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Central Kansas League basketball
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Sterling    4-0
Haven       3-1
Hesston     3-1
Larned      3-1
Hillsboro    3-1
Nickerson    2-2
Halstead    2-2
Lyons       2-2
Hoisington   1-3
Smoky Valley 0-2
Pratt       0-3
Kingman     0-4

Pratt       2-0
Haven       3-1
Hesston     3-1
Sterling    3-1
Lyons       3-1
Hillsboro    3-1
Hoisington   3-1    
Halstead    3-1
Nickerson    2-2
Smoky Valley 1-1
Kingman     1-3
Larned      1-3

Tuesday’s games
Hutchinson Trinity at Larned
Nickerson at Haven
Pratt vs. Kingman
Sedgwick at Halstead
Smoky Valley at Hesston
Sterling at Lyons

Thursday’s game
Pratt at Hoisington

Friday’s games
Halstead at Smoky Valley
Kingman at Hesston
Larned at Lyons
Marion at Haven
Remington at Hillsboro
Sterling at Nickerson