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Larned sweeps tennis tournament
April 11 2017 picture
Larneds varsity tennis team swept first place in the Larned Tournament. From left, Coach Mark Lessard, Max Easley, Cadin Limon, Kobe Kraisinger, Nick Orth, D.J. Mead and Dalton Penka.

LARNED — Larned’s varsity tennis team swept 12 matches to dominate the Larned Tournament with 30 points.
No. 1 singles Nick Orth, No. 2 singles D.J. Mead, No. 1 doubles Kobe Kraisinger and Dalton Penka and No. 2 doubles Max Easley and Cadin Limon each won matches against Ulysses, Southwestern Heights and Larned’s junior varsity lineup. The tournament was blessed with moderate temperatures and light wind.
Orth cruised to a trio of 7-0 wins. Mead edged Trevor Coulson of Larned JV 7-3. Kraisinger and Penka was pushed to a tiebreaker against teammates and second-place finishers Logan DeMond and Chance Sanger in a 7-6 (7-5) victory. Easley and Limon eased to 7-1, 7-2, 7-2 victories.

TEAM TOTALS—1—Larned 30; 2—SW Heights 11; 3—Larned JV 10; 4—Ulysses 9

NO. 1 SINGLES—Nick Orth, Larned, 3-0; Trey Paul, U, 1-2; Andrew Bright, Larned JV, 1-2; Rob Evans, SW, 1-2; Orth def. Paul, 7-0; Orth def. Bright, 7-0; Orth def. Evans, 7-0; Paul def. Bright, 7-4; Bright def. Evans, 7-5

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—D.J. Mead, Larned, 3-0; 2—Trevor Coulson, Larned JV, 2-1; 3—Braxton Moral, U, 1-2; 4—Breanna Ross, SW, 0-3; Mead def. Coulson, 7-3; Mead def. Moral, 7-0; Mead def. Ross, 7-0; Coulson def. Moral, 7-5; Coulson def. Ross, 7-1

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Kobe Kraisinger-Dalton Penka, Larned, 3-0; 2—Grady Jacobs-Kaylan Olivas, SW, 2-1; 3—Logan DeMond-Chance Sanger, Larned JV, 1-2; 4—James Gandhi-C. Branch, U, 0-3; Larned def. SW Heights, 7-3; Larned def. Larned JV, 7-6 (7-5); Larned def. Ulysses, 7-1; SW Heights def. Larned JV, 6-7 (3-7); Larned JV def. Ulysses, 7-0

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Max Easley-Cadin Limon, Larned, 3-0; 2—Brandon Barbo-Levi Giesaking, U, 2-1; 3—Jose Espinosa-Gabe Areano, SW, 1-2; 4—Brandon Perez-Britton Herrman, Larned JV, 0-3; Larned def. Ulysses, 7-1; Larned def. SW Heights, 7-2; Larned def. Larned JV, 7-2; Ulysses def. Larned JV, 7-1; SW Heights def. Larned JV, 7-1