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All-Central Prairie League football teams
High School Football
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First team
Quarterback — Sam Ottley, Victoria
Running backs — Bryan Dome*, Victoria; Schuyler Brown, St. John; Pedro Flores, Ness City; Lucas Moeder, La Crosse
Line — Trenton Klaus*, Victoria; Cody Lee, Victoria; Kody Burns, La Crosse; Jacob Milton, St. John; Cole Stoecklein, Ness City
Center — Nathan Kuhn, Victoria
Tight end — Tanner Hobbs, Victoria
Receivers — Layne Bieberle*, Central Plains; Taylor Yohe, La Crosse
Utility — Kole Urban, Otis-Bison

Line — Nathan Kuhn*, Victoria; Evan Liebl*, Central Plains; Tanner Hobbs, Victoria; Cody Lee, La Crosse
Linebackers — Noah Dreiling, Victoria; Marshall Jay, La Crosse; Jordan Welch, Macksville; Colton Zink, Central Plains
Backs — Layne Bieberle, Central Plains; Bryan Dome, Victoria; Tanner Tranbarger, Macksville; Kole Urban, Otis-Bison; Tarler Yohe, La Crosse

Special teams
Kicker — Colton Zink*, Central Plains
Punter — Sam Ottley, Victoria
Punt return — Layne Bieberle, Central Plains; Andrew Jay, La Crosse
Kick return — Layne Bieberle, Central Plains; Tanner Tranbarer, Macksville

* — denotes unanimous selection

Second team
Quarterback — Jack Garcia, La Crosse; Tanner Tranbarger, Macksville
Running backs — Marshall Jay, La Crosse; Carson Kirmer, Central Plains; Humberto Soto, Kinsley
Line — Tyler Ferguson, Kinsley; Michael Ryan, Central Plains
Center — Evan Liebl, Central Plains
Tight end — Michael Lamatsch, Central Plains
Receivers — Noah Dreiling, Victoria; Simon Miller, Macksville
Utility — Andrew Jay, La Crosse

Line — Kody Burnes, La Crosse; Brad Newson, Kinsley; Cole Stoecklein, Ness City
Linebackers — Schuyler Brown, St. John; Pedro Flores, Ness City; Jordan Hoffman, Otis-Bison; Lucas Moeder, La Crosse
Backs — Tyler Espinosa, Kinsley; Dylan Winter, Ness City

Special teams
Kicker — Thad Seibert, Macksville
Punter — Colton Zink, Central Plains
Punt return — Pedro Flores, Ness City; Tanner Tranbarger, Macksville
Kick return — Tyler Espinosa, Kinsley; Andrew Jay, La Crosse

Honorable Mention
Quarterback — Braedan Crites, Central Plains
Center — Kade Hagans, Otis-Bison; Brad Newsom, Kinsley; Jacob Reifschneider, La Crosse
Tight end — Noah Dreiling, Victoria
Receivers — Trevor Hawkins, Ness City
Utility — Jordan Welch, Macksville; Colton Zink, Central Plains

Linebackers — Andrew Deveney, St. John; Conner Frame, Kinsley; Cody Price, Central Plains
Backs — Brady Kinkel, Victoria

Special teams
Punter — Tyler Espinosa, Kinsley