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Hoisington wrestlers place first
HHS wrestling.jpg
The first-place Hoisington wrestling team

HOISINGTON — The Hoisington Cardinals scored 147.5 points to win the Hoisington Cardinal Corner Classic Wrestling Tournament.

Hoisington's Cole Steinert (132), Wyatt Pedigo (195) and Riley Philbern (285) captured first place in the Hoisington Cardinal Corner Classic. Finishing second were Foltz (126) and Joshua Ball (170).

"I like what I saw today. We are getting better," said Hoisington coach Daniel Schmidt. "We need all of our wrestlers to compete at the regional tournament to have a chance of a top five finish at the 3A State Tournament in February."

All team members both varsity and junior varsity were able to get into the bracket with only the varsity wrestlers allowed to score towards the team trophy. The tournament also hosted an all girls tournament.

Three Cardinal girls also competed.

"I was pleased with our three girls who competed. All three finished in the top three being with the sport a handful of weeks," Schmidt said. "Kansas is close to sanctioning girls wrestling as a sport in the KSHSAA. It could happen as early as next year. Girls' wrestling is the fastest growing sport nationwide. Kansas colleges are looking for talent." 

The Cardinals compete Jan. 3 at the Larned Round Robin. 



1—Hoisington, 147.5 

2—Concordia, 142.5 

3—Cimarron, 141 

4—Eureka, 135.5 

5—Larned, 125 

6—Holcomb, 48 

7—Stafford, 31 


113—Boxberger, HHS, 5th; Hook, Larned def. Boxberger, 6-2; Adkins, Eureka def. Boxberger, 9-0;

Boxberger def. Brozek, Stafford, 1:31; Beitz, Eureka def. Boxberger, 16-0; Anguish, Concordia def. Boxberger, 10-0

120—Ian Doss, HHS, 4th; Hoch Larned def. Doss, 2:11; Beitz Eureka def. Doss, 4:20;Rubio, HHS def. Doss, 0:32; Doss def. Valdez, Holcomb, 1:48; Doss def. Troughton, Larned, 11-0

120—Nicolas Rubio, HHS, 3rd; Rubio def. Valdez Holcomb, 0:30; Rubio def. Troughton Larned, 3:26; Rubio def. Doss, HHS, 0:32; Beitz, Eureka def. Rubio, 1:08; Hoch, Larned def. Rubio, 3:17

126—Foltz, HHS, 2nd; Foltz def. Hipp, HHS, 0:13; Foltz def.  Weers, Larned, 3:28; McPhail, Cimarron  def. Foltz, 3:25; Foltz def.  Sefried, Cimarron, 0:58

126—Gabe Hipp, HHS, 5th; Foltz, HHS def.  Hipp, 0:13; Sefried, Cimarron def. Hipp, 12-4; Weers, Larned def. Hipp; McPhail, Cimarron def. Hipp, 011

132—Cole Steinert, HHS, 1st; Steinert def. McPhail Cimarron, 4:26; Steinert def. Harrison, Eureka, 15-4; Steinert  def. Anderson, Concordia, 2:31

138—Aydan Davis, HHS, 5th; Davis def. Johnson Cimarron, 1:52; Alboyd, Larned def. Davis, 0:53; Lowe, Eureka def. Davis, 0:45; Greene, Cimarron def. Davis, 1:08; Brown, Concordia def. Davis, 0:55

152—Sam Baldyga, HHS; Escareno, Eureka 18-0 def.  Sam Baldyga  1-15  2:14; Walker, Cimarron def. Baldyga, 0:30; Miller, Concordia def. Baldyga, 0:29; Deines def. Baldyga, 0:43; Eskam, Cimarron def. Baldyga, 0:38

152—Blake Deines, HHS, 4th; Deines def. Eskam, Cimarron, 3:05; Miller, Concordia def. Denies, 5:39; Escareno, Eureka 18-0 def. Deines, 3:29; Deines def. Baldyga, HHS, 0:43; Walker, Cimarron def. Deines, 3:57

160—Dante Urban, HHS, 3rd; Urban def. Wilborn, 1:21; Urban def. Rojas, Cimarron, 3:09; Seabolt, Cimarron def. Urban, 3:48; Schroeder, Concordia  def. Urban, 9-0; 3rd Place--Urban def.  Erway Larned, 9-0

160—Nolan Wilborn, HHS, 6th; Urban, HHS def. Wilborn, 1:21; Seabolt, Cimarron def. Wilborn, 1:00; Wilborn def. Rojas, Cimarron, 2-0; Wilborn def.  Bogner, Cimarron, 3:03; 5th Place—Spoonts, Eureka def. Wilborn, 2:37

170—Nicholas Long, HHS;6th; Ball def. Long, 1:01; Shaughnessy, Cimarron def. Long, 2:00; Henry, Cimarron def.  Long, 10-2; Long def. Strickler, Eureka, 0:43; 5th Place— Shaughnessy Cimarron def. Long, 2-0

170—Joshua Ball, HHS, 2nd; Ball  def. Long, HHS, 1:01; Ball def. Henry, Cimarron, 9-2; Ball def. Shaughnessy, Cimarron, 8-0; Ball  def.  Kindel, Concordia, 13-0; 1st Place—Johnson, Holcomb def. Ball, 1:42

182—Kameron Schneweis, HHS, 3rd; Trost, Concordia def. Schneweis, 3:19; Schneweis def. Seeman, Larned, 0:16; Schneweis  def.  Stahlecker Larned, 3:18; Newton, Cimarron def. Schneweis, 3:53

195—Wyatt Pedigo, HHS, 1st; Pedigo def. Johnson, Cimarron, 0:08; Pedigo def. Kramer, Larned, 3:07

220—Cade Boxberger, HHS, 4th; Shocklee, Stafford def. Boxberger,4:54; Boxberger def. Owen, Concordia, 3:32; Dewey, Cimarron def. Boxberger, 4:22; 3rd Place—Garcia, Larned def. Boxberger, 7-2

285—Riley Philbern, HHS, 1st; Philbern def. Interial,  Holcomb, 4:13; Philbern def. Inguanza, Cimarron, 1:09; Philbern def. Turner, Eureka, 2:25; 1st Place-- Philbern def. Interial, Holcomb, 2:34

285—Zachary Rubio, HHS; Turner, Eureka def. Rubio, 4:51; Serviss, Stafford def. Rubio, 1:38; Schilling, Cimarron def. Rubio; Inguanza, Cimarron def. Rubio


113—Jessi Kindscher, HHS, 2nd; Kindscher def. Lovett, 2:16; Martinez, Holcomb def. Kindscher, 8-6

113—Emily Lovett, HHS, 3rd; Kindscher def. Lovett, 2:16; Martinez, Holcomb def. Lovett, 3:11

160—Bailey Sanders, HHS, 2nd; Ava Mull, Larned def. Sanders, 5:00; Mull Larned def. Sanders, 8-6, OTHoisington Corner Classic


106—Austin Armstong, L (5-3), 3rd; Hughes, Eureka def. Armstong, 11-2; Armstong def. Soukup, Holcomb, 1:54; Kemling, Concordia def. Armstong, 3:26

113—Dillen Hook, L, (7-3), 3rd; Hook 7-3 def. Boxberger, Hoisington, 6-2; Anguish, Concordia def. Hook, 18-2; Hook def. Adkins, Eureka, 1:56; Hook def. Brozek. S, 1:19; Beitz, Eureka def. Hook, 4:30

120—Gatlin Hoch, L, (4-1), 2nd; Hoch def. Doss, Hoisington, 2:11; Hoch def. Valdez, Holcomb, 1:02; Beitz, Eureka def. Hoch, 2:42; Hoch def. Troughton, L, 0:36; Hoch def. Rubio, Hoisington, 3:17

120—Ashton Troughton, L (0-5); Beitz, Eureka def. Troughton, 3:29; Rubio Hoisington def. Troughton, 3:26; Valdez, Holcomb def. Troughton, DQ; Hoch, L, def. Troughton, 0:36; Doss, Hoisington def. Troughton, 11-0

126—Corbin Weers, L (2-2), 3rd; Weers def. Sefried, Cimarron, 2:29; McPhail, Cimarron def. Weers, 1:15; Foltz, Hoisington def. Weers, 3:28; Weers def. Hipp, Hoisington

138—Samajay Alboyd, L (8-2), 2nd; Alboyd def. Brown, Concordia, 5:01; Alboyd def. Davis Hoisington, 0:53; Alboyd def. Greene, Cimarron, 1:10; Alboyd def. Johnson, Cimarron, 3:50; Lowe, Eureka def. Alboyd, 2:00

145—Braydon Lemuz, L, (7-1), 1st; Lemuz def. Maraver,  Stafford, 1:29; Lemuz def. Urrutia, Cimarron, 1:10; Lemuz def. Hake, Concordia, 3:23

160—Logan Erway, (6-4), 4th; Erway def. Spoonts, Eureka, 1:22; Erway def. Bogner, Cimarron, 0:55; Schroeder, Concordia def. Erway, 15-0; Seabolt, Cimarron def. Erway, 7-1; 3rd Place—Urban, Hoisington def. Erway, 9-0

170—Nathaniel Pfortmiller, (0-5); Johnson, Holcomb def. Pfortmiller, 0:47; Strickler, Eureka def. Pfortmiller, 16-0; Kindel, Concordia def. Pfortmiller, 0:53; Shaughnessy, Cimarron def. Pfortmiller, 1:42; 7th Place—Strickler, Eureka def. Pfortmiller, 0:35

182—Bryce Stahlecker, L (1-3), 4th; Stahlecker def. Seeman, Larned, 0:55; Newton, Cimarron def. Stahlecker, forfeit; Trost, Concordia def.  Stahlecker, 2:17; Schneweis Hoisington def. Stahlecker, 3:18

182—Jarett Seeman, L, (0-4); Stahlecker def. Seeman, 0:55; Schneweis Hoisington def. Seeman, 0:16; Newton, Cimarron def. Seeman, 0:44; Trost, Concordia def. Seeman, 0:26

195—Joshua Kramer, L, (4-3), 2nd; Kramer def. Johnson, Cimarron, 0:10; Pedigo, Hoisington def. Kramer, 3:07

220—Dustin Rhodes, L, (0-4); Dewey, Cimarron def. Rhodes, 0:19; Lowe def. Rhodes, 1:10; Garcia def. Rhodes, 1:44; Owen, Concordia def. Rhodes, 0:58

220—Hector Garcia, L (3-2), 3rd; Garcia def. Lowe, Stafford, 3:42; Dewey, Cimarron def. Garcia, 5:35; Garcia def. Rhodes, L,  1:44; Shocklee, Stafford def. Garcia 3-2 Dec 7-2

3rd Place—Garcia def. Boxberger Hoisington 8-4 Dec 7-2


160—Ava Mull, L, (7-0), 1st; Mull def. Sanders, Hoisington, 5:00; Mull def. Sanders, Hoisington, 8-6, OT


113—Cayden Brozek, S (1-8); Anguish, Concordia def. Brozek 1-8  1:33; Beitz, Eureka def. Brozek, 1:43; Boxberger, Hoisington def. Brozek, 1:31; Hook, L def. Brozek, 1:19; Adkins, Eureka,  2-3def.  Cayden Brozek 1-8  1:21

145—Guillermo Maraver, S, (0-3); Lemuz, L def.  Maraver,  1:29; Hake, Concordia def. Maraver, 2:59; Urrutia, Cimarron def. Maraver, 1:58

220—Laithen Shocklee, S, 2nd; Shocklee def.  Owen, Concordia,  0:24; Shocklee def.  Boxberger, Hoisington,  4:54; Shocklee def. Garcia, L, 7-2; 1st Place—Dewey, Cimarron def. Shocklee, 4-2, OT

220—Salem Lowe, S (9-5), 6th; Garcia, L def. Lowe, 3:42; Lowe def.  Rhodes, L, 1:10; Dewey, Cimarron def. Low, 0:37; 5th Place—Owen, Concordia 4-9def.   Lowe 9-5  5:14

285—Logan Serviss, S, 12-3, 4th; Serviss def.  Blake Schilling, Cimarron, 0:48; Serviss def.  Zachary Rubio Hoisington, 1:38; Serviss def. Turner , Eureka, 3-2; Interial, Holcomb def. Serviss, 4:51; 3rd Place—Turner, Eureka def. Serviss, injury


106—Daisy Rayburn, S (4-4); Leiszler, Concordia def. Rayburn, 2:28; Leiszler, Concordia def. Rayburn, 0:47

132—Makaila Enfield, S (3-4); McCloskey, S, def. Enfield, 1:04; Gomez, Holcomb def. Enfield, 2:44

132—Maddison McCloskey, S (2-0), 1st; McCloskey def. Gomez, Holcomb, 9-5; Round 2 - McCloskey, Stafford def. Enfield, Stafford, 1:04