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Panthers' doubles places 5th at Salina
Popp Moyers
Great Bend Panthers Anna Popp and Abbie Moyers (23-3) finish runner-up at Garden City.

Panther tennis competes at Salina

SALINA – Great Bend’s No. 1 doubles Abbie Moyers/Anna Popp earned fifth place with a hard-fought 8-1 victory over Maize High’s Riley Wertz/Kara Davenport at Thursday’s Salina South Tennis Invitational.

Salina Central’s third-place finishers Emme Turpin/McKenzie Nutter downed Moyers/Popp 8-7 (7-1) in the quarterfinals.

No. 2 doubles Madison Huslig/Dinah Newman downed Junction City’s Stephanie Stanislow/Hannah Ratts, 8-4 for 13th place.

Great Bend’s No. 1 singles Remi Ingram placed eighth with an 8-4 loss to Salina Central’s.

Salina Sacred Heart’s Angel Tran downed Great Bend’s Grace Dougherty, 8-5 for 13th place.



1—Isabella Matteucci/Katie Weiss, Sacred Heart def. Iliana Armbrust/Alexxa Nunemaker, SS, 8-2

3—Reagan Geihsler/Janae Montoya, SC def. Emme Turpin/MacKenzie Nutter, SC, 8-3

5—Abbie Moyers/Anna Popp, Great Bend def. Riley Wertz/Kara Davenport, Maize, 8-1

7—Laura Brucker/Emma Shulda, SS def. Kayleigh Hamby/Brynlee Frank, Buhler, 8-3

9—Taegan Nickel/Jaiden Gillette, Buhler def. Marisol Banda/Adelaide Easter, SH, 8-5

11—Peyton Samek/Paige Putter, Maize def. Avery Jacobsen/Abby Rosauer, JC, 8-3

13—Madison Huslig/Dinah Newman, Great Bend def. Stephanie Stanislow/Hannah Ratts, JC, 8-4

15—Odessa Miller/Emily Salas, SS def. Jaedyn DeGarmo/Grace Lee, SS, 8-6

GREAT BEND RESULTS—Moyers/Popp def. DeGarmo/Lee, SS, 8-4; Turpin/Nutter, SC def. Moyers/Popp, 8-7 (7-1); Moyers/Popp def. Hamby/Frank, Buhler, 8-6; Matteucci/Weiss, SH def. Huslig/Newman, 8-1; Nickel/Gillette, Buhler def. Huslig/Newman, 8-7 (8-6); Huslig/Newman def. Miller/Salas, SS, 8-7 (7-3)


1—Lily Perrin, SH def. Callie Sanborn, SC, 8-2

3—Tess Daily, SS def. Katen Putman, SS, 8-3

5—Aubrey Tanksley, Buhler def. Brylee Sader, SS, 8-3

7—Kamee Robinson, SC def. Remi Ingram, Great Bend, 8-4

9—Ryan Bender, Maize def. Kennedy Topping, Maize, 8-6

11—Anna Torres, JC def. Sienna Douglas, Buher, 8-6

13—Angel Tran, SH def. Grace Dougherty, Great Bend, 8-5

15—Abby Ratts, JC def. Aila Yager, SS, 8-3

GREAT BEND RESULTS—Ingram def. Douglas, Buhler, 8-4; Putman def. Ingram, 8-4; Tanksley, Buhler def. Ingram, 8-5; Sanborn, SC def. Dougherty, 8-0; Torres, JC def. Dougherty, 8-2; Dougherty def. Ratts, JC, 8-6