First positive case of COVID-19 confirmed in Barton County
The Barton County Health Department reported the first confirmed positive case of coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) in Barton County. Testing was confirmed on Monday, March 30 at 11 a.m.
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Class 6A state wrestling
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1st  Place--Dallas Wilson (Wichita South) 40-2, So. over Kaj Perez (Garden City) 38-5, Fr. (Dec 5-4).

3rd  Place--Tate Steele (Lawrence Free State) 36-2, Fr. over Jevon Parrish (Olathe North) 39-12, Fr. (Dec 6-4).

5th  Place--Gunnar Murray (Topeka-Washburn Rural) 31-8, Fr. over Brian Gates (Hutchinson) 32-12, Fr. (Dec 5-0).


1st  Place--Asiel Flores (Wichita South) 40-6, Fr. over Efrain Sanchez (Garden City) 26-11, Sr. (Dec 1-0).

3rd  Place--Gregory Bentley (Haysville Campus) 41-6, Jr. over Darrion Taylor (Manhattan) 20-7, Sr. (Dec 2-0).

5th  Place--Riley Alderman (Olathe North) 33-11, So. over Jay Maxville (Topeka-Washburn Rural) 30-14, Sr. (Dec 3-2).


1st  Place--Braden Dipman (Derby) 31-11, Sr. over Jalin Harper (Manhattan) 37-4, Fr. (Dec 8-2).

3rd  Place--Idris Elias (Wichita West) 36-2, So. over De.Khyale McFarland (Olathe East) 40-8, Jr. (MD 9-0).

5th  Place--Taylor Jokerst (Olathe Northwest) 36-15, . over Easton Schroeder (Haysville Campus) 30-14, So. (Fall 0:23).


1st  Place--Michael Prieto (Garden City) 45-3, Jr. over Gary Joint (Manhattan) 35-4, So. (Dec 6-0).

3rd  Place--Clay Weil (Dodge City) 38-7, Jr. over Sam Elliott (OP-Blue Valley Northwest) 35-10, Jr. (Dec 4-2).

5th  Place--Gabe Padilla (Junction City) 30-15, Sr. over Brandon Becker (Derby) 29-11, Fr. (Dec 5-2).


1st  Place--Mason Wallace (Manhattan) 44-2, So. over Cody McDonald (Derby) 36-9, Sr. (SV-1 7-5).

3rd  Place--Devon Asebedo (Dodge City) 31-10, So. over Curtis Near (Garden City) 21-15, Fr. (MD 12-1).

5th  Place--Terrell Garraway (Olathe North) 27-18, Fr. over Michael Aldrich (SM-East) 38-14, Jr. (Dec 12-9).


1st  Place--Dylan Brazell (Wichita Northwest) 33-7, Sr. over Blake Stovall (Olathe North) 16-3, Jr. (Fall 5:04).

3rd  Place--Tylor Garcia (Dodge City) 38-12, So. over Downey Wood (Junction City) 43-7, Sr. (Fall 4:30).

5th  Place--Doug Newcomb (Olathe Northwest) 39-5, . over Sean Taborsky (Haysville Campus) 38-12, Sr. (Fall 4:38).


1st  Place--Tevin Briscoe (Garden City) 45-2, Sr. over Jake Bazan (Junction City) 35-7, Sr. (Dec 9-2).

3rd  Place--Tyler Moulden (Olathe North) 38-7, Sr. over Cole Moses (Maize) 40-12, Jr. (Dec 11-6).

5th  Place--Garrhett Hurst (OP-Blue Valley) 23-8, Jr. over Trent Miles (Topeka-Washburn Rural) 33-16, Jr. (MD 13-5).


1st  Place--Garrett Xanders (Derby) 35-7, Jr. over Jeryl Denton (Junction City) 40-4, Sr. (MD 19-5).

3rd  Place--Nick Jouret (Olathe South) 41-9, Fr. over Marshall Green (SM-East) 43-8, Sr. (Dec 4-3).

5th  Place--Zach Jaso (Olathe North) 35-16, Jr. over Tanner Madl (OP-Blue Valley) 38-4, Jr. (Dec 3-2).


1st  Place--Brett Moon (Maize) 47-0, Jr. over Jesse Nunez (Garden City) 40-12, So. (Dec 3-2).


1st  Place--Brett Moon (Maize) 47-0, Jr. over Jesse Nunez (Garden City) 40-12, So. (Dec 3-2).

3rd  Place--Aryus Jones (Junction City) 38-3, So. over David Kelly (Wichita West) 28-13, Jr. (Dec 6-2).

5th  Place--Caleb Gash (Derby) 27-21, Sr. over Kevin Folsom (Wichita Northwest) 21-12, Jr. (Dec 5-4).


1st  Place--Isaac Dulgarian (Olathe North) 45-0, Sr. over Saul Ortiz (Wichita Northwest) 42-1, Sr. (MD 13-1).

3rd  Place--Dylan Servis (Dodge City) 40-7, So. over Zac Finch (Garden City) 31-15, Sr. (Fall 1:59).

5th  Place--Luke Middleton (Olathe Northwest) 33-20, . over Eric Foerster (OP-Blue Valley Northwest) 34-13, Sr. (Dec 3-2).


1st  Place--Emilio Fowler (Olathe North) 48-0, Sr. over Jhett Ostrom (Dodge City) 38-10, Sr. (Dec 6-2).

3rd  Place--Alan Clothier (Lawrence) 42-1, Jr. over Chris Lyons (OP-Blue Valley Northwest) 41-7, Sr. (Dec 6-3).

5th  Place--Matt Washee (Wichita Northwest) 30-11, Sr. over J`Quan Robinson (Junction City) 28-14, Sr. (Fall 3:57).


1st  Place--Seth Pesek (Gardner Edgerton) 9-1, Sr. over Zeke Herrera (Garden City) 39-13, So. (Dec 6-3).

3rd  Place--Jose Montoya (SM-West) 37-6, Jr. over Noah McGinnis (SM-North) 32-14, Sr. (Dec 3-2).

5th  Place-Foster Jacobs (OP-Blue Valley Northwest) 29-8, Sr. over Devon Baker (Maize) 30-11, Sr. (Dec 6-1).


1st —Francisco Escamilla (Hutchinson) 16-6, Sr. over Noah Ornelas (Wichita Northwest) 31-8, Jr. (Dec 3-1).

3rd --Mason Fuller (OP-Blue Valley) 30-7, Sr. over Jadon McGaha (Olathe North) 26-8, Sr. (MD 10-2).

5th --Blake Johnson (OP-Blue Valley Northwest) 35-14, Jr. over Steven Marlatt (Derby) 18-7, Sr. (Fall 1:29).


1st  Place--Brennan Tate (Dodge City) 30-11, Sr. over Tyler Bastian (Haysville Campus) 44-1, Sr. (SV-1 8-6).

3rd  Place--Chase Miller (Olathe North) 29-4, Jr. over Ron Broyles (Olathe East) 36-7, Sr. (TB-1 2-1).

5th  Place--Aaron Lozano (Garden City) 36-14, Jr. over Eldon Picou (Manhattan) 33-9, So. (Fall 4:27).