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Macksville runner Butler places runner-up
madison butler1
Macksville Mustang Madison Butler (371) charges to the finish line in the 1A state cross country championship at Wamego Country Club.

PRATT — Macksville's Madison Butler (21:13) continues to shine with a runner-up medalist finish at Thursday's Pratt Cross Country Invitational. Cimarron medalist Courtney Clinesmith (21:09) placed first by four seconds. Macksville's Abigail Ibarra (25:02) placed 20th.

"We came out and ran better this time. We are starting to carry over what we do in practice to the meets," said Macksville coach Mike Hullman. "We need to get that mental toughness when it comes to the second and third miles. I'd like to see our mile averages down a bit. We'll go back and work that much tougher this week. We will have everybody running next week. Karen Hall will return, which will help the girls team."

St. John's dual-sport athlete Uriel Calleros (18:48) placed 11th to lead the Tigers. South Gray's Michael Gallegos (17:39) earned medalist honors ahead of Fowler's runner-up Eli Zortman (17:48). 


GIRLS TEAM SCORES—1—Cimarron 23; 2—Pratt 41; 3—Macksville 66

GIRLS TOP 10 MEDALISTS—1—Courtney Clinesmith, Cimarron, 21:09; 2—Madison Butler, Macksville, 21:13;3—Erin Albright, Kingman, 22:12; 4—Kirstin Hackney, So. Central, 22:20; 5—Macy Fugitt, Cimarron, 22:25; 6—Grace Millershaki, Cimarron, 22:31; 7—Sian Helfrich, Pratt, 22:35; 8—Mary Pearce, Kingman, 22:36; 9—Addie Hoeme, Pratt, 22:36; 10—Alexa English, Cimarron, 22:44

MACKSVILLE—20—Abigail Ibarra, 25:02; 23—Joselin Garcia, 26:06; 31—Melanie Vargas, 29:20; 32—Anna Suiter, 30:03

LARNED—28—Aylice Clawson,  26:46

BOYS TEAM SCORES—1—Chaparral 41; 2—Meade 63; 3—Cimarron 89; 4—Pratt 90; 5—St. John 101; 6—Macksville 131; 7—Larned 150

BOYS TOP 10 MEDALISTS—1—Michael Gallegos, South Gray, 17:39; 2—Eli Zortman, Fowler, 17:48; 3—Trent Roberts, Meade, 18:01; 4—Logan Keith, Meade, 18:05; 5—Jackson Wallace, Skyline, 18:30; 6—David Mendez, Cimarron, 18:36; 7—Ethan Smith, Kingman, 18:39; 8—James Gates, Chaparral, 18:45; 9—Drew Meecham, Chaparral, 18:46; 10—Matt Swingle, Kingman, 18:47

ST. JOHN—11—Uriel Calleros, 18:48; 16—Nick Huston, 19:41.5; 21—Dylan Reed, 20:09; 41—Edwin Fernandez, 21:43.5; 49—Elijah Delp, 23:17; 57—Karim Herrera, 30:23

LARNED—27—Jeron Debes, 20:23; 36—Kyler Semple, 20:55; 40—Dylan Roberds, 21:43; 44—Gabriel Thomson, 22:16; 54—Jameson Smith, 24:49; 55—Maverick Munden, 24:57; 56—Blake Crandall, 25:44

MACKSVILLE—20—James Lee, 20:07; 24—Jesse Nava, 20:18; 38—Kyler Evans, 21:21; 42—Alex Mendez, 21:53; 53—Thoran Cross, 24:12

JV BOYS MEDALIST—1—Carsen Blasdel, Nickerson, 12:52.0

NICKERSON—6—Isaac Weideman, 13:38.0; 7—Kaden Keterl, 13:48.0

LARNED—23—Mark Hamrick, 20:20.0

7TH GRADE BOYS MEDALIST (1 mile)—1—Ashler English, Cimarron, 5:59.0

LARNED—2—Christian Slattery, 6:10.0; 10—Tristan Thompson, 6:40.0; 21—Caleb McDonald, 7:27.0; 25—Ian Thomson, 7:59.0; 28—Allen Norris, 8:14.0

HOISINGTON—11—Kyler Jensen, 6:41.0

ST. JOHN—12—Keldon Bunker, 6:53.0; 13—Kaden Foote, 6:57.0

8TH GRADE BOYS MEDALIST (2 miles)—1—Quade Smith, St. John, 12:10.0

HOISINGTON—6—Kamden Tarlton, 12:44.0; 41—A.J. Thurman, 29:38.0

RENO VALLEY—11—Levi Pauley, 13:41.0; 17—Trenton Wood, 14:30.0; 27—Dakota Brinkley, 15:33.0; 36—Dallas Yoder, 16;55.0

7TH GRADE GIRLS MEDALIST (1 mile)—1—Cady Hemphill, Medicine Lodge, 6:03.0

LARNED—14—Emma Corman, 10:06.0

8TH GRADE GIRLS MEDALIST (2 miles)—1—Kylie Stapleton, South Gray, 13:00.0

LARNED—3—Ivy Hope, 14:20.0; 25—Madeline Hamrick, 21:54.0

HOISINGTON—13—Laka Ferguson, 17:14.0; 26—Alexia Neal, 26:37.0