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Oiler Ryan keeps rolling
Central Plains Oilers

GREAT BEND — Central Plains No. 1 singles Emily Ryan won three consecutive matches to capture the Central Plains Invitational held at Great Bend’s Veterans Park.
Ryan (25-2) defeated players from Ellinwood, Lyons and Elyria Christian. Last year’s fifth-place state finisher Ryan will be the top seed at the Hesston 3-1A tennis regional Oct. 6-7.
Central Plains’ No. 2 singles Mikayla Menges (4-0) defeated Ellinwood’s Wittney Hammeke, 8-1 for first place.
Ellinwood’s No. 1 doubles Katelyn Reh and Tara Collins (3-0) beat Central Plains’ Hannah Beran and Zoe Potter 8-2 for first place.
St. John’s No. 2 doubles Alexa Rodarmel and Ramsey McVey (4-0) finished first by beating teams from Lyons, Sterling, Central Plains and Ellinwood.

TEAM SCORES—1—Central Plains 31; 2—Ellinwood 21; 3—Sterling 17; 4—Lyons 15; 5—St. John 10; 6—McPherson Elyria Christian 9
NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Emily Ryan, CP def. Makenzie Archer, Elyria, 8-1; 3—Lydia Miller, Sterling def. Kelsey Jenkins, Lyons, 8-3; 5—Taryn Robl, Ellinwood def. Taylor Clark, SJ, 8-0
Ryan, CP def. Jenkins, Lyons, 8-3; Ryan, CP def. Robl, Ellinwood, 8-0; Archer, Elyria def. Clark, SJ, 8-0; Miller, Sterling def. Clark, SJ, 8-0; Jenkins, Lyons def. Robl, Ellinwood, 8-3
NO. 2 SINGLES—1—MiKayla Menges, CP, 4-0; 2—Wittney Hammeke, Ellinwood, 3-1; 3— Holla Bryant, Lyons, 2-2; 4—Julia Taylor, SJ, 1-3; 5—Christina Voth, Sterling, 0-4
Menges, CP def. Hammeke, Ellinwood, 8-1; Menges, CP def. Bryant, Lyons, 8-0; Menges, CP def. Taylor, SJ, 8-2; Menges, CP def. Voth, Sterling, 8-0; Hammeke, Ellinwood def. Bryant, Lyons, 8-1; Hammeke, Ellinwood def. Taylor, SJ, 8-1; Hammeke, Ellinwood def. Voth, Sterling, 8-1; Bryant, Lyons def. Taylor, SJ, 8-6; Taylor, SJ def. Voth, Sterling, 8-6
NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Katelyn Reh-Tara Collins, Ellinwood, 3-0; 2—Hannah Beran-Zoe Potter, CP, 2-1; 3-Katie Comley-Morgan Simpson, Sterling, 1-2; 4—Diana Long-Aneyla Valenzuela, SJ, 0-3
Reh-Collins, Ellinwood def. Beran, Potter, CP, 8-2; Reh-Collins, Ellinwood def. Comley-Simpson, Sterling, 8-5; Reh-Collins, Ellinwood def. Long-Valenzuela, SJ, 8-4; Beran-Potter, CP def. Comley-Simpson, Sterling, 8-4; Berean-Potter, CP def. Long-Valenzuela, SJ, 8-2; Comley-Simpson, Sterling def. Long-Valenzuela, SJ, 8-6
NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Alexa Rodarmel-Ramsey McVey, SJ, 4-0; Tania Silva-Devany Gamez, Lyons, 3-1; 3—Natalie Schweizer-McKiah San Miguel, Sterling, 2-2; 4—Haley Chamberlain-Kayla Hass, CP, 1-3; 5—Daphne Doll-Katharina Adler, Ellinwood, 0-4
Rodarmel-McVey, SJ def. Silva-Gamez, Lyons, 8-2; Rodarmel-McVey, SJ def. Schweizer-San Miguel, Sterling, 8-2; Rodarmel-McVey, SJ def. Chamberlain-Hass, CP, 8-1; Rodarmel-McVey, SJ def. Doll-Adler, Ellinwood, 8-0; Silva-Gamez, Lyons def. Chamberlain-Hass, CP, 8-2; Silva-Gamez, Lyons def. Doll-Adler, Ellinwood, 8-4;
Schweizer-San Miguel, Sterling def. Chamberlain-Hass, CP, 8-4; Schweizer-San Miguel, Sterling def. Doll-Adler, Ellinwood, 8-1; Chamerblain-Hass, CP def. Doll-Adler, Ellinwood, 8-2