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Panther sprinter doubles her fun
hhs relay2
Hoisingtons Jonathan Ball passes the baton to teammate Brenner Donovan in the 1,600-meter relay. The Cardinals finished runner-up in the race. - photo by JIM MISUNAS Great Bend Tribune

Great Bend junior sprinter LaCora Bryant posted career-best times and earned a pair of victories in the 100 (12.39) and 200 (25.99) meters in Tuesday’s Great Bend Track Invitational. It marked the first time Bryant has sprinted the 200 meters under 26 seconds.
Bryant flashed a brilliant smile, a sure sign that she was enjoying the moment when her hard work pays off. She said she’s running the best races of her career.
“I was very happy,” she said. “I’ve been working really hard in practice. I’ve been working on myr arm movement and it was great. It worked out really well. My times were way better today.”
Bryant will run against some of the state’s best sprinters at Wichita State University Friday.
Great Bend coach Lyles Lashley sat out his varsity middle distance and distance runners, who compete Thursday and Friday at Wichita State’s K.T. Woodman Classic. Lashley didn’t want to overextend his middle distance runners so they can run their best this weekend.
Great Bend’s Kate Warren, a returning state qualifier, captured the discus (118-9). Hoisington’s Viktoria Donetz won the pole vault (8-6).
Hoisington’s Jonathan Ball captured the pole vault (13-6) to strengthen his case as one of the best pole vaulters in Class 3A. He passed 14 feet and attempted to clear 14-6 because of time constraints.
“I jumped good today. I want to be consistent at 14 feet because if I do that, you usually can win state,” Ball said. “It was a pretty good day. We wanted to run the relay good too.”
He placed third in the 110 hurdles (15.64) with a career-best time, placed fourth in the 300 hurdles (43.0) with an experiment with a faster initial pace. He helped the Cardinals finish runner-up in the 1,600 relay (3:34.65) with Christopher Ball, Brenner Donovan and Cameron Davis competing.
“My 110 hurdles went really well — a personal best,” he said. “That’s definitely a good run for the second meet of the year. That’s faster than I ran at state last year.”

TEAM SCORES—1—Manhattan 146; 2—Hutchinson 117; 3—Dodge City 102; 4—Hays 57; 5—Liberal 53; 6—Great Bend 34; 7—Hoisington 30; 8—Newton 8
100m—1—LaCora Bryant, GB, 12.49; 17—Kelsi Nuss, HHS, 14.09; 18—Carmen Jones, HHS, 14.41
100 hurdles—1—Wren, Hutchinson, 15.41
200—1—Bryant, GB, 25.99; 14—Nuss, HHs, 29.85; 17—Jaci Schremer, HHS, 30.38; 21—Angel Watkins, HHS, 32.05
300 hurdles—1—Armbrust, HHS, 47.97; 10—Nuss, HHS, 55.54
400—1—Okoro, DC, 1:03.13; 11—Carmen Jones, HHS, 1:12.66
800—1—Wright, Hutchinson, 2:23.24
1,600—1—Rosenkranz, Man, 5:51.44; 6—Jessi Kindscher, HHS, 6:11.02
3,200—1—Melgares, Man, 11:30.24
400 relay—1—Hutchinson, 50.52
1,600 relay—1—Hutchinson, 4:08.39
3,200 relay—1—Manhattan, 9:49.91
High jump—1—Dale, HH, 5-3; 4—Jaclynn Schoeder, GB, 4-10; 8—Kelsei Dalton, HHS, 4-6
Long jump—1—Kelly, Man, 16-91/2; 12—Watkins, HHS, 14-5; 14—Donetz, HHS, 14-0; 15—Schroeder, GB, 13-101/2; 20—Jaci Schremmer, HHS, 12-61/4; 21—Madison Marvin, HHS, 12-13/4
Triple jump—Johnson, Man, 33-6; 6—Schmidt, HHS, 32-1; 8—Schremmer, HHS, 31-21/2
Shot put—Bynum, Hutchinson, 37-8; 5—Pedigo, HHS, 33-11/34; 10—Warren, GB, 32-7; 22—Megan Schroeder, HHS, 26-2; 23—Gonzalez, HHS, 25-10; 26—Taylor Kaufman, GB, 24-2
Discus—1—Kate Warren, GB, 118-9; 2—Jocelynn Pedigo, HHS, 112-5; 18—Jaceuelyn Gonzalez, HHS, 69-11; 22—Megan Schroder, HHS, 63-11; 23—Taylor Kaufman, GB, 61-7
Javelin—1—Melgares, Man, 108-2; 6—Maleigha Schmidt, HHS, 91-0; 8—Bailey Sanders, HHS, 88-4; 10—Pedigo, HHS, 85-10; 13—Gonzalez, HHS, 90-9
Pole vault—1—Viktoria Donetz, HHS, 8-6; 3—Schmidt, HHS, 8-0; 5—Sanders, HHS, 7-6

TEAM SCORES—1—Hutchinson 160; 2—Dodge City 138; 3—Manhattan 80; 4—Liberal 57; 5—Hays 53; 6—Hoisington 52; 7—Newton 12; 8—Great Bend 2
100m—1—Vigil, Hutchinson, 11.07; 14—Sam Ryan, GB, 12.2; 15—Korbin Widiger, GB, 12.27; 18—Evan Campbell, GB, 13.2
110 hurdles—1—Johnson, Hutchinson, 14.37; 3—Jon Ball, HHS, 15.64; 7—Chris Ball, HHS, 16.53
200—1—Vigil, Hutchinson, 22.73; 3—Brenne Donovan, HHS, 23.3; 6—Cameron Davis, HHS, 24.28; 7—Nick Reed, GB, 24.37; 15—Ryan, GB, 25.15; 16—Widiger, GB, 25.28; 20—Blake Deines, HHS, 26.62
300 hurdles—1—Unruh, DC, 40.52; 4—Jon Ball, HHS, 43.0; 8—Chris Ball, HHS, 44.7; 10—Dalton Miller, GB, 45.96; 12—Wyatt Pedigo, HHS, 47.91; 15—John Luerman, HHS, 50.94
400—1—Baker, Hutchinson, 53.3; 10—Bryce Brown, GB, 56.11; 13—Collin Hammond, GB, 56.83; 15—Gage Fritz, GB, 57.88; 18—Eddie Beach, GB, 59.66; 19—Xavier Robinson, HHS, 59.88; 20—Deines, HHS, 1:00.48
800—1—Luft, DC, 2:01.48; 12—Evan Hammond, GB, 2:16.13; 19—Francisco Garcia, GB, 2:30.86
1,600—1—Cruz, DC, 4:38.84; 9—Josh Tomlin, GB, 5:00.07; 12—Dayne Yott, HHS, 5:03.71; 13—Ryan Nicholson, 5:03.71; 18—Tanner Cassity, HHS, 5:39.79; 19—Dallen Hutchcraft, HHS, 6:11.43; 20—Andrew Rincon, 6:11.94
3,200—1—Ultreras, DC, 10:15.88; 11—Sage Cauley, GB, 10:51.11; 15—Jesus Sanchez, GB, 11:12.86; 16—Yott, HHS, 11:19.86; 20—Rincon, HHS, 13:20.25
400 relay—1—Hutchinson, 43.57
1,600 relay—1—Dodge City, 3:32.79; 2—Hoisington, 3:34.65 (Ball, Ball, Donovan, Davis); 6—Great Bend, 3:49.83 (Reed, Fritz, Miller, Brown)
3,200 relay—1—Dodge City, 8:20.21
High jump—1—Haug, Man, 6-6; 9—Deontre Hardiman, GB, 5-6; 12—Nicholas Wondra, GB, 5-2; 13—Eric Barrett, HHS, 5-2; 14—Yott, HHS, 5-2; 16—Davis, HHS, 5-0
Long jump—1—Eatmon, Liberal, 22-5; 4—Robinson, HHS, 19-83/4; 5—Donovan, HHS, 19-83/4; 12—Reed, GB, 18-11; 13—brown, GB, 19-81/4; 20—Chris Ball, HHS, 17-61/2; 22—Luerman, HHS< 17-11/4
Triple jump—1—Jones, Hutchinson, 41-101/2; 3—Donovan, HHS, 40-61/2; 5—Robinson, HHS, 40-03/4; 9—barrett, HHS, 39-33/4; 15—Ryan, GB, 35-0; 16—Wondra, GB, 34-103/4
Shot put—1—Berens, HH, 51-111/4; 15_Fehr, GB, 39-9; 21—Jared Curtis, HHS, 36-6; 22—Koby Schroeder, GB, 36-13/4; 23—Delgadillo, GB, 35-91/4; 28—Pedigo, HHS, 29-9
Discus—1—Berens, HH, 152-9; 14—Barrett, HHS, 115-10; 15—Zach Seymour, GB, 114-11; 20—Jared Curtis, HHS, 96-10; 23—Sean Urban, HHS, 87-6; 24—Valetin Delgadillo, GB, 82-2; 26—Trevor Fehr, GB, 82-1; 28—Aaron Clark, GB, 71-4
Javelin—1—Haus, Man, 180-2; 5—Jake Curtis, HHS, 134-2; 6—Jared Curtis, HHS, 134-0; 8—Urban, HHS, 131-2; 10—Jacob Murray, GB, 128-7; 17—Hucthcraft, HHS, 101-5; 19—Andrew Wettengel, GB, 83-11
Pole vault—1—Jon Ball, HHS, 13-6; 6—Braxton Schooler, GB, 11-0; 7—Jake Curtis, HHS, 10-6; 14—Luis Esparza, GB, 9-0; 15—Nick Long, HHS, 8-0