-0; Holt-Scott, SV def. Klepper-Hammeke, E, 5-1; Alvarez-Rios, L def. Klepper-Hammeke, E, 5-1; Holt-Scott, SV def. Rhiza-Smith, GB, 5-3; Rhiza-Smith, GB def. Klepper-Daniel Hammeke, E, 5-4