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Great Bend swimmers win Garden City meet
28 camryn dunekack 100 fly
Camryn Dunekack


GARDEN CITY — Great Bend’s girls passed their first major test for the 15-time Western Athletic Conference swimming champions.
The Panthers edged budding rival Garden City 411 to 380. The Buffaloes won five events and Great Bend won three events.
State qualifier Camryn Dunekack swept the 50 freestyle (27:17) and 100 freestyle (59.76) and anchored the 400-yard freestyle relay (4:08.07) to first place with Aubrey Snapp, Calista Long and Katherine Snapp.
“We knew this was going to be a close, competitive meet and it definitely lived up to that,” said Great Bend coach Steve Beaumont. “We were able to place our top three swimmers in the top six places in most events — which is what we hoped for going in.”
Every event didn’t unfold as expected and the Panthers had to overcome some surprises.
“We had several girls swim season and personal best times. Overall, we probably didn’t swim our best meet,” Beaumont said. “We gave away points on a few events, but for the most part, I was happy with how the girls handled the adversity.”
The Panthers earned runner-up finishes in the 200 relay, 1:53.4 (Aubrey Snapp, Delaney Buehler, Zoe Jerke, Camryn Dunekack) and the 200 medley relay, 2:09.43 (Rachel Panzer, Olivia Mull, Calista Long, Delaney Buehler).
The Panthers’ other runner-up finishers were Calista Long, 100 backstroke (1:14.71); and 100 butterfly (1:10.69); Olivia Mull, 100 breaststroke (1:20.1); Aubrey Snapp, 200 freestyle (2:16.19); and Elizabeth Gerdes, 500 freestyle (6:51.6).
“We tried to control what we can — our attitude and effort,” Beaumont said. “We emphasize getting better every race and every meet. We are doing that, but we’re still a work in progress. We were down six points after the 50 free, but the back half of the meet was really solid for us.”
The Panthers compete at Manhattan Monday.

1—Great Bend 411
2—Garden City 380
3—Dodge City 236
4—Holcomb 108
5—Liberal 91
50 freestyle—
1—Camryn Dunekack, 27.17
4—Delaney Buehler, 29.11
6—Piper Libeer, 30.0
Gentry Schneider, 30.7
Sheridan Beaumont, 31.04
Emma Mayhill, 31.15
Hunter Ruppe, 32.1
Monica Lang, 32.12
Alyssia Strickland, 32.3
Elizabeth Linenberger, 33.38
Accacia Pedigo, 34.07
Ema Millard, 35.09
Kylee Hallmark, 36.15
Crystal Vasquez, 37.38
Brianna Olivas, 37.99
Abbie Moyers, 38.04
Reagan Schridde, 38.75
Brook Jones, 39.76
Madison Jones, 41.04
Anna Popp, 41.13

100 backstroke—
2—Calista Long, 1:14.71
3—Zoe Jerke, 1:18.33
4—Rachel Panzer, 1:20.55
Willow Jones, 1:23.15
Ruth Williams, 1:28.07

100 breaststroke
2—Olivia Mull, 1:20.1
6—Alexis Ibarra, 1:32.91
7—Sheridan Beaumont, 1:33.49
McKenna Cape, 1:33.65
Cailyn Brack, 1:43.86

100 butterfly—
2—Calista Long, 1:10.69
5—Ruth Williams, 1:17.29
6—Elizabeth Linenberger, 1:24.91

100 freestyle—1—Camryn Dunekack, 59.76
2—Aubrey Snapp, 1:00.48
6—Piper Libeer, 1:07.43
Monica Lang, 1:12.42
Madison Huslig, 1:15.94
Alyssia Strickland, 1:16.4
Courtney Barton, 1:18.99
Kylee Hallmark, 1:21.07
Azha Elliott, 1:22.82
Ema Millard, 1:24.09
Cailyn Brack, 1:29.96
Emily Holguin, 1:32.10
Madison Jones, 1:35.84

200 freestyle—2—Aubrey Snapp, 2:16.19; 4—Zoe Jerke, 2:32.65; 5—Rachel Panzer, 2:37.36; Grace Soupiset, 2:38.46; Courtney Barton, 2:49.03

200 IM—3—Olivia Mull, 2:45.39; 5—McKenna Cape, 2:55.74; Madison Huslig, 2:59.21; Elizabeth Gerdes, 2:53.82 Elizabeth Gerdes

500 freestyle—
2—Elizabeth Gerdes, 6:51.6
3–Katherine Snapp, 6:56.83
7—Emma Mayhill, 7:21.9
Grace Soupiset, 7:35.08

200 free relay—2—Great Bend A, 1:53.4 (Aubrey Snapp, Delaney Buehler, Zoe Jerke, Camryn Dunekack)
4—Great Bend B, 1:59.94 (Olivia Mull, Sheridan Beaumont, Gentry Schneider, Piper Libeer)
6—Great Bend C, 2:07.42 (Monica Lang, Grace Soupiset, Alexis Ibarra, Hunter Ruppe)
Great Bend D, 2:25.61 (Courtney Barton, Ema Millard, Abbie Moyers, Azha Elliott)
Great Bend E, 2:31.97 (Cailyn Brack, Brianna Olivas, Emily Holguin, Kylee Hallmark)
Great Bend F, 2:40.33 (Sydney Mason, Madison Jones, Reagan Schridde, Brook Jones)

200 medley relay—2—Great Bend A, 2:09.43 (Rachel Panzer, Olivia Mull, Calista Long, Delaney Buehler)
4—Great Bend B, 2:17.18 (Katherine Snapp, Sheridan Beaumont, Ruth Williams, Zoe Jerke)
6—Great Bend C, 2:26.27 (Willow Jones, McKenna Cape, Emma Mayhill, Hunter Ruppe)
Great Bend D, 2:38.27 (Crystal Vasquez, Cailyn Brack, Madison Huslig, Azha Elliott)
Great Bend E, 3:00.37 (Abbie Moyers, Emily Holguin, Anna Popp, Sydney Mason)

400 free relay—
1—Great Bend A, 4:08.07 (Aubrey Snapp, Calista Long, Katherine Snapp, Camryn Dunekack)
3—Great Bend B, 4:35.46 (Elizabeth Gerdes, Rachel Panzer, Gentry Schneider, Piper Libeer)
5—Great Bend C, 4:52.22 (Monica Lang, Grace Soupiset, Elizabeth Linenberger, Ruth Williams)
Great Bend D, 5:13.5 (Alyssia Strickland, Courtney Barton, Kylee Hallmark, Madison Huslig)