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Panther wrestling competes at Hays Tournament
Great Bend's Skyler McMullen wrestles Ethan Boles of Eureka.jpg

Panthers compete at Hays wrestling

HAYS — Great Bend Panther No. 4 ranked Jace Schartz (25-3, 144) captured the Bob Kuhn Hays Wrestling championship with a 7-6 victory over Junction City's Kayden Blake.

No. 5 ranked Triston Tomlinson (21-5, 106), No. 3 Cooper Liles (24-3, 150), Matthew Johnson (21-6, 175) and Keyven Schroeder (22-6, 215) finished runnerup.

In championship matches,  Manhattan's Caleb Hutchinson pinned Tomlinson (1:42); Pratt's Taye Wilson edged Liles 5-4; Kapaun-Mt. Carmel's Adrian Turner nipped Johnson 1-0; and Kapaun's Omari Elias pinned Schroeder (2:46).

HOISINGTON  Hoisington's Josiah Ball (15-3, 133) placed runner-up with a 6-2 championship loss to Hays High's Harley Zimmerman. Cardinals Eastin Redetzke (7-3, 126) and Deryk Yott (26-8) placed third. Redetzke placed third on a forfeit. Yott pinned Goddard Eisenhower's Ben York (4:00).

LARNED – Larned Indian Luke Fischer (20-3, 190) placed third and Carter Atteberry (19-6, 215) finished fourth in the Hays Bob Kuhn Wrestling Invitational. Fischer downed Great Bend’s Trenton Kern, 8-0 for third place. Manhattan’s Jaxon Vikander pinned Atteberry (2:38) for third place. Larned's Luke Fischer (20-3, 190) placed third with an 8-0 victory over Great Bend's Trenton Kern.


TEAM RESULTS—1—Manhattan 202.5; 2—Junction City 181.5; 3—Great Bend 176.5; 4—Hays High 109; 5—Salina Central 108.5; 6—Pratt 108; 7—Hoisington 90; 8—Kapaun Mt. Carmel 89.5; 9—Buhler 85; 10—Ulysses 84; 11—Phillipsburg 76; 12—Goodland 62.5; 13—Larned 52; 14—Oakley 51; 16—Trego 41


106—No. 5 Triston Tomlinson, GB (21-5), 2ND; Tomlinson pinned Bosserman, Oakley, 1:41; Tomlinson pinned Wallace, Campus, 3:00; 1ST—Caleb Hutchinson, Manhattan pinned Tomlinson, 1:42

126—No. 5 Kaiden Hoffman, GB (20-10), 5TH; Carey, JC def. Hoffman, 8-6; Hoffman pinned Donley, Ellsworth, 4:36; Hoffman pinned Spencer, Buhler, 1:57; Duvall, Holly def. Hoffman, 15-6; 5TH—Hoffman pinned Vajnar, Hays, 4:07

132—Hayden Kelly, GB (12-14); Salinas, Ulysses pinned Kelly, 3:48; Poulsen, Hugoton def. Kelly, 4-2

138—No. 6 Skyler McMullen, GB (21-6), 3RD; McMullen pinned Sullivan, Russell, 3:15; McMullen def. Mehlhorn, Pratt, 9-6; Salinas , Ulysses def. McMullen, 7-4; McMullen pinned Lind, Hays,  2:46; 3RD—McMullen pinned Hershberger, Buhler,  3:41

144—No. 4 Jace Schartz, GB (25-3), 1ST; Schartz pinned Rosales, Ulysses, 2:00; Schartz def. Keeten, Phillipsburg, 8-2; Schartz ded. Mader, Ellis, 7-4; 1ST—Schartz def. Kayden Blake, JC, 7-6

150—No. 3 Cooper Liles, GB, (24-3), 2ND;  Liles pinned Lovewell, Hays, 1:40; Liles pinned Yott, Hoisington, 0:34; 1ST—Taye Wilson, Pratt def. Liles, 5-4

175—Matthew  Johnson, GB (21-6), 2ND; Johnson pinned Strobel, Russell, 5:22; Johnson pinned Jaquez, Ulysses, 4:36; 1ST—Adrian Turner, KMC def. Johnson, 1-0

190—Trenton Kern, GB (19-10), 4TH; Kern pinned Young, SC, 4:36; Fury, KMC pinned Kern, 5:44; Kern pinned Parsons, Buhler, 3:46; Kern pinned Freeman, GE, 2:10; Kern def. Bogenhagen, JC, injury; 3RD—Fischer, Larned def. Kern, 8-0

215—Keyven Schroeder, GB (22-6), 2ND; Schroeder pinned Copp, Hoisington, 1:45; Schroeder pinned Orozco , Ulysses, 5:33; Schroeder def. Vikander, Manhattan, 7-5; 1ST—Omari Elias, Kapaun pinned Schroeder, 2:46

285—Brody Schnoebelen, GB (15-12); Agudzi-Addo, JC pinned Schnoebelen, 3:00; Schnoebelen pinned Cruz, Campus, 2:08; Nichols, Hays Schnoebelen, 1:25


113—Jhadyn Turner, H (11-8); McCullough, Hays def. Turner, 7-2; Turner pinned Torres, Hugoton, 3:21; Coonrod, Manhattan pinned Turner, 3:29

126—Eastin Redetzke, H (7-3), 3RD; Redetzke pinned Bachicha, Holly, Colo. 0:56; Redetzke pinned Donley, Ellsworth, 3:13; Younger, Ellis def. Redetzke, 7-3; Redetzke def. Vajnar, Hays, 5-0; 3RD--Redetzke def. Duvall, Holly, Colo. Forfeit

133—Josiah Ball, H (15-3), 2ND; Ball pinned Pisano, Buhler, 1:36; Ball def. Villanueva, JC, 6-0; Ball def. Agnew, Manhattan, 7-5; 1ST— Zimmerman, Hays def. Ball, 6-2

138—Micheal Hipp, H (14-9); Hipp pinned Petty, Campus, 0:44; Hipp def. Arguelles, Kapaun, 10-4; Salinas, Ulysses pinned Hipp, 3:35; Slothower, SC def. Hipp, 6-4

150—Deryk Yott, H (26-8), 3RD; Yott pinned Colglazier, Larned, 1:22; Yott def. Samson, Trego, 9-0; Liles, GB pinned Yott, 0:34; Yott def. Meitl, Phillipsburg, 1-0; 3RD—Yott pinned York, GE, 4:00

157—Teron Kraft, H (11-5); Meyers, Hays def. Kraft, 6-4; Mendoza, Hugoton pinned Kraft, 4:32

215—Elliott Copp, H (12-15); Schroeder, GB pinned Copp, 1:45; Jackson, JC pinned Copp, 4:06

285—Cole Gilliland, H (19-2), 2ND; Gilliland pinned Nichols, Hays, 2:32; Gilliland pinned Agudzi-Addo, JC, 1:50;1ST—Clayton Frehn, Manhattan pinned Gilliland, 3:53

SQ--200 free relay (Adam Hall, Kasey Kennedy)

SQ--medley relay 


113—Jai Sean George, L (10-10); Witt, JC pinned Sean George, 4:17; Coonrod, Manhattan pinned Sean George, 4:48

138—Cade Parr (14-11); Mehlhorn, Pratt pinned Parr, 5:27; Parr def. Sullivan, Russell, 14-8; Plummer, Oakley pinned Parr, 1:00

144—Jameson Smith, L (13-11); Roeder, Buhler pinned Smith, 1:12; Smith pinned Geist, Hays, 3:55; Blasi, GE pinned Smith, 0:35

150—David Colglazier, L (6-13); Yott pinned Colglazier, 1:22; Radi, Manhattan pinned Colglazier, 1:50

165—Jacob Colglazier, L (6-13); Riggler, Hays pinned Colglazier, 1:11; Carter, SC pinned Colglazier, 2:01

175—Landon Haney, L (8-15); Hernandez, Goodland pinned Haney, 2:37; Haney pinned Fritzler, Hays, 3:43; Nabus, JC pinned Haney, 1:00

190—Luke Fischer, L (20-3), 3RD; Fischer pinned Slaughter, Pratt, 1:49; Fischer pinned Freeman, GE, 1:49; Fury, Kapaun def. Fischer, 7-2; Fischer def. Degollado, Ulysses, 9-0; 3RD—Fischer def. Kern, GB, 8-0

215—Carter Atteberry, L (19-6), 4TH; Atteberry pinned Jackson, JC, 0:43; Elias, Kapaun def. Atteberry, 5-2; Atteberry pinned Jirak, Oakley, 3:15; 3RD—Vikander, Manhattan pinned Atteberry, 2:38

285—Angel Bowersox, L (4-7); Bowersox pinned Hamm, GE, 2:57; Frehn, Manhattan pinned Bowersox, 1:48; Bowersox pinned Guzman, Ulysses, 1:42; Aguilar, SC pinned Bowersox, 2:56