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Great Bend Panther girls place first at Hesston
panther emilia diaz1.jpg
Great Bend Panther Emilia Diaz (20:48.9) races to 32nd at the 5A state cross country meet at Lawrence's Rim Rock Farms. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO Huey Counts

HESSTON – The Great Bend girls kept rolling with a first-place team finish with 13 points to edge Dodge City (16) by three points. Races are run in each class and places are counted by the individual’s finish in their race. Races were conducted in waves by time, so the best runners did not compete side-by-side.

The Panthers counted runner-up finishes by junior Emilia Diaz (19:49.9); sophomore Haley McCormick (21:04.6) and freshman Morgan Beckwith (20:55.3). Also counting were third-place freshman Eliana Jackson (21:03.9) and fourth-place freshman Addy Nicholson (21:04.2).

Races were competed on cart paths at Hesston Golf Course, requiring runners to race with practice shoes.

“The girls ran together as a pack rally well today,” said Great Bend coach Lyles Lashley. ”They competed really well. Emilia Diaz ran well. She got way ahead and put it on cruise control.”

Sophomore runner-up Kaiden Esfeld (16:24.5) led the Panthers to sixth place (90) despite slipping during the race. Freshman Appolos Johnson finished runner-up (18:10.0). Senior Matthew Huslig placed sixth (18:01.1).

“Kaiden Esfeld ran well,” Lashley said. ”He ran by himself. He overcame when he slipped and fell two miles in. He was ‘safe at home.’

CLASS 3-2-1A – Central Plains senior Hannah Redetzke finished sixth (21:43.3) and Monica Short placed 10th (23:02.5).

Hoisington freshman Sheena Gocela placed ninth (22:56.5).

Hoisington’s boys featured a pair of fourth-place finishers with junior Ian Doss (17:28.0) and sophomore Karter Wolf (17:42.6).

Central Plains was paced by freshman fifth-place finisher Payton Ryan (18:05.7).


GIRLS 6-5-4A TEAM SCORES—1—Great Bend 13; 2—Dodge City 16; 3—Hays High 25; 4—Salina South 27; 5—Garden City 37; 6—Buhler 57; 7—Liberal 69; 8—Newton 77; 8—Salina Central 77; 10—McPherson 81

12TH GIRLS—1—Courtney Eickbush, Mc, 21:06.6

11TH GIRLS—1—Serenity Larson, DC, 18:57.6

GREAT BEND RESULTS—2—Emilia Diaz, 19:49.9; 5—Emma Loomis, 20:45.8

10TH GIRLS—1—Jocelyn Sosa, GC, 19:24.0

GREAT BEND RESULTS—2—Haley McCormick, 21:04.6; 18—August Siefkes, 23:52.7; 28—Anna Campbell, 25:43.7

9TH GIRLS—1—Daniela Cedra, Liberal, 20:32.2

GREAT BEND RESULTS—2—Morgan Beckwith, 20:55.3; 3—Eliana Jackson, 21:03.9; 4—Addy Nicholson, 21:04.2; 14—Brooklyn Ramsey, 23:20.5


BOYS 6-5-4A TEAM SCORES—1—Dodge City 42; 2—Garden City 43; 3—Hays High 56; 4—Liberal 60; 5—Newton 62; 6—Great Bend 90; 7—McPherson 100; 8—Buhler 108; 9—Salina South 113; 10—Salina Central 116

12TH BOYS—1—Cody Achilles, Mc, 16:51.6

GREAT BEND RESULT—6—Matthew Huslig, 18:01.1

11TH BOYS—1—William Griffith, Salina Central, 17:04.4

GREAT BEND RESULTS—13—Malachi Wasson, 18:32.7; 14—Brody Feist, 18:39.0

10TH BOYS—1—Devin Chappel, GC, 16:20.4

GREAT BEND RESULT—2—Kaiden Esfeld, 16:24.5

9TH BOYS—1—Leo Hernandez, Hays, 18:07.4

GREAT BEND RESULTS—2—Apollos Johnson, 18:10.0; 15—Brandon Suppes, 19:59.4; 38—Braylon Moore, 25:59.8


GIRLS 3-2-1A TEAM SCORES—1—SE Saline 6; 2—Minneapolis 10; 3—Salina Sacred Heart 13; 4—Smoky Valley 18; 5—Berean 24; 6—Burlington 26; 7—Cheney 28; 8—Douglass 29; 9—Beloit 30; 10—Halstead 31; 11—Central Plains 34; 12—Wichita Classical 37; 13—Hoisington 41

12TH GIRLS—1—Talia Flamini, Collegiate, 20:40.2

CENTRAL PLAINS—6—Hannah Redetzke, 21:43.3; 10—Monica Short, 23:02.5

11TH GIRLS—1—Jentrie Alderson, SE Saline, 19:30.7

10TH GIRLS—1—Alayna Cossart, Minneapolis, 19:37.3

HOISINGTON RESULTS—17—Kynlie Crowdis, 23:57.6; 20—Jayla Wyant, 24:16.5 23—Kiana Grandclair, 24:39.4; 26—Madison Mitchell, 25:16.4

CENTRAL PLAINS RESULT—18—Joanna Donecker, 24:00.2

9TH GIRLS—1—Maddy Krueger, Minneapolis, 20:18.9

HOISINGTON RESULT—9—Sheena Gocela, 22:56.5; 15—Kassy Petersilie, 24:25.4; 17—Kendall Mason, 24:38.5


BOYS 3-2-1A TEAM SCORES—1—Smoky Valley 15; 2—SE Saline 23; 3—Berean 36; 4—Holcomb 54; 5—Wichita Collegiate 58; 6—Hesston 62; 7—Halstead 68; 8—Burlington 73; 9—Hoisington 85

12TH BOYS—1—Ryan Heline, Smoky Valley, 15:50.7

CENTRAL PLAINS RESULTS—38—Ethan Hurley, 22:01.4; 39—Brian Whiterock, 22:16.7

11TH BOYS—1—Justice Gardner, Smoky Valley, 17:09.4

HOISINGTON RESULT—4—Ian Doss, 17:28.0; 14—Gabe Hipp, 18:35.7; 25—Bralen Thompson, 19:34.1

10TH BOYS—1—C.J. Mayer, Collegiate, 15:45.7

HOISINGTON RESULT—4—Karter Wolf, 17:42.6

9TH BOYS—1—Xavier Robles, Holcomb, 17:00.1

CENTRAL PLAINS—5—Peyton Ryan, 18:05.7

HOISINGTON—38—Alex Mater, 22:11.8