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Hoisingtons Ball, Yott, Oiler Barton each win two events
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ELLSWORTH — Hoisington's returning state placer Christopher Ball won the pole vault (12-0) and 100-meter hurdles (15.5) and placed runner-up in the 300-meter hurdles (41.34) at Tuesday’s Ellsworth Track Invitational. Ball placed fourth in the 3A pole vault (13-6), eighth in the 100 hurdles (16.12) and ninth in the 300 hurdles (42.22) last year.
Other double winners in the boys division were Hoisington’s Dayne Yott, 1,600 (4:54.55) and 3,200 (10:56.36); and Central Plains’ Alex Barton, 400 (53.04) and high jump (6-4).
Hoisington’s Xavier Robinson placed first in the long jump (21-41/2) and second in the triple jump (41-6). Hoisington’s Wyatt Pedigo won the shot put (44-21/4).
Larned’s Wes Davis placed runner-up in the 100 (11.46) and 200 (23.45) and anchored the winning 400-meter relay (45.13) with Anthony McConnell, Jacob Smith and Brock Skelton.
Runner-up finishes were posted by Jake Curtis, javelin (158-01/2); the Hoisington 400-meter relay (45.73) with Cade Mason, Christopher Ball, Wyatt Pedigo and Xavier Robinson; and the Central Plains 1,600 relay (3:37.0) with Lee Letourneau, Jacob McAtee, Anthony Oberle and Alex Barton.
Larned’s Katie Fischer and teammate Makalya Leiker shared the high jump first-place medal by clearing 5-2. Central Plains’ Taylor Oeser won the javelin (110-81/2).
Runner-up finishes were earned by Hoisington’s Samantha Colson, 100 hurdles (17.12); Hoisington’s Jocelynn Pedigo, discus (103-9); Hoisington’s Maleigha Schmidt, pole vault (10-0) and the Larned 3,200-meter relay (11:26.9) with Shaylee Nesby, Makayla Leiker, Cierra Nord and Brooke Butler.
“Upperclassmen who have been outstanding are Christopher Ball and Xavier Robinson on the boys side and sophomore Dayne Yott,” said Hoisingon coach Dan Schmidt. “Jocelynn Pedigo, Jessi Kindscher and Maleigha Schmidt have been good on the girls side. I’m really proud of our kids. We are very young as a squad, but are doing very well. The major surprises have come from the youth.”

GIRLS TEAM SCORES—1—Hays-TMP 98.5; 2—Concordia 94; 3—Minneapolis 67; 4—Hoisington 58; 5—Sylvan Grove 46; 6—Ellsworth 41; 7—Larned 40; 8—SE Saline 31; 9—Russell 22.5; 10—Pratt 15; 11--Central Plains 10; 12—Ell-Saline 4
100m—1—Leiker, E, 12.84
200m—1—Helfrich, Pratt, 27.0; 6—Schneider, H, 28.1
400m—1—Leiker, E, 1:01.82
800m—1—Riedel, TMP, 2:25.71
1,600m—1—Riedel, TMP, 5:36.0
3,200m—1—Princ, Sylvan, 12:14.07; 2—Nord, L, 13:44.95
100m hurdles—1—Bergmann, C, 16.51; 2—Colson, H, 17.12; 6—Sanders, H, 18.1
400m relay—1—Concordia 51.21; 3—Hoisington, 53.3 (Schmidt, Sanders, Colson, Schneider); 5—Larned, 55.39 (Stokes, Barker, Nesby, Sanger)
1,600m relay—1—Concordia 4:21.6; 4—Hoisington, 4:35.29 (Schmidt, Kindscher, Colson, Schneider); 6—Larned, 4:47.66 (Barker, Butler, Nesby, Leiker)
3,200m relay—1—TMP 10:46.29; 2—Larned, 11:26.9 (Nesby, Leiker, Nord, Butler); 4—Hoisington, 11:47.47 (Jones, Lamatsch, Guthrie, Kindscher)
High jump—1—Katie Fischer, L, 5-2; 1—Makayla Leiker, L, 5-2
Long jump—1—Wolf, TMP, 16-61/2
Triple jump—1—Nichol, Russell, 34-0
Shot put—1—Chitty, SE, 37-7; 4—Clark, L, 33-1; 5—Pedigo, H, 32-8
Discus—1—Batchman, Sylvan, 106-5; 2—Pedigo, H, 103-9; 5—Jacquelyn Gonzalez, H, 84-1
Javelin—1—Oeser, CP, 110-81/2; 4—Schmidt, H, 89-73/4

Pole vault—1—Williams, C, 11-2; 2—Schmidt, H, 10-0; 3—Sanders, H, 7-6; 4—Kindschner, H, 7-6

BOYS TEAM SCORES—1—Hays-TMP 117; 2—Hoisington 99; 3—SE Saline 70; 4—Pratt 68; 5—Ellsworth 53; 6—Larned 52; 7—Central Plains 40; 8—Ell-Saline 29; 9—Sylvan Grove 14; 10—Concordia 11; 11—Minneapolis 5
100m—1—Douglas, SE, 11.26; 2—Davis, L, 11.46; 5—McConnell, L, 11.72
200m—1—Douglas, SE, 23.32; 2—Davis, L, 23.45; 6—Smith, L, 24.49
400m—1—Barton, CP, 53.04; 4—Yott, H, 55.53; 5—Haxton, H, 55.7
800m—1—Lang, TMP, 2:05.57; 3—Harmon, L, 2:10.2; 5—Richards, H, 2:15.22; 6—Lothman, L, 2:16.9
1,600m—1—Yott, H, 4;54.55
3,200m—1—Yott, H, 10:56.36
100m hurdles—1—C. Ball, H, 15.5
300m hurdles—1—Winsor, P, 40.71; 2--C. Ball, H, 41.34; 3—McAtee, CP, 43.95; 6—Marley, L, 46.46
400m relay—1—Larned, 45.13 (McConnell, Smith, Skelton, Davis); 2—Hoisington, 45.73 (Mason, Ball, Pedigo, Robinson)
1,600m relay—1—TMP 3:36.05; 2—Central Plains, 3:37.0 (Letourneau, McAtee, Oberle, Barton); 5—Larned, 3:49.68 (Anderson, Marley, Lothman, Harmon)
3,200m relay—1—TMP 8:45.25; 3—Hoisington, 9:10.23 (Haxton, Yott, Richards, Chambers)
High jump—1—Barton, CP, 6-4
Long jump—1—Robinson, H, 21-41/2; 5—Skelton, L, 19-31/2; 6—Smith, 19-31/2
Triple jump—1—Karlin, TMP, 41-10; 2—Robinson, H, 41-6; 5—Skelton, L, 40-2
Shot put—1—Pedigo, H, 44-21/4; 4—Barrett, L, 40-10
Discus—1—Gustin, E, 129-11; 6—Barrett, H, 117-10
Javelin—1—Pettijohn, SE, 178-33/4; 2—Curtis, H, 158-01/2
Pole vault—1—C. Ball, H, 12-0

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