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Three Cardinal wrestlers place first at home invitational
hoisington birdhead CMYK

HOISINGTON — Hoisington’s No. 1 ranked Christopher Ball (152), Tanner Cassity (138) and Sean Urban (170) placed first at the Hoisington Cardinal Wrestling Classic.
Ball defeated Great Bend’s Gage Fritz in the finals. Cassity finished with a 5-0 record. Urban defeated Holcomb’s Tanner Johnson 10-5 in the finals.
Cardinals Joshua Ball (160) and Wyatt Pedigo (182) finished runner-up. Ball lost on an injury to Storm Slupianek of Marysville. Pedigo finished with 4-1 record.

106—Quentin Boxberger, HHS (5-6), 5th; Boxberger pinned Quintana, Larned, 3:33; Beitz Eurekadef. Boxberger, 20-4; Boxberger def. Anguish, Concordia, 16-9; Novotny, Mary pinned Boxberger, 3:30; Baldwin pinned Boxberger, 2:31
113—Nicolas Rubio, HHS (2-7); Schmitz, Mary pinned Rubio, 1:06; Liles pinned Rubio, 1:10; Weers, Larned pinned Rubio, 2;30
120—Cole Steinert (6-5) 5th; Saenz Larned def. Steinert, 12-4; Lynn Cimarron pinned Steinert, 1:11; Steinert pinned Ethan Dennis Eureka, 2:16; 5th Place—Steinert def. Ramirez Holcomb, 10-0
126—Jarrett Shives, HHS (2-9); Burkes, GB def. Shives, 10-2; Leiszler, Concordia pinned Shives, 1:56; Alboyd, Larned pinned Shives, 1:44; Crownover Mary pinned Shives, 0:43; Munoz, Holcomb pinned Shives, 3:11
132—Dustin Edmonson, HHS (6-3), 6th; Henson, Holcomb def. Edmonson, 8-5; Edmonson pinned Anderson Concordia, 1:11; Bailey Eureka def. Edmonson, 12-11; Edmonson pinned McPhail, Cimarron, 1:13; 5th Place— Lemuz, Larned def. Edmonson. 9-7
138—Tanner Cassity, HHS (11-1), 1st; Cassity pinned Lister, Mary, 1:05; Cassity pinned Schooler, GB, 0:57; Cassity def. Nolde Larned , 18-4; Cassity pinned Chandler, Holcomb, 0:39; Cassity pinned Lowe, Eureka, 2:41
145—Dayne Yott, HHS (7-7) 5th; Randolph GB pinned Yott, 3:24; Capp, Mary pinned Yott, 3:35; Escareno Eureka pinned Yott, 4:29; Yott pinned Medina, Holcomb, 5:12; Fitzpatrick Larned def. Yott, 9-2
152—Christopher Ball, HHS (12-0), 1st, Ball pinned Roever, Mary, 1:38; Ball def. Seabolt Cimarron, 9-1; Ball pinned Schroeder Concordia, 0:34; 1st Place—Ball def. Fritz, GB, 7-1
160—Joshua Ball, HHS (11-2), 2nd; Ball pinned Kindel, Concordia, 2:57; Ball def. Walker Cimarron, injury; Ball def. Spragis GB, 11-9; 1st Place—Storm Slupianek Mary def. Ball, injury
170—Sean Urban, HHS, (11-1), 1st; Urban pinned Witte, GB , 0:36; Urban pinned East, Larned, 2:32; Urban pinned Newton Cimarron, 3:03; 1st Place—Urban def. Tanner Johnson Holcomb, 10-5
182—Wyatt Pedigo, HHS (10-2), 2nd; Pedigo def. Champoux, Mary, 8-1; Pedigo pinned Dorman, Concordia, 4:21; Pedigo pinned Garcia, Larned, 1:56; Pedigo pinned Brand, 1:30; Rodriguez Holcomb def. over Pedigo, 15-0
195—Jason Bradley, HHS (1-8); Wray, Larned pinned Bradley, 3:43; Dwerlkotte, Mary pinned Bradley, 2:54; Seabolt, Cimarron pinned Bradley, 1:17; Chavez, GB pinned Bradley, 5:01
220—Cade Boxberger, HHS (1-4) 5th; Bogner, Cimarron pinned Boxberger HHS 1-4 2:22; Parker, Mary pinned Boxberger, 1:40; Beaumont, Concordia pinned Boxberger, 2:19; Kramer, Larned pinned Boxberger, 2:52; Boxberger pinned Wettengel GB, 3:15
285—Riley Philborn, HHS (5-6), 4th; Philborn pinned Interial Holcomb, 4:33; Slattery Larned pinned Philborn, 1:36; Mooradian Mary pinned Philborn, 0:25; 3rd Place - Zimmerman Concordia pinned Philborn, 1:45