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Robinson sparks Hoisington track to first place
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Cardinal track places first at Cimarron

CIMARRON – Hoisington Cardinal Xavier Robinson earned three gold medals and a silver medal as the Cardinal boys captured first place at the Cimarron Track Invitational with 145 points.  

Robinson won the 200 (23.66), long jump (21-0) and triple jump (42-33/4) and ran with the runner-up 400-meter relay (46.05) with Wyatt Pedigo, Dylan Richards and Mason Haxton.

Other Hoisington first-place finishers were Wyatt Pedigo, shot put (44-11) and Mason Haxton, pole vault (11-6). Dayne Yott placed runner-up in the 1,600 (5:15.75).

“This is the first time the boys have won the Cimarron meet,” said Hoisington coach Dan Schmidt. “I was proud of both teams. We had great performances from different individuals. This group of three athletes have been a coaches dream throughout their tenure in track at Hoisington to coach and watch. I can’t wait to see how their season unfolds moving forward.  I was proud of our three seniors. 

Hoisington sophomore Suzanna Schneider swept the long jump (15-0), 100 (13.34), 200 (28.4) and ran a leg on the first-place 400-meter relay (54.81) with Maleigha Schmidt, Alyx Lamatsch and Samantha Colson.

“Suzanna was super on the day,” Schmidt said.

Hoisington’s Maleigha Schmidt broke the Cimarron pole vault meet record (10-6). Schmidt ran with the first-place 400-meter relay and fourth with the 1,600-meter relay. 

Jessi Kindscher was pole vault runner-up and ran legs on the 1,600-meter relay and 3,200-meter relay.

Ellinwood’s Ashtin Klepper won the 1,600 (5:59.65) and placed second in the 800 (2:37.62). Erin Hammeke won the 3,200 (13:13.94) and finished second in the 1,600 (6;00.59). Maddy Ward won the shot put (36-33/4) and placed runner-up in the discus (100-0). LaTaja Gray placed second in the 200 (29.16).


BOYS TEAM SCORES—1—Hoisington 136.5; 2—Cimarron 83; 3—Lakin 73.5; 4—Holcomb 65; 5—South Gray 60; 6—Meade 54; 7—Leoti Wichita County 53; 8—Lyons 18; 9—Ellinwood 15

100m—1—Ridenour, Cim, 11.02; 3—Pedigo, H, 11.42; 4—Haxton, H, 11.45

110h hurdles—1—Whalen, WC, 16.07; 5—Morris, H, 20.27; 6—Batchman, H, 20.29

200m—1—Xavier Robinson, H, 23.66

300m hurdles—1—Whalen, WC, 42.47; 3—Yott, H, 46.42; 6—Ball, H, 48.27

400m—1—Armstrong, Holcomb, 51.11; 5—Haxton, H, 56.12

800m—1—Thompson, Meade, 2:14.31; 3—Richards, H, 2:22.17; 4—Doss, H, 2:23.65; 5—Ricker, Ell, 2:25.71

1,600m—1—Thompson, Meade, 4:44.7; 2—Yott, H, 5:15.75

3,200m—1—Burman, Cim, 11:54.5; 2—Doss, H, 12:12.65; 6—Hipp, 12:33.65

400m relay—1—Cimarron, 45.24; 2—Hoisington, 46.05 (X. Robinson, Pedigo, Richards, Haxton)

1,600m relay—1—Holcomb, 3:52.34; 4—Hoisington, 3:54.01 (Haxton, Yott, Richads, Haxton)

3,200m relay—1—Lakin, 9:26.19; 5—Hoisington, 10:12.17 (Hipp, Chambers, Doss, Cross)

High jump—1—Shewey, Meade, 6-2; 5—Yott, 5-2

Long jump—1—Xavier Robinson, H, 21-0

Triple jump—1—Xavier Robinson, 42-33/4

Shot put—1—Pedigo, 44-11; 6—White, Ell, 38-11/2

Discus—1—Pena, Lyons, 130-3; 3—Mogbo, H, 118-3; 4—Philbern, 115-11

Javelin—1—Haxton, 1340; 3—Hayes, Ell, 121-8

Pole vault—1—Ball, 11-6; 5—Haxton, 10-6

GIRLS TEAM SCORES—1—Cimarron 103.5; 2—Meade 92; 3—Hoisington 81; 4—Ellinwood 76; 5—Holcomb 74.5; 6—South Gray 59; 7—Lakin 47; 8—Leoti 13; 9—Lyons 11

100m—1—Schneider, H, 13.34; 4—Gray, Ell, 13.71

100m hurdles—1—Bachman, Meade, 17.28; 6—Sanders, H, 18.34 

200m—1—Schneider, 28.4; 2—Gray, Ell, 29.16

300m hurdles—1—Bachman, Meade, 52.07

400m—1—Bartlett, Cim, 1:04.69

800m—1—Bartlett, Cim, 2:36.28; 2—Klepper, Ell, 2:37.62; 5—Schlessiger, Ell, 3:00.65;6—Doll, Ell, 3:02.21

1,600m—1—Klepper, Ell, 5:59.65; 2—Erin Hammeke, Ell, 6:00.59

3,200m—1—Erin Hammeke, Ell, 13:13.94; 5—Sarah Hammeke, Ell,14:48.68

400m relay—1—Hoisington, 54.81(Schmidt, Lamatsch, Schmidt, Colson)

1,600m relay—1—Meade, 4:34.65; 4—Hoisington, 4:54.18 (Schmidt, Lamatsch, Colson, Kindscher)

3,200m relay—1—Ellinwood, 11:49.25 (S. Hammeke, E. Hammeke, Doll, Schessiger); 5—Hoisington, 13:46.08 (Kindschner, Lovett, Manavibool, Tafalla)

High jump—1—Fugitt, Cim, 4-8

Long jump—1—Schneider, H, 15-0

Triple jump—1—Wilson, Cim, 36-111/2

Shot put—1—Ward, 36-33/4

Discus—1—Peters, SG, 114-8; 2—Ward, Ell, 100-0; 4—Sanders, H, 87-2

Javelin—1—Torres, SG, 121-6; 6—Schmidt, 96-6

Pole vault—1—Schmidt, H, 10-6; 2—Kindschner, 9-0