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Panthers' Esfeld wins Newton cross country race
kaiden esfeld2
Great Bend Panther Kaiden Esfeld (165) earns third-medalist honors at the Great Bend Invitational at the Lake Barton course. The Panthers placed first with 21 points. - photo by Jim Misunas, Great Bend Tribune

NEWTON — Great Bend Panther Kaiden Esfeld (16:39.3) sprinted to the Newton Invitational cross country championship with a season-best time. Andover Central’s Brett Schoenhoffer (16:43.91) placed runner-up.

“That’s Kaiden’s first varsity cross country championship,” said Great Bend coach Lyles Lashley.

The No. 1 ranked 5A Maize South (30) girls beat runner-up Great Bend (61) for the team title. Maize South’s Alexa Rios (18:49.68) earned medalist honors. 

Great Bend’s Emilia Diaz (20:02.42) earned fifth medalist honors. Other Panthers who counted in the team scores were 11th-place Emma Loomis (21:04.14); 14th-place Morgan Beckwith (21:23.11); 15th-place Eliana Jackson (21:33.58) and 16th-place Addy Nicholson (21:37.23).

“The girls have performed really well all year,” Lashley said. “Theyve been top three in all four meets. We’ve got three freshmen running in our top five, which is really nice.” 

The Panthers compete in the Western Athletic Conference meet next week. The Panthers will be home at the Lake Barton course for a 5A regional Oct. 24. 


GIRLS TEAM SCORES–1–Maize South 30; 2–Great Bend 61; 3–Andover 77; 4–Goddard Eisenhower 95; 5–Valley Center 107; 6–Newton 164

GIRLS TOP 10 MEDALISTS–1–Alexa Rios, Maize South, 18:49.68; 2–Liz Vetter, Andover, 19:16.61; 3–Hannah Grover, Valley Center, 19:29.23; 4–Bowi Sargent, Maize South, 19:59.76; 5–Emilia Diaz, Great Bend, 20:02.42; 6–Britton Kelly, Maize South, 20:09.46; 7–Jadyn Pavlik, Eisenhower, 20:30.18; 8–Sydney Anderson, Andover, 20:35.56; 9–Sage Pauly, Maize South, 20:47.95; 10–Claire Dingler, Maize South, 20:52.9

GREAT BEND–11–Emma Loomis, 21:04.14; 14–Morgan Beckwith, 21:23.11; 15–Eliana Jackson, 21:33.58; 16–Addy Nicholson, 21:37.23; 20–Haley McCormick, 21:53.82; 40–Brooklyn Ramsey, 

BOYS TEAM SCORES–1–Maize South 34; 2–Eisenhower 47; 3–Andover 54; 4–Newton 93; 5–Valley Center 139; 6–El Dorado 179 

BOYS TOP 10 MEDALISTS–1–Kaiden Esfeld, Great Bend, 16:39.3; 2–Brett Schoenhoffer, Andover Central, 16:43.91; 3–Vaughn Decker, Maize South, 17:11.22; 4–Eli Clark, Maize South, 17:17.21; 5–Austin Schaeffer, Maize South, 17:18.87; 6–Jacob Fawson, Eisenhower, 17:21.2; 7–Kaden Hauck, 17:36.06; 8–Preston Hawkins, Eisenhower, 17:41.14; 9–Luke Schmidt, Newton, 17:45.42; 10–John Hippisley, Andover, 17:47.71

GREAT BEND–19–Matthew Huslig, 18:20.75; 22–Malachi Wasson, 18:30.08

JV BOYS MEDALIST–1–Tyler Spencer, Goddard Eisenhower, 18:30.71