First positive case of COVID-19 confirmed in Barton County
The Barton County Health Department reported the first confirmed positive case of coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) in Barton County. Testing was confirmed on Monday, March 30 at 11 a.m.
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Quicksilver hosts Amateur Softball Association tournament
Summer Softball
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The Quicksilver Softball Club had four teams competing in Amateur Softball Association action at the VIP Series Great Bend Tournament on Saturday at the Great Bend Sports Complex.
Quicksilver was represented in the 10-and-under, 12-and-under, 14-and-under and 16-and-under divisions with the tournament also hosting an eight-and-under division.
The 16-and-under Quicksilver swept the three-game pool play to be the No. 1 seed in the semifinal bracket and won a tournament title.
They won 10-0 against the Kansas Heat (Hoisington) to advance to the championship game.
“They played great,” 16-and-under head coach Randy Moyers said. “We couldn’t have asked them to play any better. They won the semifinal game 10-0 and the championship game 8-0. Both pitchers threw shutouts. They were tremendous.”
The 14-and-under Quicksilver finished 2-1 in pool play. They lost 5-1 in a semifinal game against the Larned Renegades, the same team that beat them 7-5 in pool play.
“We just can’t hit Larned, and I don’t know why,” 14-and-under Quicksilver head coach Tom Curtis said. “We came out in the 9 a.m. game, the girls were kind of sluggish, but we won the next two games.
“When you score only one run like we did in the semifinal game, you aren’t going to win many games at this level.”
The 12-and-under Quicksilver went 0-3 in pool play, but beat the Clay Center Bs 4-1 to advance to a semifinal game against the MudKatz.
The 10-and-under Quicksilver finished 0-2-1 in pool play. They lost 10-0 in a quarterfinal game against the Clay Center Bs.
The Liberal Laces won the eight-and-under division.

VIP Series Great Bend
Amateur Softball Association Tournament


Pool “A”
Wichita Mustangs 16, Beloit Blaze 16
Liberal Laces 4, Beloit Blaze 3
Liberal Laces 6, Wichita Mustangs 3
Liberal Laces 15, Beloit Blaze 5
Liberal Laces 10, Wichita Mustangs 5

Pool “B”
Beloit Blaze 5, Clay Center Bs 1
Clay Center Bs 9, Kansas Heat 2
Synergy 5, Kansas Heat 4
Beloit Blaze 10, Synergy 2
Beloit Blaze 8, Kansas Heat 2
Clay Center Bs 4, Synergy 0
Pool “C”
Shockerz 6, Larned Renegades 5
Shockerz 6, Quicksilver 5
Wichita Mustangs 9, Quicksilver 0
Wichita Mustangs 10, Larned Renegades 1
Larned Renegades 9, Quicksilver 9
Wichita Mustangs 6, Shockerz 0
Synergy 3, Shockerz 2
Beloit Blaze 8, Larned Renegades 1
Clay Center Bs 10, Quicksilver 0
Kansas Heat 8, Wichita Mustangs 7
Beloit Blaze 2, Synergy 0
Clay Center Bs 8, Kansas Heat 2
Clay Center Bs 11, Beloit Blaze 2

Pool “D”
Clay Center Bs 9, Kansas Heat 6
Legit Softball 8, Kansas Heat 6
Stillwater Sting 6, Legit Softball 5
Clay Center Bs 9, Stillwater Sting 1
Clay Center Bs 7, Legit Softball 5
Stillwater Sting 6, Kansas Heat 5
Pool “E”
Larned Renegades 7, Quicksilver 6
MudKatz 6, Larned Renegades 2
Hays Heat 7, MudKatz 0
Hays Heat 7, Quicksilver 2
MudKatz 5, Quicksilver 1
Hays Heat 9, Larned Renegades 1
Stillwater Sting 13, Larned Renegades 9
Hays Heat 11, Kansas Heat 2
MudKatz 5, Legit Softball 4
Quicksilver 4, Clay Center Bs 1
Hays Heat 8, Stillwater Sting 1
Quicksilver 10, MudKatz 2
Hays Heat 7, Quicksilver 2

Pool “F”
Lady Monarchs 15, Colby Sweet Thunder 1
Larned Renegades 7, Quicksilver 5
Larned Renegades 13, Colby Sweet Thunder 1
Quicksilver 8, Lady Monarchs 7
Rebels 4, Lady Monarchs 3
Rebels 12, Colby Sweet Thunder 4
Quicksilver 9, Colby Sweet Thunder 3
Rebels 8, Larned Renegades 0
Lady Monarchs 13, Colby Sweet Thunder 6
Larned Renegades 5, Quicksilver 1
Rebels 12, Lady Monarchs 6
Rebels 8, Larned Renegades 0

Pool “G”
Quicksilver 3, Colby Sweet Thunder 2
Colby Sweet Thunder 5, Kansas Heat 2
Larned Renegades 5, Kansas Heat 3
Quicksilver 10, Larned Renegades 8
Quicksilver 7, Kansas Heat 0
Larned Renegades 5, Colby Sweet Thunder 4
Larned Renegades 7, Colby Sweet Thunder 2
Quicksilver 10, Kansas Heat 0
Quicksilver 8, Larned Renegades 0