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2010-2011 WAC All Academic Awards
Great Bend High School Athletes who have earned a varsity letter in one sport or more

   4.0 GPA WAC All-Academic Medal

Selam Ball              Track
Cody Behrends                  Football
Bonny Boultinghouse       Softball
Taycee Bunn Basketball, Swimming
Greg Burley        Wrestling, Track
Emerson Campbell              Wrestling
Kaylie Doll                Track
Kelsie Doll                Track
Dylan Dreiling            Swimming
Dakota Ellis      Football, Basketball
Cristian Garcia Cross Country,Track    
Alby Harris Tennis, Boys Basketball Mgr
Morgan Harwood Cross Country, Track, Soccer
Greg Hildebrand   Football, Basketball, Tennis
Hannah Hildebrand            Swimming
Kelli Kirmer            Bowling
Justin Kuhlman     Cross Country, Swimming
Sara McAfee    Track
Sterling McAllister      Bowling
Kelli McManaman   Baseball Mgr
Jose Mijares    Soccer
Alejandra Molina        Soccer
Austin Morgan        Golf
Tanner Neeland        Golf
Allison Niederee        Cross Country, Track
Jeffrey Pike        Football, Basketball, Baseball
Joshua Prescott     Swimming
Alaycia Ryan          Track
MaKenzie Sauder   Cheerleading, Swimming
Brandi Schneider   Basketball, Soccer
Tarynn Stueder    Volleyball
Tarikua Williams    Soccer
Tristan Yount    Swimming

3.5-3.9 GPA Certificate
Jennifer Allende    Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer
Jonathan Baker    Swimming
Olivia Basye    Cross Country, Basketball, Track
Cale Batman    Football Mgr
Wyatt Bayless    Basketball
Ashley Boeger    Volleyball
Erin Bowers    Bowling
Jace Bowman    Football, Basketball, Baseball
Nathan Brungardt    Swimming
Logan Buehler    Football, Baseball
Chris Burley    Football, Wrestling, Track
Louis Burley    Football, Wrestling
Nina Burton    Cross Country, Track
Kort Cook    Swimming
Kelsey Crosby    Basketball
Emily Cruse    Basketball, Soccer
Malia Disque    Swimming
Samantha Dreiling    Volleyball Mgr, Softball
Christian Graham    Cross Country
Zachary Gregg    Cross Country, Wrestling
Sam Hafner    Football, Basketball, Baseball
Brenna Haines    Volleyball, Swimming
Michael Haines    Football, Swimming
Abigail Hammeke    Tennis
Hunter Harrison    Track
Rachel Harris    Volleyball
Miranda Hejny    Bowling
Katelyn Henning    Volleyball, Basketball
Christina Hernandez Soccer
Wade Honomichl    Track
Flemming Hopp    Soccer
Lakin Hulse    Cross Country Bowling Mgr
Austin Jacobs    Tennis
Amber Kasselman    Volleyball Mgr,
Basketball Mgr
Jacob Kohman    Swimming
Andrew Koster    Swimming
Mitch Kottas    Football, Baseball
Jessica Kuhlman    Cross Country, Swimming
Elizabeth Kutina    Volleyball, Basketball    
Stephanie Langer    Tennis, Track
Kalie LeShore    Basketball
Danen Levingston    Football
Joe Lindenberger    Wrestling
Stephanie Lomas    Soccer
Matt Marshall    Basketball, Baseball
McKenna Mauler    Golf, Basketball, Softball
Randi McAfee    Tennis
Jami McVay    Tennis
Sophia McVay    Tennis
Laela Menzer    Wrestling Mgr
Cory Merten    Swimming
Hannah Middleton    Cheerleading, Track
Abby Mitchell    Track
Abby Morrison    Softball
Stephanie Morrison    Softball
Nick Moyers    Tennis, Swimming
Adam Neeland    Tennis
Sylvia Ofoma    Swimming
Morgan Patry        Golf
Lance Popp    Cross Country
Chase Pumford    Basketball Mgr
Jacy Quade    Bowling, Track
Kolt Ramey    Bowling
Nicole Reiter    Volleyball, Cheerleading, Softball
Karla Reza    Cheerleading
Madison Roach    Bowling
Jose Santana    Soccer
Brianna Schartz    Tennis, Swimming
Zach Schridde    Wrestling
Tyler Seems    Bowling
Emily Seiwert    Volleyball, Softball
Connor Sell    Football, Basketball, Baseball
Jessica Sell    Cheerleading
Ian Sheppard    Football, Swimming
Kenzie Sinclair    Soccer
Kylie Spray    Swimming
Brent Stoss    Football, Baseball
Erin Sullivan    Cross Country, Swimming
Ashlie Thill    Cheerleading
Emilie Thill    Cheerleading
Brooke Tiemeyer    Tennis
Rubi Torres    Cross Country, Soccer, Track
Chad Touslee    Football, Basketball
Kaitlynn Tuey    Cross Country, Track
Dylan Unrein    Football
Nick W. Warren    Track
Nick J. Warren    Basketball, Track
Alexis Werth    Softball Mgr
Caleb Werth    Golf
Madison Werth    Golf
Jenna Williams    Cheerleading
Hannah Wondra    Cross Country, Track
Georgia Zimmerman   Baseball Mgr