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The Black Flag
spt mm Black Flag COLOR
The Football Moms for Great Bend High School purchased a break-away run-through for the Panthers football team. The run-through will be used at away games, and freshman and junior varsity games at home. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Many years ago, one of the forms of communication was to raise a flag.  
This was a common way for seagoing vessels to communicate to one another.  
The phrase “raise the white flag” still means to surrender.  When a ship would see a pirate ship approach, it would either surrender or raise a black flag.  
As the ships did in the pirate days, we raise the black flag.  This signifies that we give no quarter and take none.  Just as it did on the high seas, the skull and crossbones added to the flag signifies that we will not go down without a fight.  
Flags have also been used to claim new territories and crown mankind’s greatest achievements.  The black skull and crossbones flag symbolizes our commitment to reach the highest level of performance on and off the football field.
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