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Hard-luck Larned baseball swept again
Larned batter Mason Perez
Larned leadoff batter Mason Perez hits against Haven. - photo by Photo by JANET FLESKE


LARNED – The Haven Wildcats rallied from a 3-1 deficit for a 4-3 victory and a sweep of Friday’s Central Kansas League baseball doubleheader.
Larned (2-6) plays at CKL leader Nickerson (8-0) and Haven (5-3) plays Hesston Tuesday.

HAVEN 15, LARNED 1 (G1) – Haven’s James Henkle singled in the Wildcats’ first two runs and tripled home the Wildcats’ final three runs for five RBIs.
Henkle and Jamar Miller drove in first-inning runs, Jackson States drove home two runs and Nathan Rohling and Colby Cooprider added RBI hits in a four-run second inning.
An eight-run fourth inning saw three runs scored on passed balls and an error. Caleb Miller added an RBI single.
Larned’s Shevin Martin scored the Indians’ third-inning run on Carson Smith’s groundball. Mason Perez was thrown out stealing and Alex Barger grounded into a double play to end a threat that started with four Haven errors.

HAVEN 4, LARNED 3 (G2) – Haven’s Henkle doubled home Haxton Smith the game-winning fifth-inning run. Jenkins doubled and scored on Wyatt Boese’s sacrifice fly. Haxton Smith reached on an error and scored on Henkle’s double off losing pitcher Alex Barger.
Haven reliever Boese worked the final two innings after starter Nathan Rohling retired Mello Bryant on a fifth-inning double play.
Larned’s Brayden Rupp’s double scored Mello Bryant and Brandon Ceniceros in the first inning. Henkle scored on a second-inning double steal when Rohling was thrown out by catcher Jack Stelter.
Larned’s Bryant scored on a third-inning error after a walk, hit batter and wild pitch for a 3-1 lead. Henkle scored on Stelter’s throwing error after stealing third in the fourth inning.

Haven 340 80 – 15 12 4
Larned 001 00 – 1 2 7
Caleb Miller and Jenkins. Carson Smith, Fitzpatrick (4), Pleasant (5) and Stelter. W—C. Miller. L—C. Smith. 2B—H—Rohling. 3B—H—Henkle.

Haven 010 120 0 – 4 8 2
Larned 201 000 0 – 3 4 3
Rohling, Boese (7) and Jenkins. Barger, Orth (7) and Stelter. W—Rohling. L—Barger. 2B—L—Bryant, Rupp; H—Jenkins, Henkle, Miller.

Nickerson 8-0
Pratt 8-0
Kingman 5-3
Haven 5-3
Hesston 3-3
Hillsboro 3-4
Hoisington 2-3
Halstead 2-4
Larned 2-6
S. Valley 1-7
Lyons 0-6

Hoisington at Smoky Val;ey

Halstead at Lyons
Hesston at Haven
Larned at Nickerson

NICKERSON (8-0)—WW Hillsboro 7-4, 6-3; WW Haven 11-6, 13-3; WW Lyons 24-3, 30-0; WW Smoky Valley 15-0, 12-5; 4-17—Larned; 4—20—at Hoisington; 4-24—Hesston; 5-1—at Pratt; 5-4—at Halstead; 5-8—Kingman

PRATT (8-0)—WW Hesston 10-0, 11-0; WW Halstead 10-0 11-1; WW Larned 10-0, 13-8; WW Kingman 12-2, 22-3; 4-20—Hillsboro; 4-24—at Haven; 4-26—at Smoky Valley; 5-1—Nickerson; 5-4–at Lyons; 5-8—Hoisington

KINGMAN (5-3)—WL Larned 16-1, 3-5; WW Hoisington 26-19, 16-6; 4-6—Hesston; WW Smoky Valley 9-8, 12-2; LL Pratt 2-12, 3-22; 4-20—Lyons; 4-24—at Halstead; 4-27—at Hillsboro; 5-1—Haven; 5-8—at Nickerson

HAVEN (5-3)—WW Smoky Valley 5-3, 13-12; LL Nickerson 6-11, 3-13; WL Hillsboro 12-1, 10-11; WW Larned 15-1, 4-3; 4-17—Hesston; 4-24—Pratt; 4-27—at Lyons; 5-1—at Kingman; 5-4–at Hoisington; 5-8—Halstead

HESSTON (3-3)—LL Pratt 0-10, 0-11; WW Lyons 12-2, 10-3; 4-6—Kingman, ppd.; WL Halstead 12-11, 3-5; 4-17—at Haven; 4-20—Smoky Valley; 4-24—at Nickerson; 4-27—at Larned; 5-1—at Hoisington; 5-4—at Hillsboro;

HILLSBORO (3-4)—LL Nickerson 4-3, 3-6; WL Larned 5-4, 10-13; WL Haven 11-10, 1-12; W Hoisington 15-2; 4-20—at Pratt; 4-24—Lyons; 4-27—Kingman; 5-1—at Halstead; 5-4—Hesston; 5-8—at Smoky Valley

HOISINGTON (2-3)—WW Lyons 18-3, 8-7; LL Kingman 19-26, 6-16; L Hillsboro 2-15; 4-16—at Smoky Valley; 4-20—Nickerson; 4-24—at Larned; 4-27—Halstead; 5-1—Hesston; 5-4—Haven; 5-8—at Pratt

HALSTEAD (2-4)—WL Smoky Valley 13-3; 0-10; LL Pratt 0-10, 1-11; WL Hesston 5-3, 11-12; 4-17—at Lyons; 4-20—Larned; 4-24—Kingman; 4-27—at Hoisington; 5-1—Hillsboro; 5-4—at Nickerson; 5-8—at Haven

LARNED (2-6)—WL Kingman 5-3, 1-16; WL Hillsboro 13-10 4-5; LL Pratt 0-10, 8-13; LL Haven 1-15, 3-4; 4-17—at Nickerson; 4-20—at Halstead; 4-24—Hoisington; 4-27—Hesston; 5-3—Smoky Valley; 5-8—at Lyons

SMOKY VALLEY (1-7)—LL Haven 3-5, 12-13; WL Halstead 10-0, 3-13; LL Kingman 8-9, 2-12; LL Nickerson 0-15, 5-12; 4-16—Hoisington; 4-20—at Hesston; 4-26—Pratt; 5-1—Lyons; 5-3—at Larned; 5-8—Hillsboro

LYONS (0-6)—LL Hoisington 3-18, 7-8; LL Hesston 2-12, 3-10; LL Nickerson 3-24, 0-30; 4-17—Halstead; 4-20—at Kingman; 4-24—at Hillsboro; 4-27—Haven; 5-1—at Smoky Valley; 5-4—Pratt; 5-8—Larned