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Great Bend Panthers compete at 5A golf
panther state L brantley baldwin cole streck
Panther golfers Brantley Baldwin and Cole Streck.

KANSAS CITY — Great Bend’s Cole Streck fired 13-over-par 85 to tie for 35th place in the 5A state golf championship at Dubs’s Dread Golf Course Monday. The ninth-grader played 2-over through six holes before shooting 5-over on his final three holes.
Great Bend Panther ninth-grader Brantley Baldwin shot 98 to tie for 80th place at the challenging Dub’s Dread course.
“Dub’s Dread is a great golf course that offers challenges that we don’t often see,” said Great Bend coach Travis McAtee. “However, the course was set up fairly, and made for a challenging, but enjoyable state tournament. Our goal for our two freshmen was to gain valuable experience and learn lessons about how to handle yourself on a challenging golf course.”
Streck parred eight holes, four on each nine.
“Cole Streck played fairly steady,” said McAtee. “There were a couple shaky moments, but he was able to right the ship and shoot a pretty good number in his first state tournament. Although, he was a bit disappointed in a few holes, he managed a difficult course pretty well. Cole has high expectations. Cole will take what he learned today and use it to be better in the years to come. His future as a GBHS golfer is very bright.”
Baldwin struggled atthe outset, but played better on his second nine.
“He ran into trouble the last few holes on his first nine,” McAtee said. “After a disappointing first nine, he came back to play solid on the second nine and keep his score respectable. It is evident that Brantley is ‘all in’ for golf. I have no doubt he will put in the time and effort to be ready for his sophomore year.”
St. Thomas Aquinas (296) cruised to a 18-stroke victory over runner-up Wichita Kapaun-Mt. Carmel (314) at thge par 72 Dub’s Dread Course. Medalist Michael Winslow of St. Thomas Aquinas birdied six holes and finished birdie/birdie for a 3-under-par 69. The round was played in perfect 72-degree weather with 5 mph winds.
DOUBLE EAGLE — Great Bend assistant golf coach Steve Wolf scored an ALBATROSS (double eagle) with a 2 on a par 5. From 256 yards out on the par 5 17th hole, Wolf hit a 3-wood into the hole. This feat is much more rare than a hole in one.

Dub’s Dread GC, par 72
1—St. Thomas Aquinas 296
2—Wichita Kapaun-Mt. Carmel 314
3—Empora 324
4—Olathe West 327
5—Andover High 331
6—Shawnee Mill Valley 328
7—Wichita Carroll 340
8—Salina South 346
9—Maize South 352
10—Goddard Eisenhower 363
11—DeSoto 379
12—Topeka West 387

1—Michael Winslow, Aquinas, 36-33—69
2—Andrew Cunningham, Aquinas, 35-37—72
3—Gentry Scheve, Emporia, 35-37—72
4—Justin Wingerter, BV SW, 35-39—74
5—John Baker, KMC, 39-36—75
5—Nick Mason, Mill Valley, 37-38—75
7—Cooper Steiner, KMC, 37-39—76
8—Bryce Cowan, Seaman, 41-36—77
9—Pat Prange, Aquinas, 37-40—77
10—Jack Seiler, Aquinas, 40-38—78
11—Hanif Ashraf, Andover, 39-39—78
12—Cameron Riley, Liberal, 37-41—78

13—Grant Eaton, Aquinas, 38-41—79
13—Collin Hopkins, Emporia, 40-39—79
15—Drake Sawyer, Andover, 41-39—80
15—Mark Grammer, Salina Central, 40-40—80
15—Caleb Schmid, Emporia, 39-41—80
15—Austin Wilbert, KMC, 39-41—80
15—Jack Tarvin, Olathe West, 39-41—80
15—Franki Failoni, St. James, 39-41—80
15—Cannon Miller, Aquinas, 39-41—80
15—Brennan Welsh, Olathe West, 38-42—80
23—Jared Murphy, Maize, 40-41—81
23—Jack Matchette, Mill Valley, 39-42—81
23—Parker Renz, Salina South, 40-41—81
26—Carson Towey, Carroll, 41-41—82
26—Blake Aerni, Mill Valley, 41-41—82
26—Brady Stauffer, Olathe West, 38-44—82
29—Connor Hanrahan, Aquinas, 41-42—83
29—Ben Spicer, KMC, 40-43—83
29—Addison Alonzo, Topeka West, 39-44—83
32—Matthew Schrock KMC, 43-41—84
32—Tyler Gatley, Carroll, 41-43—84
32—River Weaverling, Salina Central, 40-44—84
35—Cole Streck, Great Bend. 43-42—85
35—Trevor Mullen, Salina South, 44-41—85
35—Evan Mullen, Olathe West, 44-41—85
35—Cason Bershaurer, Valley Center, 43-42—85
35—Tyler Trudo, Eisenhower, 42-43—85
35—Lukas Freelove, Salina Central, 41-44—85
35—Pat Chan, Andover, 40-45—85
42—Ethan Hartig, Maize South, 48-38—86
42—Grant Gooch, Carroll, 44-42—86
42—Ryan Setser, Maize South, 43-43—86
42—Jarred Edwards, Lansing, 42-44—86
42—Adam Davis, Olathe West, 39-47—86
47—Adam Kasitz, Maize South, 46-41—87
47—Mateo Villegas, Eisenhower, 45-42—87
47—Keaton Eberhart, KMC, 43-44—87
50—Luke Windish, Andover, 44-44—88
50—Mark Towey, Carroll, 44-44—88
50—Trevor Herrington, Salina South, 42-46—88
50—Connor Cook, St. James, 41-47—88
54—Nick Limback, BV Southwest, 47-42—89
54—Reed Pierce, Valley Center, 46-43—89
54—Caden Cox, Maize, 45-44—89
57—Kyle Bonnstetter, Mill Valley, 44-46—90
57—Kellen Welsh, Olathe West, 44-46—90
59—Preston Howell, Andover, 47-44—91
59—Nick Davie, Mill Valley, 44-47—91
59—Jared Holmer, Shawnee Heights, 43-48—91
62—Parker Norton, Salina South, 43-49—92
62—Jack Gleason, Topeka West, 45-47—92
62—Tanner Moore, Mill Valley, 45-47—92
62—Gavin Berberich, Topeka West, 48-44—92
62—Spencer Thurlow, DeSoto, 43-49—92
67—Garrett Reed, Maize South, 49-44—93
67—Garyn Fisher, Emporia. 47-46—93
67—Cole Stein, Salina South, 43-50—93
70—Ethan Iddings, DeSoto, 50-44—94
70—Parker Steven, Eisenhower, 46-48—94
72—Levi Hansen, DeSoto, 46-49—95
73—Michael Le, Maize South, 49-47—96
73—Connor Hickok, Carroll, 45-51—96
75—Steve Maceli, Pittsburg, 55-42—97
75—Hayden Hohl, Carroll. 47-50—97
75—Connor Hoyt, Emporia, 46-51—97
75—Keagan Larson, Eisenhower, 44-53—97
75—Camden Baxter, Andover, 44-53—97
80—Brantley Baldwin, Great Bend, 45-53—98
80—Brannon Bell, DeSoto, 50-48—98
82—Brock Clendenin, Eisenhower, 52-48—100
83—Carson Haldeman, Shawnee Heights, 52-50—102
84—Gavin Giroux, Salina South, 52-51—103
84—Andy Hongslo, DeSoto, 47-56—103
86—Caden Janzen, Eiswnhower, 51-53—104
87—Denver Morris-Lovell, DeSoto, 49-57—106
87—Tanner Blaske, Maize South, 55-51—106
89—Tony Delgado, Emporia, 52-57—109
89—Cooper Smith, Seaman, 50-59—109
91—Jake Huffman, SH, 58-57—115
92—Jacob Jachens, Topeka West, 62-58—120