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Panther wrestlers place at Hoisington

HOISINGTON — Great Bend’s Drew Liles (113), George Weber (132) captured first place at the Hoisington Cardinal Classic. Marysville (220) placed first and Great Bend (155) finished second.
Liles (10-3) finished with a 3-0 record. Weber defeated Marysville’s Jonny Crome 13-1 for first place.
Panthers Carsyn Schooler (120), Alex Randolph (145), Gage Fritz (152) placed runner-up. Marysville’s Jakob Snellings defeated Schooler 6-3 for first place. Randolph finished with 4-1 record. Hoisington’s two-time state champion Christopher Ball defeated Fritz, 7-1 in the championship match.

TEAM SCORES—1—Marysville 220; 2—Great Bend 155; 3—Hoisington 125; 4—Concordia 91.5; 5—Larned 82; 6—Cimarron 72; 7—Eureka 58.5; 8—Holcomb 54.5
106—Brantley Baldwin, GB (3-10) 4th; Beitz, Eureka pinned Baldwin, 1:36; Anguish Concordia pinned Baldwin, 1:02; Novotny Mary pinned Baldwin, 2:41; Baldwin pinned Quintana, Larned, 3:32; Baldwin pinned Boxberger HHS, 2:36
113—Drew Liles, GB (10-3), 1st; Liles pinned Weers Larned, 1:01; Liles pinned Rubio HHS, 1:10; Liles pinned Schmitz Mary, 2:40
120—Carsyn Schooler, GB (8-6) 2nd Schooler def. Dennis Eureka, 17-2; Schooler pinned Ramirez, Holcomb, 1:19; Snellings Mary pinned Schooler GB, 5:32; Schooler def. Lynn Cimarron, 11-3; 1st Place—Jakob Snellings Mary def. Schooler, 6-3
126—Skylar Burkes, GB (8-7), 3rd; Burkes def. Shives HHS, 10-2; Crownover Mary pinned Burkes, 0:35; Leiszler, Concordia pinned Burke, 2:41; Burkes pinned Munoz, Holcomb, 4:34; Burkes def. Alboyd Larned,8-6
132—George Weber, GB (12-2), 1st; Weber pinned McPhail Cimarron, 0:46; Weber pinned Lemuz Larned, 4:37; Weber pinned Crome, Mary, 3:26; Weber GB pinned Jacob Henson Holcomb 7-8 1:06; 1st Place—Weber def. Jonny Crome Mary, 13-1
138—Braxton Schooler, GB (5-8) 4th; Nolde, Larned def. Schooler, 8-2; Cassity, HHS 11-1 pinned Schooler, 0:57; Schooler pinned Chandler Holcomb, 2:46; Lowe Eureka def. Schooler, 11-1; Schooler pinned Lister Mary, 1:26
145—Alex Randolph, GB (7-7) 2nd; Randolph pinned Yott, HHS, 3:24; Randolph pinned Escareno, Eureka, 3:32; Randolph pinned Fitzpatrick Larned, 2:58; Capp Mary pinned Randolph, 1:57; Randolph pinned Medina, Holcomb, 0:54
152—Gage Fritz, GB (10-1), 2nd; Fritz pinned Schaller Holcomb, 1:40; Fritz pinned Ethan Flock Larned 2-7 1:35; Fritz pinned Hunter Schroeder, Concordia, 2:45; Fritz pinned Roever, Mary 9-6 3:12; 1st Place - Christopher Ball, HHS def. Fritz, 7-1
160—Jeffrey Spragis, GB (7-7), 3rd; Spragis pinned Koch, Larned, 2:35; Spragis pinned Novak Holcomb, 4:31; Slupianek, Mary pinned Spragis, 1:06; Ball HHS def. Spragis, 11-9; 3rd Place—Spragis def. Garet Walker, Cimarron, injury
170—Eli Witte, GB (3-8), 4th; Witte def. East, Larned, 16-4; Urban HHS pinned Witte, 0:36; Johnson, Holcomb def. Witte, 16-0; 3rd Place—Dylan Newton, Cimarron pinned Witte, 3:17
182—Wiley Brand, GB (0-5); Dorman, Concordia pinned Brand, 1:09; Rodriguez, Holcomb pinned Brand, 0:58; Champoux, Mary def. Brand, 16-0; Pedigo, HHS pinned Brand, 1:30; Garcia, Larned def. Brand, 6-1
195—Ever Chavez, GB (4-8), 3rd; Dwerlkotte, Mary pinned Chavez, 2:59; Chavez pinned Wray, Larned, 3:24; Seabolt, Cimarron pinned Chavez, 1:21; Chavez pinned Bradley, HHS, 5:01
220—Andrew Wettengel, GB (1-11); Kramer, Larned pinned Wettengel, 4:39; Bogner, Cimarron def. Wettengel, 5-0; Parker, Mary def. Wettengel, 7-0; Beaumont, Concordia pinned Wettengel, 3:44; Boxberger HHS pinned Wettengel, 3:10
285—Barrett Lutt, GB (0-10); Mooradian Mary pinned Lutt, 2:18; Zimmerman Concordia pinned Lutt, 0:50; Torres Cimarron pinned Lutt, 5:17; Interial, Holcomb pinned Lutt, 1:16