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Oilers’ Emily Ryan wins singles title
Hesston girls win team title
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LINDSBORG — Central Plains Oiler Emily Ryan stayed unbeaten in singles with four wins to capture first place in the Smoky Valley Tennis Classic.

Last year’s 3-1A singles state runner-up Ryan defeated Hesston’s Halle Krehbiel 8-2 in the championship match.  

Ryan defeated Chapman’s Sophie Jones, 8-0; Ellsworth’s Kara Hays, 8-1; and Abilene’s Zoe Cooper, 8-1, to reach the championship match. 

Oiler singles player Zoe Potter earned ninth place by beating Abilene’s Bella Sims 7-5. Abilene’s Cooper beat Potter 8-2. But Cooper rallied to Chapman’s Navila Contreras, 6-0; and Chapman’s Sophie Jones 6-0.

Hutchinson Trinity’s Hannah Krokhart-Lexi Flores defeated Oilers Brianna Hickel-Jennah Jeffrey 6-4 for 13th place in doubles. 

Abilene’s Kylie Coup-Shianna Olberding defeated Hesston’s Kylie Martin-Michaela Martin, 8-4 for first place.

Hesston (43) edged Central Kansas League rival Smoky Valley (41) for first place.


TEAM SCORES—1— Hesston 43; 2—Smoky Valley 41; 3—Abilene 34; 4—Ellsworth 28; 5—Central Plains 22; 6—Hutchinson Trinity 12; Chapman 12; 8—Hillsboro 7


1—Emily Ryan, CP def. Halle Krehbiel, Hesston, 8-2

3—Kira Haxton, SV def. Zoe Cooper, Abilene, 8-2

5—Ashley Hubbard, Hesston def. Kara Hays, Ellsworth, 8-2 

7—Isabelle Wright, SV def. Maggie Vinduska, HT, 8-2

9—Zoe Potter, CP def. Bella Sims, Abilene, 7-5

11—Jamie Enslinger, HT def. Sophie Jones, Chapman, 6-1 

13—Nicole Haase, Ellsworth def. Navila Contreras, Chapman, 7-6 (7-2)

Ryan def. Jones, Chapman, 8-0; Ryan def. Hays, Ellsworth, 8-1; Ryan def. Cooper, Abilene, 8-1; Cooper, Abilene def. Potter, 8-2; Potter def. Contreras, Chapman, 6-0; Potter def. Jones, Chapman, 6-0


1—Kylie Coup-Shianna Olberding, Abilene def. Kylie Martin-Michaela Martin, Hesston, 8-4 

3—Morgan Bowles-Lana Clark, SV def. Kassie Sheridan-Cassidy Kroboth, Ellsworth, 8-6

5—Rachel Duer-Katelyn Reiff, Chapman def. Rachel Yenni-Karik Elliott, SV, 8-3

7—Cheyenne Bernhardt-Kyla Isaac, Hillsboro def. Jaycee Cunningham-Jaide Talbott, Ellsworth, 8-3

9—Noelle Graham-Gracie Diaz, HT def. Brenna Riffel-Maggie Gillespie, Abilene, 6-2

11—Katie Roth-Megan Martin, Hesston def. Liz Morgan-Grace Mosher, Chapman, 7-5

13—Hannah Khokhart-Lexi Flores, HT def. Brianna Hickel-Jennah Jeffrey, CP, 6-4

Martin-Martin, Hesston def. Katie Gunder-Kayla Haas, CP, 8-0; Riffel-Gillespie, Abilene def. Gunder-Haas, 6-0; Krokhart-Flores, HT def. Gunder-Haas, 6-4; Cunningham-Talbott, Chapman def. Hickel-Jeffrey, 8-1; Cunningham-Talbott, Chapman def. Hickel-Jeffrey, 6-4; Hickel-Jeffrey, CP def. Kailee Funk-Callie Plenert, Hillsboro, 6-4