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Panther wrestling coach enjoys team success
coach nathan broeckelman.tif
Great Bend coach Nathan Broeckelman

DENVER, COLO. — Great Bend wrestling coach Nathan Broeckelman helped coach the Kansas Red wrestling team to a runner-up finish at the Rocky Mountain Nationals duals.
Kansas Blue placed first with a 4-0 record. The Kansas Blue team has captured the high school division of the Rocky Moutain Nationals the past seven years.
Kansas Blue finished second with a 4-1 record. Kansas Blue earned a walkover win over Kansas Red so the wrestlers could watch the NCAA Wrestling semifinals. Kansas Blue wrestlers finished 42-3 and Kansas Red finished with a 54-6 record.
“It was a really great time and I am very blessed to have been given this opportunity to coach a lot of high caliber Kansas wrestlers,” Broeckelman said. “We had state champions or finalists in almost every single weight on both teams which made all our weights very competitive. Dual wise, it was nice knowing that you did not have any question marks as far as whether a match may or may not get won.”
Kansas Blue defeated Montana 54-3, Takedown Elite, Texas 68-6 and Dolores Huerta, Colo. 89-0.
Kansas Red defeated Hard Knocks, Colo. 72-0, Colorado Dream Team 44-12, North Montana 73-3, Combo Team 64-9.

Seven Kansas wrestlers placed first in the bracket challenge — Jason Henschel (106), Devin Onwugbufor (138), Cade Lindsey (152), Isaiah Luellen (160), Troy Fisher (170), Wyatt Hendrickson (195) and Kyler Tannahill (285).
The two Kansas high school teams assembled by coaches Will Coakley and Eric Johnson features 15 state wrestling champions and a trio of multi-time state champions.
1—Kansas Blue
2—Kansas Red
3—Colorado Dream Team
4—Team Montana
5—Takedown Elite Texas
6—School Of Hard Knocks, Colo.
7—North Montana WC
8—Dolores Huerta, Colo.
9—Combo Team

15 & UNDER
102—Devon Weber, fourth
102—Camden Maestas, fifth
116—Cason Lindsey, fourth
130—Jared Simma, second
18 & UNDER
106—Jason Henschel, first
113—Ryan Ware, second
113—Tate Sauder, sixth
120—Jose Andrade, sixth
126—Jacob Holt, third
132—Aidan Campbell, sixth
132—Logan Pirl, second
138—Devin Onwugbufor, first
138—Asiel Flores, third
145—Scott Resler, sxith
152—Cade Lindsey, first
152—Scott Radke, second
160—Triston Wills, second
160—Isaiah Luellen, first
170—Troy Fisher, first
182—Taylon Peters, third
195—Wyatt Hendrickson, first
195—Braden Morgan, second
220—Jackson Flowers, third
220—Cameron Hunt, second
285—Kyler Tannahill, first

98—Camden Maestas, Blue pinned Robles, 1:06
106—Jason Henschel, Blue pinned Cordova, 1:20
113—Ryan Ware, Blue, forfeit
120—Michael Spangler, Blue pinned Garcia, 0:26
126—Jacob Holt, Blue pinned Whitehead, 1:09
132—Logan Pirl, Blue pinned Mings, 1:20
138—Asiel Flores, Blue pinned Sandoval, 0:17
145—Scott Resler, Blue pinned Mendoza, 0:56
152—Cade Lindsey, Blue pinned Trujillo, 0:28
160—Triston Wills, Blue pinned Hoyt, 0:43
170—Troy Fisher, Blue def. Kerrigan, 16-1
182—Austin Andres, Blue pinned De La Cruz, 0:24
195—Wyatt Hendrickson, Blue pinned Marroquin, 0:26
220—Jackson Flowers, Blue pinned Marquez, 0:55
285—Kasdon Arehart, Blue pinned Romero, 0:58

98—Maestas, Blue def. Moreno, 2-0
106—Jason Henschel, Blue def. Martinez, 13-0
113—Ryan Ware, Blue pinned Gomez, 1:18
120—Michael Spangler, Blue pinned Espinoza, 2:23
126—Delgado pinned Jacob Holt, Blue, 5-3
132—McClain-Green, def. Logan Pirl, Blue, 8-3
138—Asiel Flores, Blue pinned Adrian Zubia, 4:03
145—Scott Resler, Blue def. Josh Jimenez, 5-3
152—Cade Lindsey, Blue pinned Hector Perez, 3:20
160—Triston Wills, Blue def. Anthony Martinez, 10-1
170—Troy Fisher, Blue pinned Yordan Orquiz, 0:51
182—Austin Andres, Blue
195—Wyatt Hendrickson, Blue pinned Dalvi, 1:15
220—Jackson Flowers, Blue pinned Immediato, 1:51
285—Kasdon Arehart, Blue pinned Fernandez, 3:36

98—Camden Maestas, Blue pinned Stormer, 1:10
106—Jason Henschel, Blue def. Cline, 16-0
113—Ryan Ware, Blue def. Pleninger, 8-4
120—Michael Spangler, Blue def. Birdwell, 4-2
126—Jacob Holt, Blue def. Graves, 6-0
132—Logan Pirl, Blue pinned Leidholt, 4:00
138—Currier def. Asiel Flores, Blue, 5-3
145—Scott Resler, Blue def. Meinzen, 4-0
152—Cade Lindsey, Blue def. Bradley, 6-0
160—Triston Wills, Blue def. Rhodes, 3-1
170—Troy Fisher, Blue def. Siegel, 7-4
182—Austin Andres, Blue def. Waters, 8-0
195—Wyatt Hendrickson, Blue, forfeit
220—Jackson Flowers, Blue def. Glassman, 8-2
285—Kasdon Arehart, Blue def. Whitedirt, 4-2

98—Devon Weber, Red pinned Wharton, 0:45
106—Stephan Baldwin, Red pinned McCleary, 0:35
113—Tate Sauder, Red pinned Romero, 2:17
120—Jose Andrade, Red def. Masopust, 6-4
126—Jared Simma, Red def. Roman, 8-0
132—Aidan Campbell, Red pinned Wills, 0:39
138—Devin Onwugbufor, Red def. pinned Lopez, 3-2
145—Dallas Boone, Red pinned Suter, 4:13
152—Scott Radke, Red pinned Draygan Colonese, 3:32
160—Isaiah Luellen, Red def. Zachery Vannaman, 21-6
170—Tyler Boone, Red def. Badwound, 5-0
182—Taylon Peters, Red def. Sherrill, 7-0
195—Braden Morgan, Red def. Niel, 8-5
220—Cameron Hunt, Red pinned Davis, 0:51
285—Kyler Tannahill, Red, forfeit

98—Devon Weber, Red def. Scicluna, 15-0
106—Gutierrez def. Stephan Baldwin Red Inj 4:05
113—Orr def. Tate Sauder, Red, 2-0
120—Jose Andrade, Red def. Mayberry, 10-8
126—Jared Simma, Red, forfeit
132—Aidan Campbell, Red def. Lara, 4-0
138—Devin Onwugbufor, Red def. Lemburg, 7-2
145—Dallas Boone, Red, forfeit
152—Scott Radke, Red def. Thomson, 2-0
160—Isaiah Luellen, Red def. Rodriguez, 21-6
170—Tyler Boone, Red, forfeit
182—Taylon Peters Red, forfeit
195—Braden Morgan, Red pinned Smith, 0:47
220—Cameron Hunt, Red, forfeit
285—Kyler Tannahill, Red, forfeit

98—Devon Weber, Red, forfeit
106—Stephan Baldwin, Red pinned Coles, 2-0
113—Phattavong def. Tate Sauder, Red, 5-2
120—Jose Andrade, Red pinned Shupe, 3:20
126—Jared Simma, Red pinned Espinoza, 3:43
132—Aidan Campbell, Red pinned Gonser, 1:29
138—Devin Onwugbufor, Red pinned Hilliard, 3:28
145—Dallas Boone, Red def. Swanson, 6-2
152—Scott Radke, Red def. Swanson, 9-1
160—Isaiah Luellen, Red def. Komac, 4-3
170—Tyler Boone, Red pinned Davis, 2:31
182—Taylon Peters, Red, forfeit
195—Braden Morgan, Red, forfeit
220—Cameron Hunt, Red pinned Deroche, 1:58
285—Kyler Tannahill, Red, forfeit

106—Kruse def. Stephan Baldwin, Red, 6-0
113—Tate Sauder, Red pinned Daniel Mathews, 3:29
120—Serna def. Jose Andrade, Red, 6-4
126—Jared Simma, Red def. Brandan Taylor, 15-0
132—Aidan Campbell, Red def. Isaiah Rios, 7-3
138—Devin Onwugbufor, Red def. Andrew Sansburn, 5-2
145—Dallas Boone, Red def. Austyn Binkly, 3-1
152—Scott Radke, Red def. Cody Eaton, 6-5
160—Isaiah Luellen, Red def. Jaziah Whaley, 3-1
170—Tyler Boone, Red def. Quentin Jiner, 6-3
182—Taylon Peters, Red def. Joshua Flanagan, 3-2
195—Braden Morgan, Red def. Dylan McBride, 3-2
220—Cameron Hunt, Red def. Mason Watt, 4-2
285—Kyler Tannahill, Red pinned Victor Bravo, 2:13
98—D`Mitri Alarcon pinned Devon Weber Red Fall 4:10