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Panther swimmers earn 1-point team victory
5B Brady Daniel.JPG
Panther swimmer Brady Daniel

Panther swimmers capture Hutchinson title

HUTCHINSON — Every point and every event matters.  

Great Bend’s swimmers made every point count with a one-point victory 253-252 Tuesday over Andover Central to capture first place at the Hutchinson Invitational at the YMCA pool.

The Panthers captured first place in the 200-yard freestyle relay (1:43.39) with Joel Mellenthin, Brady Daniel, Allen To, and Matthew Huslig competing.

Brady Daniel won the Panthers’ lone individual event in the 200 freestyle (2:09.13). Huslig was runner-up in the 500-yard freestyle (5:43.34) and placed third in the 200-yard IM (2:21.15). Daniel finished fourth in the 100-yard butterfly (1:04.31).

Great Bend’s team of Daniel, Tyler Stein, Daniel Abbott and Huslig placed third in the 400-yard freestyle relay (3:56.8). The Panthers’ quartet of Tyler Stein, Mellenthin, Cal Kaiser and Abbott placed fifth (1:59.95) in the 200-yard medley relay.

Andover Central won five events.

“Seniors Brady Daniel (200 free/100 fly) and Eduardo Prado (50 free/100 free) both had outstanding swims,” said Great Bend coach Stev Beaumont. “Several of our swimmers had their best races of the season to date.” 

Beaumont said it took everyone performing their ebst to earn the one-point victory.

“We competed better than we did our first two meets,” Beaumont said. “That is something we’ve talked about at practice. We have a very young team. Some are still learning how to mentally prepare to compete at a high level each time they race. We are growing as a team each meet — and that is what we hope to achieve.” 



1—Great Bend 253

2—Andover Central 252

3—Hutchinson High 197

4—Dodge City 193

5—Garden City 179

6—Andover 139

7—Rose Hill 57

8—Liberal 28


50 freestyle—1—Wetzel, Hutchinson, 23.59; 11—Mellenthin, 26.40; 15—Prado, 27.33; 17—Brody Feist, 27.51; 23—Tyler Stein, 28.31; 38—Molina, 30.81; 42—Berbil, 31.42; 54—Jose Reyes, 33.12; 56—Kyler Feist, 33.43; 57—Alan Reyes, 33.66; 62—DeLong, 34.83; 63—Garcia, 35.05; 64—Cobanoglu, 35.58; 67—Ruiz, 35.91; 69—Sasipong-Anun, 37.86; 74—Leyva, 50.42; 75—Carlos Reyes, 52.56; 76—Sanchez, 58.96; 77—Bennett, 59.70

100 backstroke—1—Damico, Andover Central, 1:00.98; 8—Allen To, 1:13.97; 9—Webb, 1:16.37; 10—Abbott, 1:16.44

100 breaststroke—1—Krueger, Andover Central, 1:06.56; 13—Kennedy, 1:20.23; 15—Kaiser, 1:27.07; 21—Jacobo, 1:33.15

100 butterfly—1—Stinson, Andover Central, 1:01.87; 4—Daniel, 1:04.31; 8—Kaiser, 1:09.3; 9—Webb, 1:18.32

100 freestyle—1—Wetzel, Hutchinson, 52.94; 7—Mellenthin, 1:01.21; 13—Brody Feist, 1:03.07; 31—Jose Reyes, 1:13.22; 43—Alan Reyes, 1:19.46; 44—Cobanoglu, 1:19.99; 55—Sanchez, 2:11.71

200 free—1—Brady Daniel, GB, 2:09.13; 6—Abbott, 2:18.37; 8—Linenberger, 2:27.8; 12—Jacobo, 2:53.55

200 IM—1—Krueger, Andover Central, 2:12.99; 3—Huslig, 2:21.15; 5—Allen To, 2:32.95; 6—Kennedy, 2:35.9

500 freestyle—1—Gott, Andover Central, 5:32.7; 2—Huslig, 5:43.34; 7—Tyler Stein, 6:36.85; 8—Linenberger, 6:39.33

200 freestyle relay—1—GB A 1:43.39 (Mellenthin, Daniel, Allen To, Huslig); 8—GB B, 1:53.96 Kennedy, Brody Feist, Jacobo, Kaiser); 19—GB C, 2:18.63 (DeLong, Alan Reyes, Garcia, Kyler Feist); 20—GB D, 2:21.19 (Ruiz, Sasipong-Anun, Berbil, Cobanoglu); 24—GB E, 3:47.91 (Bennett, Sanchez, Carlos Reyes, Leyva)

200 medley relay—1—Andover Central, 1:48.45; 5—GB A, 1:59.95 (Tyler Stein, Mellenthin, Kaiser, Abbott); 8—GB B, 2:03.6 (Webb, Kennedy, Allen To, Prado); 13—GB C, 2:28.07 (Molina, Jacobo, Jose Reyes, Berbil)


400 freestyle relay—1—Hutchinson, 3:45.07; 3—GB A, 3:56.80 (Daniel, Tyler Stein, Abbott, Huslig); 5—GB B, 4:19.79 (Brody Feist, Linenberger, Prado, Webb); 11—GB C, 4:59.32 (Molina, Kyler Feist, Berbil, Jose Reyes); 16—GB D, 5:47.37 (Garcia, Ruiz, Sasipong-Anun, DeLong)

12A Matt Huslig.JPG
Great Bend swimmer Matthew Huslig