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Panther girls edge Buhler for team title
panther emilia diaz1.jpg
Great Bend Panther Emilia Diaz (20:48.9) races to 32nd at the 5A state cross country meet at Lawrence's Rim Rock Farms. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO Huey Counts

HUTCHINSON – Great Bend Panther Emilia Diaz finished as third medalist (20:50.4) and every place counted as the Panthers edged Buhler 42/44 for Thursday’s Buhler Cross Country title.

Panther Emma Loomis (21:38.5) earned sixth medalist honors. Also counting were 13th-place Eliana Jackson (22:26.7); 14th-place Morgan Beckwith (22:33.4); and 15th-place Addy Nicholson (22:34.5).

Valley Center’s Hannah Grover (20:34.0) earned medalist honors and Buhler’s Leah Bentley (20:43.3) was runner-up.

Great Bend Panther Kaiden Esfeld (17:15.2) earned third medalist honors behind Buhler’s Tanner Lindahl (16:27.0) and Junction City’s runner-up Tyler Atkins (17:02.6).

Also counting were 24th-place Apollos Johnson (18:47.1); 26th-place Matthew Huslig (18:57.3); 44th-place Brody Feist, 20.14;4; and 54th-place Braden Suppes (20:51.1).


GIRLS TEAM SCORES–1—Great Bend 42; 2—Buhler 44; 3—Goddard Eisenhower 63; 4—Valley Center 96; 5—Winfield 105

GIRLS TOP 10 MEDALISTS (5K)–1–Hannah Grover, VC, 20:34.0; 2–Leah Bentley, Buhler, 20:43.3; 3–Emilia Diaz, GB, 20:50.4; 4–Jadyn Pavlik, GE, 21:04.4; 5–Kennedy Nicholson, GE, 21:24.7; 6–Emma Loomis, GB, 21:38.5; 7–Ama Mattison, Buhler, 21:48.3; 8–Stella Foster, Hutchinson, 21:54.2; 9–Chloe Inskeep, Hutchinson, 22:00.1; 10–Krysten Hamby, Buhler, 22:03.0

GREAT BEND RESULTS–13–Eliana Jackson, 22:26.7; 14–Morgan Beckwith, 22:33.4; 15–Addy Nicholson, 22:34.5; 16–Haley McCormick, 22:46.3

BOYS TEAM SCORES–1—Buhler 52; 2—Berean Academy 68; 3—Goddard Eisenhower 83; 4—Winfield 87; 5—Great Bend130; 6—Junction City 146; 7—McPherson 162; 8—Valley Center 189

BOYS TOP 10 MEDALISTS (5K)–1–Tanner Lindahl, Buhler, 16:27.0; 2—Tyler Atkins, Junction City, 17:02.6; 3–Kaiden Esfeld, GB, 17:15.2; 4—Craig LaBrue, Winfield, 17:21.6; 5—Andy Harder, Berean, 17:30.9; 6—Corban Priest, Winfield, 17:35.2; 7—Jacob Fawson, GE, 17:38.5; 8—Cody Achilles, McPherson, 17:48.9; 9–Hayden Keller, Buhler, 17:52.9; 10—Gavin Tucker, Berean, 17:56.1

GREAT BEND RESULTS–24–Apollos Johnson, 18:47.1; 26—Matthew Huslig, 18:57.3; 44–Brody Feist, 20.14;4; 54–Braden Suppes, 20:51.1

GIRLS JV MEDALIST (5K)–1–Jalea Hoddy, VC, 22.26.6

GREAT BEND JV RESULTS–8–August Siefkes, 25:18.2; 9–Brooklyn Ramsey, 25:34.3; 35–Amy To, 28.13.6 

 GIRLS C MEDALIST (4K)–1–Katrina Brauer, VC, 23:46.6

GREAT BEND RESULT–13–Betsy Hernandez, 28:18.3

BOYS C MEDALIST (4K)–1–Silas Purdy, Buhler, 17:56.9

GREAT BEND RESULT–8–Braylon Moore, 19:54.0