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Panthers win Hays wrestling title
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Panthers win Hays wrestling title

HAYS –Great Bend state-ranked wrestlers Drew Liles (126), Carsyn Schooler (132), George Weber (138) and Gage Fritz (146) captured gold medals at the recent Bob Kuhn Prairie Classic wrestling tournament.

The No. 4 state-ranked Panthers placed first with 187.5 points to finish ahead of Wichita-Kapaun-Mt. Carmel (146.5).

Liles (27-2) defeated Phillipsburg’s Sisson 5-0 in the title match. Schooler (25-3) edged Phillipsburg’s Aaron Lenker 4-1 in the finals. George Weber (15-2) downed Garden City’s Jacob Holt 4-2 in the finals. Fritz (29-0) def. McPherson’s Rhett Edmonson 5-3 in the title game.

Wyatt Weber (120) placed runner-up with a 1-0 loss to Garden City’s Silas Pineda.

Avery Wolf (17-9, 113) placed third, Kadin Spragis (23-6, 106) was fourth and Kevin Miramontes finished fifth.

Hoisington’s two-time state champion Wyatt Pedigo (30-0, 195) stayed unbeaten by pinning McPherson’s Landon Frantz in 6:00.

Joshua Ball (170) placed third and Cade Boxberger (182) finished fourth.

Larned’s Michael Saenz (120) and Braydon Lemuz (138) placed fourth. Austin Armstrong (106) placed sixth and Samajay Alboyd (145) finished fifth.


TEAM SCORES—1—Great Bend 187.5; 2—Wichita Kapaun Mt. Carmel 146.5; 3—McPherson 146; 4—Garden City 144; 5—Pratt 107.5; 6—Salina Central 106; 7— Hoisington 90; 8—Ulysses 89; 9—Goodland 83; 10—Campus 72; 11—Hays High 66


106—1—Wright, KMC def. Pauda, Ulysses; 3—Knox, Good def. Kaden Spragis, GB; 5—Phimvongsa, SC def. Austin Armstrong, L

113—1—Weber, Pratt def. Sheler, Campus, 5-3; 3--Avery Wolf, GB def. Gonzalez, Good, 11-5; 5—Ruda, KMC pinned Mader, Ellis, 0:35

120—1—Pineda, GC def. Wyatt Weber, GB, 1-0; Baldwin, Russell def. Michael Saenz, Larned, 4-2; 5—Hogan, SC def. Hines, Hays, 5-3

126—1—Drew Liles, GB def. Sisson, Phillips def. 5-0; 3—Adam, SC pinned Heiman, GC, 3:56; 5—Pelland, Pratt def. Searcy, SH, 5-0

132—1— Carsyn Schooler, GB def. Lenker, Phillips, 4-1; 3—Dipman, Pratt pinned Walter, KMC, 2:31; 5—Rodriguez, GC pinned Windholz, Russell, 2:57

138—1—George Weber, GB def. Holt, GC, 4-2; 3—Crews, Mc def. Braydon Lemuz, Larned, 7-4; 5—Cain, Oakley def. Hernandez, SC, 9-3

145—1—Gage Fritz, GB def. Edmonson, Mc, 5-3; 3—True, SC pinned Phipps, KMC, 1:33; 5— Samajay Alboyd, Larned def. Dominguez, GC, 6-4

152—1—Bowen, Campus pinned Janas, GC, 3:19; 3—Elliott, Buhler def. Dickie, SH, 6-4; 5—Thompson, Pratt def. Munson, SC, 3-0

160—1—Rodriguez, SE def. Levin, Eisenhower, 10-1; Pfeifer, Ellis def. Stovall, SH, 4-2; Jimenez, KMC def. Chard, SC, 7-0

170—1—Fury, KMC def. Rodriguez, GC, 9-7; 3—

Joshua Ball, Hoisington def. Clarke, Mc, 11-9; G ottchalk, Ellis def. Scott Heilman, GB, injury.

182—1—Craig, Mc pinned Frisch, KMC, 1:38; Robinson, Hays def. Duatel, Good, 6-0; Cook, Pratt def. Williams, Campus, 15-7

195—1—Wyatt Pedigo, Hoisington pinned Frantz, Mc, 6:00; 3—Harp, SE def. Huber, Pratt, 3-1; Holub, Good pinned Romer, Ellsworth, 1:17

220—1—Dunn, Trego def. Thrash, Mc, 6-2; 3—Nutting, Hays def. Glassman, Oakley, 10-4; 5—Garrison, Ulysses pinned Tripp, Ellsworth, 2:14

285—1—Perez, Ulysses pinned Walford, Ellsworth, 1:55; 3—Opat, Trego def. Cade Boxberger, Hoisington, 1-0; 5—Kevin Miramontes, GB def. Scott, Mc, 5-2


106—Kaden Spragis, GB (23-6); Spragis pinned Keesee, Phillips, 0:39; Spragi pinned Armstrong, Larned, 2:00; Wright, KMC def. Spragis, 17-2; Spragis def. Phimvongsa SC, 11-3

113--Avery Wolf, GB (17-9); Wolf def. Burgess, Mc, 16-0; Wolf def. Mader, Ellis, 15-0; Sheler, Campus pinned Wolf, 2:48; Wolf def. Ruda, KMC, 4-0

120—Wyatt Weber, GB (20-8); Weber pinned Doud-Eisenhower, 1:12; Weber pinned Sherry, Buhler, 0:36; Weber def. Baldwin, Russell, 6-5

126—Drew Liles, GB (27-2); Liles def. Hudsonpillar, TMP, 1:17; Liles def. Schoenberger, Oakley, 17-0; Liles def. Adam, SC, 4-2

132—Schooler, GB (25-3); Schooler pinned Kaup, Good, 0:27; Schooler def. Foltz, , 1:31; Schooler def. Rodriguez, GC, 7-2

138—George Weber, GB (15-2);Weber pinned Poort, Campus, 4:51; Weber pinned Garza, Eisenhower, 0:56; Weber pinned Sells, Trego, 0:55; Weber def. Crews, Mc, 2-0

145—Gage Fritz, GB (29-0); Fritz pinned Lamatsch Pratt, 2:38; Fritz def. Yott, , 16-0; Fritz def. Alboyd, Larned, 11-0

152—Owen Ridgeway, GB (14-8); Munson SC pinned Ridgeway, 2:31; Ridgeway def. Riley KMC, 16-0; Thompson, Pratt pinned Ridgeway, 3:26

170—Scott Heilman, GB (24-7); Heilman pinned Murray, Good, 1:00; Ball, pinned Heilman, 2:59; Heilman def. Temaat, Oakley, 8-1; Heilman def. Burkhart, Trego, 7-3; Clarke, Mc def. Heilman, default

285—Kevin Miramontes, GB (19-13); Miramontes pinned Conger, Hays, 4:31; Perez, Ulysses pinned Miramontes, 2:00; Miramontes pinned Redcorn, KMC, 1:28; Miramontes def. Johnson Ellis, 9-0; Opat, Trego pinned Kevin Miramontes, 2:22


106—Eastin Redetzke, H (17-11); Weber, Pratt def. Redetzke, 4-3; Redetzke pinned Rausch, Mc, 4:01; Redetzke def. Russo, SH, 10-3; Phimvongsa, SC pinned Redetzke, 3:34

113—Quentin Boxberger, H (7-12);Sheler, Campus pinned Boxberger, 1:14; Boxberger def. Williams, Eisenhower, 8-7; Ruda, KMC def. Boxberger, 13-3

120--Deryk Yott, H (20-9); Sherry, Buhler def. Yott, 5-3; Yott def. Doud, Eisenhower, 10-0; Dang, KMCpinned Yott, 1:58

126—Nicolas Rubio, H (6-8); Adam SC pinned Rubio, 0:56; Rubio def. Anderson Mc, 16-4; Hoch, Larned pinned Rubio, 3:00

132—Evan Foltz, H (13-6); Foltz pinned Rivers, SH, 1:32; Schooler pinned Foltz, 1:31; Mathews, Eisenhower pinned Foltz, 2:50

145—Dayne Yott, H (12-12); Yott def. Barker, SH, 8-5; Fritz def. Yott, 16-0; Miller, Good def. Yott, injury




152—Cole Steinert, H (18-5); Steinert def. Summers, Hays, 13-3; Dickie, SH pinned Steinert, 2:21; Steinert pinned Ensign, Good, 0:20; Munson, SC def. Steinert, 3-2, OT

160—Blake Deines, H (5-10); Chard SC pinned Deines, 1:04; Livengood, Good pinned Deines, 2:37

170—Joshua Ball, H (15-2); Ball pinned Dale, Hays, 1:23; Ball pinned Scott Heilman, GB, 2:59; Rodriguez, GC def. Ball, 8-3; Ball def. Gottchalk, Ellis, injury

195—Wyatt Pedigo, H (25-0); Pedigo pinned Childs, Buhler, 1:09; Pedigo pinned Romero, Ellsworth, 0:36; Pedigo def. Harp, SE, 4-0

220—Cole Gilliland, H (16-3); Tripp, Ellsworth def. Gilliland, 12-10; Gilliland pinned McAuliffe KMC, 1:26; Glassman, Oakley pinned Gilliland, 2:33

285—Cade Boxberger, H (17-8); Boxberger pinned Hays, Phillips, 2:29; Perez, Ulysses pinned Boxberger, 0:46; Boxberger pinned Scott, Mc, 1:43


106—Austin Armstrong, L (15-5); Armstrong pinned Adams, Buhler, 1:17; Spragis, GB pinned Armstrong, 2:00; Armstrong pinned Spangler, Campus, 2:42 ; Armstrong def. Weber, Pratt, 3-0 ; Knox, Good def. Armstrong, 6-5

120---Michael Saenz, L (11-4); Saenz pinned Bell, SH, 1:29; Saenz def. Dang, KMC, 4-2; Pineda, GC def. Saenz, 5-0; Saenz def. Hogan, SC, 7-3

126—Gatlin Hoch, L (13-6); Pelland, Pratt def. Hoch, 11-2; Hoch pinned Rubio, Hoisington, 3:00; Searcy, SH def. Hoch, 8-1

138—Braydon Lemuz, L (20-3); Lemuz def. Mendoza, Hugoton, 9-5; Crews, Mc def. Lemuz, 8-0; Lemuz def. Knowlton, SH, 3-2; Lemuz pinned Sells, Trego, 0:40 ; Lemuz def. Hernandez, SC, 2-1

145--Samajay Alboyd, L (13-3); Alboyd pinned Werth, Hays, 1:13; Alboyd def. Phipps, KMC, 5-3, OT; Fritz, GB def. Alboyd, 11-0; True, SC pinned Alboyd, 1:58

170--Josh Kramer, L (2-6); Degollado, Ulysses pinned Kramer, 2:55; Stimatze, Pratt def. Kramer, 8-0

220--Hector Garcia, L (8-7); Greenhalgh, SH pinned Garcia, 5:30; Garcia pinned Melcher, Pratt, 2:04; Buresh Phillips def. Garcia, 3-1 

Gage Fritz
Great Bend's Gage Fritz (145) was named the Outstanding Wrestler at the Hays Bob Kuhn Wrestling Classic.