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Panthers swimmers beat Campus
spt deh gbhs swim meet 500 free
The Great Bend High School Panthers boys swim team defeated the Campus Colts 102-67 Thursday in a dual meet at Barton Community College. Panther Connor Furrey competes in the 500-yard freestyle. Furrey placed first (6:00.24) and Eli Hutchinson placed fifth (7:26.27). - photo by DALE HOGG Great Bend Tribune

By Jim Misunas

Great Bend’s swimmers rolled past Campus 102-67 in a home swim meet at the Barton Community College pool Thursday.
“I was very pleased with how our team responded coming out of the break,” said Great Bend coach Steve Beaumont. “We achieved 60 percent of our season and personal-best times which is outstanding Our kids have been really working hard and putting in a lot of yards over the break and they are already starting to see the results of those workouts. Our seniors continue to really be a strength for us, and we are blessed with a great group of upperclassman.”
Beaumont expected a closer team score and the first meet after the Christmas break felt like the first meet of the season again. 
Great Bend featured two swimmers who met state qualifying standards — Isaac Panzer (50 Free, 23.91) and Sean Williams (100 Breast, (1.09.02). 
“Both of these guys were close to making the qualifying time before the break,” Beaumont said. “We have several others who are close in their events as well.”

Dawson Clark captured first place in three events — the 50 freestyle (23.91); the 100 freestyle (55.92), and the 200 IM (2:19.78). Clark competed on winning relays in the 200-free relay (1:41.14) and the the 400 free relay (3:53.55).
Also competing on the 200-free relay were Isaac Panzer, Sean Williams and Zach Seymour. Also competing on the 400-free relay were Corey Harbaugh, Malachi Williams and Phane Pedigo.
Great Bend’s other individual winners were Sean Williams, 100 breast, 1:09.02; and 200 freestyle (2:05.23); Phane Pedigo, 100 backstroke, 1:03.67; and Connor Furrey, 500 freestyle, 6:00.24. 
Winning the 200-yard medley relay (1:51.300 were Phane Pedigo, Sean Williams, Corey Harbaugh and Isaac Panzer.
Indvidual second-place finishers were Corey Harbaugh, 50 freestyle, 25.07; Isaac Panzer, 100 butterfly, 1:02.31; Corey Harbaugh, 100 freestyle, 57.34; and Connor Furrey, 200 freestyle, 2:11.89.
The 400-free relay team finished second (4:18.51) with Wyatt Rugan, Allan To, Jordan Popp and Jordan Boone competing.

Great Bend travels to Manhattan with Olathe North, Olathe South and Junction City.
“ We look forward to seeing some different teams over the next few weeks and seeing how we compare to some of the top teams in the state,” he said.

50 Freestyle
1—Isaac Panzer, 23.91 
2—Corey Harbaugh, 25.07 
6—Jordan Boone, 27.64 
Eli Hutchinson, 29.19 
Daniel Cervantes, 33.58

100 Backstroke 
1—Phane Pedigo, 1:03.67 
4—Jordan Boone, 1:11.48 
5—Malachi Williams, 1:20.51

100 Breast 
1—Sean Williams, 1:09.02 
3—Zach Seymour, 1:17.01 
6—Cal Kaiser, 1:30.63

100 Butterfly
2—Isaac Panzer, 1:02.31 
4—Zach Seymour, 1:09.03 
5—Allan To, 1:09.10

100 Freestyle
1—Dawson Clark, 55.92
2—Corey Harbaugh, 57.34
6—Wyatt Rugan, 1:03.61
Daniel Abbott, 1:25.64

200 Freestyle
1—Sean Williams, 2:05.23 
2—Connor Furrey, 2:11.89 
5—Allan To, 2:20.20 
Wyatt Rugan, 2:22.99

200 IM
1—Dawson Clark, 2:19.78 
3—Phane Pedigo, 2:24.12 
5—Malachi Williams, 2:34.94 
Cal Kaiser, 3:03.64

200 Free Relay 
1—Great Bend A, 1:41.14 (Isaac Panzer, Sean Williams, Zach Seymour, Dawson Clark)
4—Great Bend B, 1:55.22 (Malachi Williams, Wyatt Rugan, Eli Hutchinson, Connor Furrey) 
6—Great Bend C,2:05.11 (Cal Kaiser, Daniel Cervantes, Daniel Abbott, Jordan Popp)

200 Medley Relay
1—Great Bend A, 1:51.30 (Phane Pedigo, Sean Williams, Corey Harbaugh, Isaac Panzer
3—Great Bend B, 2:03.36 (Allan To, Zach Seymour, Jordan Boone, Connor Furrey
5—Great Bend C, 2:30.71(Daniel Abbott, Jordan Popp, Daniel Cervantes, Cal Kaiser

400 Free Relay
1—Great Bend A, 3:53.55 (Dawson Clark, Corey Harbaugh, Malachi Williams, Phane Pedigo)
2—Great Bend B, 4:18.51 (Wyatt Rugan, Allan To, Jordan Popp, Jordan Boone)

500 Freestyle 
1—Connor Furrey, 6:00.24 
5—Eli Hutchinson, 7:26.27