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S.R.C.A. Drag Strip draws national eye
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In its 60th year, the drag strip at Great Bend honors not only it’s anniversary but also its national publicity.
Hank Denning, S.R.C.A. leader has been recognized by national racing celebrities Scott “Lucky” Hudson and Sam Auxier Jr. Both men from opposite coasts will be featuring Denning and the Great Bend S.R.C.A. Drag Strip on their internet and radio shows.
Scott “Lucky” Hudson’s Internet TV show with the Great Bend feature takes place on Friday, June 14 at 8 p.m., and Sam Auxier Jr.’s Internet Radio Broadcast will be on Thursday, June 20.
“Somehow these celebrities caught wind of the Great Bend events, and we are honored to be asked to play a part in their shows,” Denning said. “Both shows are big in the racing world, I’m proud to be able to showcase Great Bend with them.”
The websites in which these shows are featured will archive each show, so it can be listened at a later date.
“We welcome the Great Bend locals and surrounding areas to come check out a race,” Denning said. “It’s a lot of fun and everyone involved is proud of what they do.”
The S.R.C.A. crews are working with other car groups such as Vintage Wheels as part of the Rolling Sculpture Show at the Barton County Historical Society on Saturday, May 18, and also the rescheduled Kansas Speedweek Cruise Night on Friday, May 31 as part of the Second Annual Great Bend June Jaunt.
It’s a chance for the public to come look at these amazing racing machines up close.