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Hoisington wrestlers earn team championship
Joshua Ball pins Larned's Stahlecker.jpg
Hoisington's Joshua Ball (182) wrestles against Larned's Bryce Stahlecker. Ball pinned Stahlecker in 24 seconds.

Hoisington captures Cardinal Round Robin

HOISINGTON — Hoisington’s boys captured the Cardinal Wrestling Round Robin Thursday with four first-place winners. Hoisington’s girls finished runner-up with four first-place champions. 

Hoisington’s Josiah Ball (11-1, 113), Evan Foltz (15-3, 138), No. 3 ranked Cole Steinert (13-2, 170) and No. 3 ranked Joshua Ball (18-0, 182) captured first-place medals.

In championship matches, Josiah Ball pinned Smoky Valley’s Connor Barnes (0:53). Foltz downed Sam Pyle of Ellis, 9-7. Steinert edged Ellis’ Konnor Pfeifer 5-3. Joshua Ball outlasted Ellis’ Mason Gottschalk 4-2.

“Wow what a great night for the Cardinal boys team as they pick up their third straight team championship,” said Hoisingrton coach Dan Schmidt. “The boys team beat a very good field of teams. The win over powerhouse Ellis made for a great evening of wrestling. The Cards won the Cardinal Corner Classic right before Christmas and proceeded to win the Ellsworth tournament championship.” 

Finishing runner-up for the Cardinals were Eastin Redetzke (10-8, 120); Deryk Yott (8-5, 132); Quentin Boxberger (11-5, 145); and Ian Smith (12-6, 152). Ellis’ Zeke Haag pinned Boxberger (1:44). Wichita County’s Tristen Porter defeated Smith 10-0 for first place. 

Larned’s first-place champions were Dillen Hook (17-1, 120), returning state champion Samajay Alboyd (15-2, 160); and Carter Atteberry (10-4, 220). The Indians received news they would be classified 4A in postseason after competing in 3-1A last season.

In championship matches,  Hook def. Eastin Redetzke, 7-2; Alboyd pinned George Crawford of Ellis (3:13) and Atteberry defeated Cale Younger of Ellis, 12-2.

Stafford’s Caden McCandless (10-3, 195) finished runner-up with a loss to Toby Woodworth of Ellis in 3:19.

GIRLS DIVISION — Hoisington’s girls first-place champions were No. 3 Sheena Gocela (8-3, 101); Kiana Grandclair (2-2, 115); No. 3 Emily Lovett (6-3, 120); and No. 1 ranked Tally Wikum (13-1, 138). Ellis scored 93.5 points and Hoisington scored 79.5 points. 

“I was proud of how our girls wrestled,” Schmidt said. “We’re getting better. It was a great week in the rankings as Tally Wikum is ranked No. 1 in 1-4A. She understands that rankings are a recognition of your potential. Ultimately, she must do the work on the mat to have that ranking mean something.

“Our girls were almost perfect as we had four champions out of five wrestlers,” he said. “This led to a second-place finish. It’s a numbers game at the smaller tournaments. Our goal as a team has to be bit more individually centered at this point.” 

Larned’s No. 3 ranked Ava Mull (11-3, 170) captured first place. 


TEAM SCORES—1—Hoisington 198; 2—Ellis 180; 3—Larned 109.5; 4—Wichita County 83; 5—Smoky Valley 53.5; 6—Lincoln 46.5; 7—Bluestem 28.5; 8—Kingman 22; 9—Stafford 21; 10—Ell Saline 8 


106–Mason Alderdice, H (3-4), 2nd; Alderdice pinned Turner, Bluestem, 5:43; Alderdice def.  Smith, Larned,16-1; 1st—Younger, Ellis pinned Alderdice, 3:05 

113–Josiah Ball, H (11-1) 1st; Ball def. Redetzke, H, 8-5, OT; Ball pinned Barrera, WC, 3:28; Xavier Redetzke, H (1-2) 3rd; Barnes SV def. Redetzke, 7-2; 1st—Ball pinned Barnes, SV, 0:53; 3rd—Redetzke def. Barrera, WC, 13-2  

120–Eastin Redetzke, (10-8), 2nd; Redetzke pinned Pence, Kingman, 0:33; Redetzke pinned Dotter Bluestem, 0:45; Redetzke  pinned Grant Doan, H, 1:06; 1st—Hook, Larned def. Redetzke, 7-2; Doan, H (1-12); Dotter, Bluestem pinned Doan, 5:42; Hook, Larned pinned Doan, 0:16; Pence, Kingman pinned Doan, 0:31

126– Nicolas Rubio, (7-6), 3rd; Gardner, WC def. Rubio, 5-0; Rubio pinned Ruddick, Stafford, 0:32; Rubio pinned Weers, Larned, 0:41; Mader, Ellis def. Rubio, 5-3; 3rd—Rubio pinned Karter Wolf, H, 0:52; Wolf, H (6-8), 4th; Wolf pinned Weers, Larned, 5:15; Mader, Ellis pinned Wolf, 1:06; Wolf pinned Ruddick Stafford, 1:19; Gardner, WC def.  Wolf, injury

132–Richard Croslin, H (1-3), 6th; Hoch, Larned pinned Croslin, 0:47; Gardner, SV pinned Croslin, 1:00;Croslin def. Carroll, Ellis, 8-6; 5th Place—Winter, Ellis pinned Croslin, 0:53

132– Deryk Yott, H (8-5), 2nd; Yott  def. Winter, Ellis, 2-0; Yott def. Swingle Kingman, 6-0; Yott def. Gardner, SV, 9-4; 1st Place—Hoch, Larned def.  Yott, 8-2

138–Evan Foltz, H (15-3), 1st; Foltz pinned Llanas, Stafford, 1:01; Foltz def. Pyle, Ellis, 7-5; Foltz pinned Ian Doss, H, 1:34; Foltz pinned Lamb, Lincoln, 1:42; 1st Place—Foltz def. Pyle, Ellis, 9-7; Micheal Hipp, H (6-7) 3rd; Hipp def. Young, SV, 6-0; Hipp pinned Lamb, Lincoln, 5:19; Hipp pinned Taylor, Bluestem, 0:32; Pyle, Ellis pinned Hipp, 0:40; 3rd—Hipp pinned Lamb, Lincoln, 2:43; Doss, H (7-7), 5th; Pyle, Ellis pinned Doss, 2:27; Doss def. Llanas Stafford, 13-2; Doss pinned Taylor, Bluestem, 2:23; 5th—Doss def.  Llanas, Stafford, 15-0

145–Quentin Boxberger, H (11-5) 2nd; Boxberger pinned Leis, Kingman, 0:45; 1st—Haag, Ellis pinned Boxberger, 1:44

152–Ian Smith, H (12-6), 2nd; Smith pinned Tamari Howard, H, 4:00; Smith pinned Archer, Kingman, 3:21; Smith pinned Johnson, Ellis, 5:13; Smith pinned Trevan Brown, H, 1:41; 1st—Porter, WC def. Smith, 10-0; Howard, H (3-2), 3rd; Howard def. Brown, H, 5-2; Howard pinned Archer, Kingman, 1:07; Porter, WC pinned Howard, 1:40; 3rd—Howard def. Johnson, Ellis, 2-0; Brown, H (3-9) 5th; Johnson, Ellis pinned Brown, 2:39; Howard def. Brown, 5-2; Porter, WC pinned Brown, 0:30; 5th—Brown pinned Archer, Kingman, 5:04

160—Hunter Morris, H (14-6), 3rd; Crawford, Ellis def. Morris, 5-1; Morris pinned Gray, Bluestem, 1:46; Morris  pinned Metzger, Stafford,  0:49; Alboyd, Larned  pinned Morris, 1:59; 3rd—Morris pinned Whitham, WC, 1:46

170—No. 3 Cole Steinert, H (13-2), 1st; Steinert pinned Hernandez, Lincoln, 1:22; Steinert pinned Keimig, Kingman, 1:36; Pfeifer, Ellis def. Steinert, 4-3; Steinert  def. Gardner, WC (3-1); 1st—Steinert  def. Pfeifer,  Ellis, 5-3

182—No. 3 Joshua Ball, H (18-0) 1st; Ball pinned Hurlbut, Lincoln, 0:20; Ball pinned Caleb Birzer, 0:22; Ball pinned Biermann, WC, 0:27; 1st—Ball def. Gottchalk, Ellis, 4-2; Birzer, H (1-14); Hurlbut, Lincoln pinned Birzer, 0:54; Gottchalk, Ellis  pinned Birzer,0:28; Biermann, WC pinned Birzer, 1:23

220—Logan Philbern, H (12-3), 3rd; Younger, Ellis pinned Philbern, 1:16; Philbern pinned Hebb, Bluestem, 4:52; Atteberry, Larned def. Philbern, 4-2; 3rd—Philbern pinned Calzada, ES, 2:59

285—Noah Deines, H (6-5), 3rd; Deines pinned Francis, Kingman, 0:49; Deines pinned Brack, Ellis, 4:17; Bean, SV pinned Deines, 2:00; Barrientes, Lincoln pinned Deines, 0:56; 3rd—Deines pinned Buxton Bluestem, 1:55


TEAM SCORES—1—Ellis 93.5; 2—Hoisington 79.5; 3—Smoky Valley 50; 4—Kingman 45.5; 5—Larned 30; 6—Ell Saline 22; 7—Bluestem 20; 8—Stafford 17; 9—Hugoton 12; 10—Russell 7 

101—No. 3 Sheena Gocela, H (8-3), 1st; Gocela pinned Priest, Ellis, 2:50; Gocela pinned Priest, Ellis, 0:42

115—Kiana Grandclair, H (2-2), 1st; Grandclair pinned Cunningham, Ellis, 2:25; Grandclair pinned Cunningham Ellis, 1:13

120—No. 3 Emily Lovett, H (6-3), 1st; Lovett  pinned Williamson, Bluestem, 1:23; Lovett  pinned Williamson, Bluestem, 3:25

138—No. 1 Tally Wikum, H (13-1), 1st; Wikum def. Peters SV, 6-2; Wikum pinned Graves, ES, 0:48; Wikum pinned Reimler, ES, 2:00

143—Lyrica Orosco, H (2-7); Flores, Hugoton pinned Orosco, 4:36; Haag, Ellis pinned Orosco, 1:34


220B—Elliott Copp, H (5-3), 1st; Copp pinned Jacob Umphrey, H, 1:14; Copp pinned Steven Keener, H, 0:34; Copp pinned Dinkel, Ellis, 5:28; 1st—Copp def. Grosland, SV, 6-2; Umphrey, H (1-3), 4th; Umphrey def. Keener, H, 3-1; Grosland, SV pinned Umphrey, 0:29; 3rd—Dinkel, Ellis pinned Umphrey, 1:28; Keener, H (0-8); Grosland, SV pinned Keener, 0:26; Dinkel, Ellis pinned Keener, 1:18


106–Jameson Smith, L (2-3) 3rd; Younger, Ellis pinned Smith, 2:20; Alderdice, H def.  Smith, 16-1; 3rd—Smith pinned Turner, Bluestem, 3:59 

120—Dillen Hook, L (17-1), 1st; Hook pinned Doan, H, 0:16; Hook pinned Dotter Bluestem, 0:29; Hook pinned Pence, Kingman, 0:14; 1st—Hook def. Redetzke, H, 7-2

126—Corbin Weers, L (1-8); Wolf, H pinned Weers, 5:15; Mader, Ellis pinned Weers, 1:56; Gardner, WC pinned Weers, 1:46; Rubio, H pinned Weers, 0:41; 5th—Ruddick, Stafford pinned Weers, 1:49

132—Gatlin Hoch, H (16-3) 1st; Hoch pinned Croslin, H, 0:47; Hoch pinned Carroll, Ellis, 1:11; Hoch pinned Gardner, SV, 5:28; Hoch pinned Swingle, Kingman, 5:22; 1st Place—Hoch def. Yott, H, 8-2

160—Samajay Alboyd, L (15-2), 1st; Alboyd pinned Whitham, WC, 1:09; Alboyd pinned Metzger Stafford, 0:40; Alboyd pinned Gray, Bluestem, 0:45; Alboyd pinned Morris, H, 1:59; 1st—Alboyd pinned Crawford, Ellis, 3:13 

170—Nathanael Pfortmiller, L (9-3), 5th; Golden, SV pinned Pfortmiller, 3:48; Gardner, WC pinned Pfortmiller, 1:30; Pfortmiller pinned Keimig, Kingman, 2:33; 5th—Pfortmiller pinned Hernandez Lincoln, 1:21

220—Carter Atteberry, L (10-4), 1st; Atteberry pinned Myers, Lincoln, 1:14; Atteberry pinned Calzada, ES, 3:04; Atteberry def. Logan Philbern, H, 4-2; 1st—Atteberry def. Younger, Ellis, 12-2

285—Konner Dill, L (4-10); Buxton, Bluestem def. Dill, 2-0; Barrientes, Lincoln  pinned Dill, 0:43; Dill pinned Francis, Kingman, 1:07; 5th Place—Brack, Ellis pinned Dill, 2:52


126--Reese Watkins, L (4-8), 2nd; Watkins pinned Fankhauser, Kingman, 4:58; Cranwell, Ellis pinned Watkins, 0:38

170—No. 3 Ava Mull, L (11-3) 1st; Mull pinned Taylor, Bluestem, 0:39; Mull pinned Taylor, Bluestem, 1:29


126—Gatlin Ruddick, S (1-10) 5th; Mader Ellis pinned Ruddick, 1:36; Gardner, WC pinned Ruddick, 3:44; Rubio, H pinned Ruddick, 0:32; Wolf, H pinned Ruddick 1:19; 5th—Ruddick pinned Weers, Larned, 1:49

138—Abe Llanas, S (1-12); Foltz, H pinned Llanas,1:09; Doss, H def. Llanas, 13-2; Pyle, Ellis pinned Llanas, 0:21; 5th Place-- Doss def. Llanas, 15-0

160—Dylan Metzger, S (4-14); Gray, Bluestem pinned Metzger, 2:54; Alboyd, Larned pinned Metzger, 0:40; Crawford, Ellis pinned Metzger, 0:39; Morris, H pinned Metzger, 0:49; Whitham, WC pinned Metzger, 0:55

195—Caden McCandless, S (10-3), 2nd; McCandless pinned Suelter, Lincoln, 1:12; McCandless pinned Roth, Kingman, 0:38; McCandless pinned Seaton, WC, 1:21; 1st—Woodworth, Ellis  pinned McCandless, 3:19 


155—Morgan Gunter, S (2-11); Riedeski, Ellis def. Gunter, 13-7; Murray Kingman pinned Gunter, 0:55

235—Cassidy Kennedy, S (0-4); Calzada, ES pinned Kennedy, 1:26; Calzada pinned Kennedy, 1:02