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Great Bend tennis competes at McPherson
Remi Ingram1
Great Bend Panther No. 1 singles Remi Ingram - photo by Jim Misunas, Great Bend Tribune

MCPHERSON  – Great Bend's Remi Ingram led the Panthers with a fourth-place finish at Thursday's challenging 8-team McPherson Tennis Invitational. McPherson's Riggs Kuhn defeated Ingram 8-3 for third place. Runner-up Patty Huerta of McPherson downed Ingram 8-3 in the singles semifinals.

Valley Center's Emma Taylor downed Great Bend's Grace Dougherty 8-3 for 15th-place. 

In doubles, Great Bend's Abbie Moyers/Anna Popp defeated Valley Center's Madison Blanton/Tori Turner 8-3 for ninth place. Moyers/Popp won three consecutive matches after losing an opening match. Panthers Mya Ward/Dinah Newman downed Newton's Shelby Speier/Selena Aguilar 8-4 for 15th-place.

McPherson Red (53 points) placed first and Goddard Eisenhower (38) finished runner-up. Salina Sacred Heart's Lily Perrin defeated McPherson Red's Patty Huerta 8-3 for first place in singles.

In doubles, Salina Sacred Heart's Isabella Matteucci/Katie Weiss defeated McPherson Red's CeAnna Allen/Perrin Schneider,8-6 for first place.


TEAM TOTALS–1–McPherson Red 53; 2–Goddard Eisenhower 38; 3–McPherson White 35; 4–Salina Sacred Heart 34; 5–Derby 29; 6–Great Bend 20; 7–Newton 16; 8–Valley Center 8

SINGLES–1–Lily Perrin, SSH def. Patty Huerta, Mc Red, 8-6; 3–Riggs Kuhn, Mc Red def. Remi Ingram, GB, 8-3; 5–Anna Aldrete, GE def. Mia Agpoon, Derby, 8-6; 7–Madelynn Hamm, Newton def. Grace Witte, Mc White, 8-6; 9–McKenzie Henry, GE def. Adora Weir-Dowd, Derby, 8-4; 11–Lily Wilson, VC def. Kyndall Sandbo, Mc White, 8-0; 13–Lucy Buller, Newton def. Angel Tran, SSH, 8-4; 15–Emma Taylor, VC def. Grace Dougherty, GB, 8-3 

GREAT BEND RESULTS–Ingram def. Tran, SSH, 8-1; Ingram def. Agpoon, Derby, 8-5; Huerta, Mc Red def. Ingram, 8-3; Kuhn, Mc Red def. Dougherty, 8-0; Weir-Dowd, Derby def. Dougherty, 8-0; Buller, Newton def. Dougherty, 8-7 (7-4)

DOUBLES–1–Isabella Matteucci/Katie Weiss, SSH def. CeAnna Allen/Perrin Schneider, Mc Red, 8-6; 3–Sydney Achilles/Carley Mann, Mc White def. Maddie Dodson/Taylor Berger, Mc Red, injury; 5–Elyse Bozarth/McKenna Jilka, GE def. Lakyn Lippelmann/Amethyst Hale, Mc White, 8-4; 7–Angela Davis/Rachel Davis GE def. Lauren Towns/Charis Yager, Derby, 8-4; 9–Abbie Moyers/Anna Popp, GB def. Madison Blanton/Tori Turner, VC, 8-3; 11–Natalie Ulwelling/Kiley Hale, Derby def. Hallie Watkins/Katie McMullin, Newton, 8-4; 13–Amelia Farney/Grace Brabender, VC def. Ade Easter/Marosol Banda, SSH, 8-4; 15–Mya Ward/Dinah Newman, GB def. Shelby Speier/Selena Aguliar, Newton, 8-4

GREAT BEND RESULTS–Lippelmann/Hale, Mc White, def. Moyers/Popp, 8-7 (7-5); Moyers/Popp def. Speier/Aguilar, Newton, 8-3; Moyers/Popp def. Ulwelling/Hale, Derby, 8-6; Allen/Schneider Mc Red def. Ward/Newman, 8-4; Watkins/McMullin, Newton def. Ward/Newman, 8-7 (7-4); Easter/Banda, SSH, def. Ward/Newman, 8-6